What is SPAB Certification? How to Get it (Req. Cost, FAQs)

SPAB certification is a unique credential in California. It is a permit that allows an individual to work as a particular kind of driver.

This post will discuss what a SPAB certification is and its requirements. It will also discuss how to get this permit and several other important pieces of information.

What is a SPAB Certification?

A School Public Activity Bus (SPAB) certification is a credential that allows an individual to drive a special bus that is used to convey to students throughout their academic engagements.

This certification is offered in the State of California. It is required for conveying students between Kindergarten and grade 12.

This credential is awarded per Vehicle Code 546 of the California Legislation.

Requirements for SPAB Certification

To get a SPAB certification, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • A fingerprint/background check pass
  • A medical examination that is two years old at the time of applying for the SPAB certification
  • A pass in the SPAB examination that the CHP administers

How to Get a SPAB Certification

Getting a SPAB certification is actually a rigorous thing to do.

Begin by visiting your local CHP office and requesting to speak with the School Bus Officer, who will direct you on completing the background check, a fingerprint assessment, and a medical exam.

Afterward, complete the 35 hours long SPAB training course that a state-licensed instructor handles. The course comprises 15 hours of theoretical learning and 20 hours of Behind-the-Wheel assessment.

At the end of the theoretical learning, you will receive a signed State Department of Education Training Certificate from your instructor, known as the “T-01”.

Then, take the CHP’s written test, which features 40 questions.

Once you are done training with a state-licensed instructor, complete 3-hours of final assessment, known as the SL-7 test, with the same instructor.

This test consists of both a pre-trip and road test. However, only those that pass the two segments of the SL-7 assessment can take the final road test.

You can only receive a SPAB certificate if you do well in your written and driving tests.


The SPAB certificate is valid for five years. After that time frame, you must renew your license to continue using it.

The renewal process is less tedious than the initial SPAB certification process. However, you must complete 10 hours of theoretical lessons or Behind-the-wheel training to renew.

A state-certified instructor supervises the process. Also, to earn a renewal, you must pass both the CHP written and driving tests that you took back then to get the SPAB certification in the first place.

What is the Cost of Receiving the SPAB Certification?

Enrolling in SPAB certification class costs about $425 per module. Those who want to receive a license for the first time take three modules, taking their total cost of training to $1275.

On the other hand, renewing a license costs just $850 because only two modules are taken by this category of people.

SPAB Certification Payment Policies

If you are paying for your SPAB certification using a check, you must submit your checks at least three business days before the commencement of the class.

Any payment that comes in after the deadline attracts a late fee of $10. Furthermore, all payments are non-refundable.

Those who miss the training must pay the registration fees again to enroll in the program. Payments are not allowed to be made at class locations.

How to Pay Using a Check

All checks or money orders for a SPAB certification are payable to Cobert Safety Professionals, LLC, with your address and name.

Other Requirements for Being a School Bus Driver

Besides a SPAB certification, here are other legal requirements for becoming a school bus driver in California:

  • A valid license for the class of vehicle being driven
  • A passenger endorsement of the license

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on SPAB Certification

What process is involved in obtaining a SPAB certification in California?

To obtain a SPAB certification in California, you must have a Class A or Class B commercial license, apply for a certificate, complete the 35-hour SPAB certificate class and pass both the written and driving exam.

What does a SPAB certificate represent?

A Student Pupil Activity Bus certificate is required to convey students between academically connected events.

What is a class A license in California?

Class A license is the elite driving license that allows you to surpass all driving restrictions. People that have a class A license can drive any car. Other license classes in California are the B and C classes of license.

What is a CDL?

The California DMV gives the Commercial Driver’s License to make sure drivers satisfy the requirements for driving commercial cars.

What is the income of public bus drivers in California?

The average income of public bus drivers in California is about $47,000 per year.


Bus drivers must hold a School Public Activity Bus (SPAB) accreditation to transport students to and from school-related activities.

Only in California is this kind of certification required to transport pupils between grades K-12. This endorsement complies with the requirements of Section 546 of the California Vehicle Code.

In addition to having a SPAB certification, to work as a school bus driver in California, an individual must also have a valid license appropriate to the class of vehicle being driven and an endorsement permitting them to carry passengers.

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