What To Wear On A College Tour (Tips, FAQs)

What To Wear On A College Tour: Putting on a cute outfit is always a fun and effective way to express yourself and your unique personality.

To put this into perspective, getting dressed up for an event likely to be a defining point in your life is even more important.

Consequently, to make the most of your visits to the colleges you intend to enroll in, you should always look your very best.

A college tour is an event that is somewhat formal and significant because this may be the first chance you get to make an impression.

While selecting a college to attend, you could wind up meeting some interesting individuals and snapping pictures of them so you can look back on the journey and remember the highlights.

Even though a college tour is not the same as an interview for admission to the college, you should choose an outfit that allows you to move freely while also exuding an air of sophistication.

Few Things You Should Keep In Mind When Selecting An Outfit For Your College Tour

1. Do not overdress!

Even though it may seem silly, this is a common mistake many college hopefuls make when they go on a college campus tour, which is information that will come as no surprise to anyone.

Because you are only a teenager, no one expects you will have many experiences wearing heels.

If you show up to a campus hobbling around in shoes that make it difficult for you to walk, at best, you will look silly.

You don’t need to wear a pair of ratty sneakers either; instead, wear a pair of comfortable flats.

I’m going to include the gentlemen in this conversation as well.

2. Maintain a casual outfit, but don’t go overboard

You probably have a sense of style and want to ensure that you stay true to it.

Nevertheless, while you are touring the campus, you might run into the Dean of Undergraduate Studies or members of the admissions committee, and you don’t want them to get a negative impression of you for any of the wrong reasons.

Even though a college tour does not require a tuxedo or a prom dress, wearing ripped jeans, filthy t-shirts, or dirty sweats isn’t the right way to make a good first impression on whoever you get to meet on your college campus tour.

And indeed, initial impressions are frequently the most memorable.

It is best to dress in business casual attire for a college visit because it is convenient, comfortable, and presents a well-groomed appearance.

Aim for business casual, which strikes a balance between being comfortable and looking well-groomed. Jeans can be worn as long as the fabric is untorn and the cuffs aren’t too worn-out.

A t-shirt that is plain and tailored, a casual button-down shirt, or a sweater paired with jeans or khakis will work very well.

3. Do not underdress

Yes, I had to say it! Just because you wish to avoid overdressing inappropriately does not mean that inappropriately underdressing is OK.

Anything that has been ripped or damaged, even in a fashionable way, is not allowed. There is absolutely nothing to complain about.

If a shirt has words printed on it, you shouldn’t wear it because it’s generally not acceptable.

Jeans are acceptable to wear as long as the fit is correct and they are in decent condition.

In addition to that, ensure that all of your outfits are well-pressed and spotless.

The same pair of khaki shorts and a collared shirt will have a significantly different appearance when they come straight out of the dry-cleaning bag as opposed to when they have wrinkles.

If you are going to be in a vehicle for more than an hour or so, it is highly recommended that you change into something new to wear while you are there.

Put on something comfortable, and if you need to change, pull over to the Starbucks close to the college.

Even if you are only going to be in the car for a short time, it is best to err on the side of caution and have a change of clothes with you just in case you get stained.

Because I am infamous for spilling iced coffee (what can I say!), I always make sure to have a spare set of clothes on hand.

4. Dress appropriately for the weather

When you visit a college campus in a different part of the country than the one you live in, the local climate may surprise you by being unusually bright, cold, or rainy compared to where you come from.

For instance, if you are traveling from Arizona to Seattle to attend a college tour, you will almost surely require an umbrella or, at the very least, a cheap rain slicker or a waterproof hoodie.

On a college tour, you should prepare for the possibility that you will need to wear foul-weather gear.

If you haven’t decided whether or not you will attend school yet, you probably shouldn’t spend a lot of money on things like a winter coat that you won’t be able to use at your current location. 

5. Try on several outfits

If you want to look your best for the occasion, don’t wait until the last minute to choose your outfit.

Put everything on your list a few weeks in advance, so you can go shopping for something new if you need it.

I suggest laying out everything you’d like to wear and making sure that it all looks good when matched together (including shoes and any accessories), and once you’ve selected everything you want to wear, you should try it on to ensure that it fits well.

This is particularly crucial because even if you wear the nicest, cleanest, and most appropriate clothing, you will not look good if the clothes do not fit properly. 

When shopping for clothes, try to avoid buying too big or too small items and instead aim for “just right.”

In addition, if you are unsure how something will fit when you are walking (for example, a skirt that might ride up), you should walk around the block several times to get a feel for it.

What To Wear When Going On A Campus Tour

1. Corduroy Jackets

I believe that corduroy jackets are timeless pieces of clothing that will always be in style during the fall and winter seasons.

During the winter months, our ensembles are typically more simplistic and comprise neutral-colored pieces, so a corduroy jacket is an ideal choice to make your appearance more intriguing.

2. Shirt and jeans

A stunning shirt and well-worn jeans are a great choice for an impressive yet uncomplicated outfit for the campus tour.

If you wear this, you will look smart and ready to take on the day in vogue.

3. Denim and sweatshirts

Is there anything that can beat the coziness of a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt?

If it is still too hot to wear shorts and a t-shirt with long sleeves with jeans, you can change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that you are more comfortable wearing.

4. Wear a top that complements your shoes

The use of color blocking is a tried and true method for producing a more unified appearance in an outfit.

It brings together all of the separate pieces that you wish to wear without the need to worry about them matching.

5. Dresses over turtlenecks

If you want to wear a dress, but it’s a little too cold outside, or you want to add a little something extra to your look, try donning a turtleneck underneath the dress.

It draws attention to the dress and gives the impression that the complete outfit was carefully put together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On What to Wear On A College Tour

What should you not wear to college?

When you are in college, make sure you don’t wear swimming suits, slippers, visible bra straps, leggings, bum shorts, and other clothes that will attract unpleasant attention towards you.

Do colleges consider tours when processing admission?

Several colleges don’t consider tours when processing admission because they are mostly led by students already studying there.

What clothes should I wear as a college student?

The best clothes you can combine as a college student are plain colored t-shirts, formal wear, jeans, hoodies, jackets, cardigans, footwear, pants, and dresses.

How can I have a great college tour?

You can have an amazing college tour experience if you go for the school tour when school is in session, allowing you to talk to several people.


What To Wear On A College Tour: When deciding what to wear on a college visit, you should consider the people you could see on campus.

If you can meet prospective employers, future teachers, and admissions officers while in college, you will want to ensure that you make a positive first impression on each individual.

It certainly won’t hurt to put forth a little extra effort to look better than usual.

I advise that whenever you have the opportunity to make a first impression on anyone in life or be involved with a college campus, you should dress up and look the part.

Now, this does not imply that you have to dress in any certain way, such as by donning a suit or a beautiful outfit. It just indicates that you need to maintain a decent appearance.

It would be best if you felt at ease, but you should also demonstrate respect to the coaches and admissions administrators.

The fact that you cared enough and made an effort to make a positive first impression not only differentiates you from others throughout their visit but also says a lot about who you are as an individual.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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