Why Should Homework Not Be Banned (Reasons, FAQs)

Homework has been the center of many heated arguments in recent years.

While many believe that it is high time that homework is banned, others believe otherwise and stand by the fact that homework helps students immensely.

However, when considering the benefits of homework, it is clear that banning it would be a terrible idea in any school.

This article will discuss several benefits of homework and why it should never be banned. It will also provide some tips for completing homework.

13 Reasons Why Homework Should Not Be Banned

1. Homework offers a path to mastery

Just like any life skill, practice is important for advancement. To get better at anything, one must practice more.

Homework enables students to become masters at a particular topic and improve their ability to execute it.

For example, if a student is learning algebra in a math class, giving them numerous class exercises to complete will improve their ability to answer questions about the subject.

2. Homework enables students to practice

Homework helps students practice the knowledge that they acquire.

In the absence of homework, students would learn slowly, find it hard to memorize what they learn in class, struggle to even understand, and perform very poorly in under-pressure situations like exams.

Moreover, students will also get to acquire valuable skills through regular homework practice.

For this reason, banning homework would be a terrible idea.

3. Homework empowers students with the ability to rely on their knowledge

Once homework is given to students and they take it home, they don’t have any choice but to devise a means to provide solutions to the questions in the absence of their teacher.

This pushes them to recall what they learned in class and come up with a solution to the questions.

By doing so, they learn to depend on their own knowledge and trust their abilities, especially if there is no one to help them.

Becoming self-reliant will help a student not just in school but outside of it as well.

4. Homework empowers students with quality discipline

Homework enables students to develop discipline.

They develop in them the discipline to engage in a valuable activity even when it does not seem pleasing to them.

Acquiring the discipline to complete tasks that are not pleasant is one of the factors that will enable them to become successful.

The more they are disciplined enough to complete unpleasant tasks, the more success they achieve.

5. Homework enables students to boost their fluency and proficiency

Homework enables students to boost their ability in a particular subject.

For instance, if they already know how to write essays, giving them homework on it will even perfect their ability to write essays.

6. Homework enables students to be ready for classes

Homework enables students to be ready for class even before it starts.

When a teacher gives a student the homework of completing research on topics that have not yet been discussed in class, they acquire foundational knowledge of that topic, which will enable them to understand easily, ask the right questions, and make valuable contributions.

7. Homework helps in the cultivation of study skills

Homework allows students to study well for an upcoming test or exam.

For instance, if students are given homework regarding areas they are meant to be tested on, they will study their notes and course materials to enable them to devise answers for the homework, which will also boost their memory at once.

8. Homework helps boost students’ enthusiasm and curiosity

Homework helps to enhance the inquisitiveness of students in a particular area of knowledge.

This works perfectly well when the homework focuses on activities that demand students to apply their creative abilities.

9. Homework enables students to learn how to manage their time and meet deadlines

Besides enhancing the knowledge of students, homework also empowers them with effective time management skills and the ability to complete tasks before deadlines.

These two skills are highly valuable in any work environment.

Moreover, homework enables students to become responsible, which is very important for the completion of tasks and jobs.

Parents also get the opportunity to observe their children’s academic development and know what they are being taught in school.

10. Homework strengthens memory

Homework boosts the memory of students immensely. Despite the fact that students get to acquire theoretical knowledge in class, they rarely have time to practice it.

Homework enables students to go back in time and recall the information that they were taught in class.

11. Homework prevents students from engaging in several unhelpful activities

Homework is, in fact, extremely beneficial to students.

Without homework, students will have nothing to do after school, which will encourage them to waste time on unproductive activities such as playing video games for hours.

However, thanks to homework, students have something that engages them beyond the classroom.

This enables them to be useful to themselves even outside of school.

12. Homework enhances the output

Normally, students are always drained from doing extra work in school.

However, once they get home, their energy levels automatically come back to life because they are in their comfort zone.

They can take time out to quietly relax and finish any task that is expected of them in a short time with a fresh state of mind.

This massively improves their output.

13. Homework gives students time to process class concepts

Homework, when considerately and effectively delegated, can assist in reinforcing concepts that were discussed in class and offer students the opportunity to process what they learn and acquire a wider understanding of class information.

Whether it’s doing math problems, learning and using vocabulary in a foreign language, or writing an essay, homework gives students a chance to practice what they learned in class at home, which helps them understand it better.

Tips For Completing Homework

Here are some tips for completing homework effectively:

1. Understand the assignment

Take time during classes to carefully copy the homework into your notebook.

However, if you don’t understand what is expected of you, make sure you ask questions so you do the right thing.

2. Start immediately

Don’t let the title “homework” make you think that it is an activity that you must complete at home.

However, if you have free time in school, just get to work on your homework immediately so you can cut down on the amount of work that you will have to do at home.

3. Look for a quiet place

When you want to do your homework, ensure that you do it in a quiet place.

This will enable you to focus and be free of every possible distraction.

4. Use a table and chair

Avoid studying on your bed. It will only make you lazy and too relaxed to actually complete the homework effectively.

5. Work on the most difficult questions first

Although starting out with the easy questions can seem like the best route to take when completing homework, starting out with the difficult questions first is the best idea.

When you attempt the difficult questions first, you will get to exert your mental energy on areas that are challenging before you get tired.

6. Don’t give up

No matter how tough a homework assignment is, there is always a solution to it.

So, ensure that you don’t give up when you are stuck but are committed to finding solutions to any questions given on the homework.

Frequently asked questions on “why should homework not be banned”

What is homework?

Homework is a collection of tasks delegated to students by their instructors to be done at home or anywhere else outside of class.

What are the disadvantages of homework?

Homework does not allow students to spend enough time with their families, stresses students more, and occupies the time they would have spent engaging in valuable extracurricular activities.

Why do students hate homework?

Truthfully, more than 90% of students don’t like homework. To them, it consumes lots of time, which they would use up on studying, and they barely have time to even rest.


Banning homework is an idea that no good school will even consider because homework is highly beneficial.

It helps boost knowledge, imbues in students the quality of discipline, and serves several other purposes.

Moreover, you can do your homework well if you apply the tips listed above.

However, no matter what you do, don’t miss doing your homework for any reason.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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