Beachwood Schools Foundation (About, City Schools, Student life)

The Beachwood Schools Foundation (BSF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by a volunteer board of directors from the Beachwood community.

Its main goal is to raise money from individuals, families, and businesses to grant scholarships to graduating seniors who want to continue their education.

About the Beachwood Schools Foundation:

The Beachwood Schools Foundation is run by parent volunteers and the Beachwood School District orchestra personnel to support all orchestra members in grades 4-1.

Beachwood Band Parent Association aids and supports the band program at Beachwood City Schools grades 5-12.

The BPA also works with the program directors to provide cash for things and services not covered by the school system, scholarships for students and a graduating senior, and volunteer assistance for band activities.

Alumnae of Beachwood High School are encouraged to join the Beachwood High School Alumni Association to help maintain the schools’ history and traditions.

About the Beachwood City Schools:

Beachwood Schools Foundation: Beachwood City Schools are located in Beachwood, Ohio, an east-side Cleveland suburb. 

The Fairmount Early Childhood Center is a toddler and preschool learning center that also houses the Board of Education.

They have a mission to develop creative, knowledge-seeking members of the community who will take risks and see the big picture; young men and women who will become tomorrow’s responsible global leaders.

In addition to three Blue Ribbon Awards from the US Department of Education, Beachwood City Schools has been named an Ohio Department of Education “Schools to Watch” and a National 21st Century School of Distinction for Technology Excellence.

Their community’s commitment to scholarship and academic excellence is reflected in our motto, “Learning for Life.”

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Student life at Beachwood City Schools:

Beachwood Schools Foundation: Beachwood Schools, with an enrollment of 1,624, is one of Ohio’s finest school districts. Beachwood is located east of Cleveland in an affluent suburban region.

They believe that they must develop adults who are curious, creative, adaptable, and reflective – in other words, adults who possess an intellectual capacity.

Outside of the typical classroom, the possibilities offered to their students separate the academic experience at Beachwood.

The pupils develop an awareness of global responsibility, altruism, and environmental, cultural, and political sensitivity.


In order to support and advocate for the children in the schools, the Beachwood PTO seeks to engage parents and the general public in the process.

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), which represents parents, teachers, and administrators, provides student scholarships and teacher grants, as well as funds numerous special projects and programs in all of our schools.

In addition, the Beachwood Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board of directors drawn from the Beachwood community.

Its primary mission is to raise funds from individuals, families, and corporations in order to provide scholarships for graduating seniors who are pursuing postsecondary studies.

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