AP Sociology (Meaning, Classes, Success tips, FAQs)

AP Sociology is one of the most common AP courses out there. Just like other AP classes, passing an AP sociology test or exam is not easy.

However, you can excel in an AP sociology class if you take the right steps.

This article will discuss the top reasons why you should take an AP Sociology class in school and some tips that will enable you to excel in an AP Sociology exam.

What Is AP Sociology?

Advanced Placement Sociology, popularly known as AP Sociology, is a course that focuses on people and what they do in society.

This course talks about families, TV, mass media, criminology, and several other varieties of topics.

AP Sociology is an AP course that offers a good knowledge of several social areas and is highly recommended for anyone looking to major in sociology.

Top Reasons To Enroll In AP Sociology Classes

A lot has been said about the difficulty of AP classes. However, no one can take away the fact that AP classes are very beneficial.

Besides equipping you with the knowledge of sociology, here are other reasons why you should enroll in AP Sociology classes:

1. Develops skills and confidence

Enrolling in an AP Sociology class will boost your skills immensely.

You will learn how to manage your time effectively and develop the study skills you need to excel in college.

2. Increases the likelihood of admission

Enrolling in an AP Sociology class will increase your chances of gaining admission to the university.

This is because colleges prefer AP students because they think they are ready for the hard classes they will take in college.

3. College Success

Taking an AP Sociology course will increase your chances of succeeding in college.

This is because the college-level experience that you will gain from this course will effectively prepare you for the robust academic experience offered by universities.

4. Saves time and money

Students who take AP Sociology or any other AP class know that they might finish their college program early.

If they do, they won’t have to pay tuition for a year or so.

How To Do Well On The AP Sociology Exam

AP Sociology is not one of the hardest AP courses out there.

However, just like every other AP class, you can still find it challenging.

No matter what the case may be, here are some tips that will enable you to do well on an AP Sociology program:

1. Study within the coursework

AP Sociology has its own course content that results in several study materials.

So, if you want to excel in the AP Sociology exam, ensure that you read all the study materials that relate to the syllabus of the class.

Moreover, whenever you are in an AP Sociology class, make sure you take good notes and review them after that.

This will boost your knowledge of the course immensely and enable you to not forget anything that you learn.

2. Make use of the AP Sociology test preparation materials

AP Sociology prep materials can enable you to prepare for the test appropriately.

These materials offer a summary of large study materials and also contain practice tests that can enable you to prepare appropriately.

So, make sure that you leverage prep materials to prepare for the AP Sociology exams.

If you don’t have an idea about the best AP Sociology books available on the market, talk to your instructors.

3. Take mock exams

Taking mock exams is a great way to prepare for the main exams.

It exposes you to what you will encounter on the main exams and enables you to identify areas that will be challenging for you.

However, when taking mock exams, ensure that you use a timer and do the exam under exam conditions.

You can find the best mock exams for AP Sociology on the College Board’s official website.

4. Look for a tutor

If you are struggling to understand any area of the AP Sociology class, get yourself a tutor.

A tutor’s personalized learning experiences will greatly improve your understanding, even in your areas of weakness.

Finding a tutor is even understood to be a far better way to prepare for the AP Sociology exam than studying on your own.

So, take advantage of personal tutoring on a regular basis.

5. Study in a group

As much as studying on your own is the best way to prepare for the AP Sociology test, group study will still help you tremendously.

Group study allows you to interact with your classmates and receive answers to your questions.

Also, if you’re having trouble getting motivated to study for the AP Sociology exam, studying in a group will help you because your study group members will come to get you if you’re not working.

6. Learn about the structure of the exam

To avoid needless stress, make sure that you understand the structure of the exam.

Take note of the total number of questions that you are expected to answer and the time available for you to tackle all of them.

Moreover, understand how the questions are set and make sure that you devise a strategy for tackling the most difficult ones.

7. Stay inspired

Remind yourself how much you desire to excel in the test by listing out your objectives and pasting them on your door, which you see every day.

Always remember that doing well in an AP Sociology exam can boost your chances of gaining admission into the university, so make sure that you study intensively for it and avoid all forms of distraction.

8. Start early

AP Sociology has a large study syllabus.

So, to cover all the course content before the exam, ensure that you start studying for it right from the very first day of the class when the first-course material is released.

Don’t let a day pass you by without reading what was shared in class, and make sure you ask lots of questions on areas that are not clear to you.

9. Rest well

Having a good level of rest as you study can boost your performance on the exam tremendously.

Although you may find it hard to close an eye if you are anxious about the exam that is coming up the next day, sleeping well on the eve of the exam will do you loads of good by keeping your brain calm and preventing dizziness on the day of the exam.

Also, exercise regularly to improve your concentration and avoid the dangerous trap of staying up all night to study, which won’t help you much.

10. Eat well on the day of the exam

On the day of the exam, ensure that you eat a great breakfast.

Foods that are high in protein, like eggs, bacon, nuts, and milk, are highly recommended for you.

However, avoid foods that are high in sugar, such as chocolate, because they can hinder your ability to recall information immensely.

11. Answer all of the questions

The good thing about AP Sociology is that there is no punishment for giving wrong answers.

So make sure that you don’t leave any questions unanswered, even when you clearly have no idea about them. Also, don’t waste a lot of time on one question.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On AP Sociology

What is the toughest AP class?

Students who have ever taken an AP class often say that AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism is the hardest AP test they have ever taken.

What is the least taken AP class?

With a total of just 2,102 test-takers, AP Italian is currently the least-taken AP class, followed by AP Japanese, which had just 2,204 test-takers.

What is the most popular AP class?

With a total of almost half a million test-takers, AP English Language and Composition is the most popular AP class.

What do you stand to lose for performing poorly on an AP exam?

If you do badly on an AP exam, no college credit will be awarded to you for that course. However, having a bad grade in an AP class will not affect your GPA in any way, and you can still retake the same class the following year.


AP Sociology is just one of the many AP classes out there that are highly recommended for students. However, excelling in any AP class requires a high level of dedication.

This article contains several tips that can help you succeed in the AP Sociology exam.

Moreover, before picking an AP class, ensure that it is related to an area that you desire to major in or minor in as a college student.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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