5 Best Mech Engineering Universities In The UK (FAQs) | 2023

Mechanical is a fascinating career option.

This field focuses on designing and manufacturing equipment, devices and apparatus.

However, to become a mechanical engineer, you must acquire a mechanical engineering degree from an accredited university after completing the program.

This article will discuss the six best mechanical engineering universities in the UK.

However, this will only come after it has shed some light on the benefits of studying mechanical engineering.

What Is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is a field that deals with the design, configuration, development, and maintenance of machines.

This field has several areas of specialties, even though all of them still focus on mechanical systems.

Is Mechanical Engineering a Good Career?

Yes. Manufacturing and aerospace are just two of the many industries where a mechanical engineering degree might be useful.

These professions feature above-average yearly wages. Employment in mechanical engineering has expanded beyond the production and testing of heavy machinery and equipment.

As technology evolves, passionate engineers explore and pioneer a wide variety of new fields within mechanical engineering.

In the period between 2021 and 2031, the BLS anticipates mechanical engineer employment to expand by 2.2%.

There should be 6,400 new job opportunities during that time. Manufacturing and aerospace are only two of the numerous possible industries of employment open to those with mechanical engineering degrees.

These professions feature above-average yearly wages. Yet, when considering factors such as cost, time commitment, and competitiveness of admissions, Engineering comes out on top.

Benefits Of Studying Mechanical Engineering

Here are some of the top reasons to study mechanical engineering in college:

1. Develop the ability to solve problems

Enrolling in a mechanical engineering program will improve your ability to solve complex problems.

Most mechanical engineering schools will expose you to learning experiences that will enable you to develop the capacity to overcome challenges by developing new processes or systems that can handle them.

This makes you a valuable asset to mechanical engineering and several other fields worldwide because most companies and firms are always on the lookout for people with strong problem-solving skills.

2. Huge career options

Mechanical engineering is a field that has numerous specialties.

By this, you won’t struggle to find an area of expertise that suits your skillsets and interest.

Moreover, mechanical engineers are needed in almost every industry in the world.

So, finding a job as a graduate of mechanical engineering won’t be challenging for you.

3. Learn many things

Studying mechanical engineering will enable you to learn about so many things.

From how machines and systems work to how they are created, even to the steps taken to fix them when they become faulty, there is more than enough knowledge to derive.

Moreover, studying mechanical engineering will equip you with knowledge of biomedical technology, automotive work, and aerospace.

This knowledge will increase your value as a person and enhance your professional and career potential.

4. Develop your creative abilities

Creative thinking is one of the skills that you will develop when you enroll in a mechanical engineering program.

You will get to think independently and devise new solutions to any challenges you face.

Moreover, the classes you will take in the course of a mechanical engineering program will improve your reasoning capacity and enable you to develop fresh ideas.

5. Opportunity to create impacts in the society

Almost all the devices and machines used in society are the handiwork of mechanical engineers.

Studying mechanical engineering will enable you to acquire the knowledge to develop machines and systems that will make life better for all.

This way, you will relish a fulfilling career.

6. Relish your interests

Enrolling in a mechanical engineering program will empower you with the insight to focus your interest on other technology areas.

For instance, if you want to learn about aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering, studying mechanical engineering will empower you with the foundational knowledge to achieve; if you desire, you won’t find it challenging to make the career switch when it is time.

7. Develop transferrable skills

Studying mechanical engineering will empower you with skills valuable to other fields of knowledge.

Such skills include management, critical thinking, data analysis, problem-solving, and several others, enabling you to succeed in whatever career you venture into.

You will also develop teamwork ability, build your communication skills, and boost your leadership qualities.

This increases your self-worth immensely.  

5 Best Mechanical Engineering Universities In The UK

Several UK universities offer a mechanical engineering degree program.

However, in no particular order, here are the best five universities to study mechanical engineering in the UK:

1. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the best mechanical engineering universities in the UK.

This school exposes its mechanical engineering students to an academic curriculum that will enable them to develop solutions to significant global issues in the energy and battery technology sectors.

Students of the mechanical engineering program at the Imperial College London are taken through several learning experiences that boost their maths, physics, and computational abilities, which are very useful in confronting the engineering challenges in the world.

The practical and theoretical sessions that students are taken through enable them to develop an in-depth knowledge of several areas of mechanical engineerings, such as thermofluids, mechatronics, and solid mechanics.

Moreover, the mechanical engineering students at Imperial College London learn to utilize technical drawings and software to create their drafts.

Students also get to develop valuable research skills and work with some of the world’s most renowned mechanical engineering educators.

2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is another world-class destination for mechanical engineering education in the UK.

It is one of the most advanced engineering departments on the planet.

The department of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge is renowned for its dedication to teaching and research that aims at finding solutions to numerous engineering challenges.

Mechanical engineering students at the University of Cambridge acquire in-depth knowledge of their preferred career interests and engineering as a whole, making them much more valuable.

There are many top-class learning facilities for mechanical engineering, and seasoned professionals handle the academic program.

This school maintains a highly networked community that encourages the exchange and development of engineering knowledge.

3. Cranfield University

Cranfield University is an excellent addition to this list of the best mechanical engineering universities in the UK.

The advanced mechanical engineering program offered by this school is configured to empower students with the foundational knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen career paths and find solutions to the pressing challenges in society.

The academic curriculum used in training mechanical engineering students at Cranfield University exposes them to top-notch automated engineering techniques and how they can be utilized in finding solutions to the real-life challenges of society.

Cranfield University provides an exclusive learning environment where students learn in industrial-scale engineering facilities and are guided by world-class faculty members.

4. University of Liverpool

It is impossible to talk about the best mechanical engineering universities in the UK without mentioning the University of Liverpool.

This school exposes mechanical engineering students to a curriculum that will equip them with in-depth knowledge of advanced mechanical engineering ideas, teamwork, and strong communication skills.

The curriculum covers combustion in IC engines, thermo and fluid dynamics, nuclear engineering, conventional energy development techniques, and several foundational areas of mechanical engineering.

Students also take part in classes that will develop their research and project management skills which are all required for a career in mechanical engineering.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers accredits the mechanical engineering program offered by the University of Liverpool.

5. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is one of the best schools for mechanical engineering in the UK.

This academic curriculum for mechanical engineering students enables them to learn about the concept of product design, development, and manufacture.

The University of Southampton also engages its mechanical engineering students in projects that will develop the design skills that will enable them to confront real-life challenges.

This mechanical engineering course at this prestigious university teaches students how to apply their knowledge in a host of fields.

The University of Southampton is a school that offers world-class mechanical engineering education.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Mechanical Engineering Universities In The UK

Is the UK suitable for mechanical engineering education?

Yes, the UK is a good destination for mechanical engineering education. Several colleges in this country offer world-class experiences that enable aspiring mechanical engineers to develop the essential skills and relevant knowledge for this career.

Do mechanical engineers make a lot of money in the UK?

Yes, mechanical engineers make so much money in the UK. They can earn as much as 50,000 pounds every year.

Are mechanical engineers in high demand in the UK?

Yes, mechanical engineers are highly sought-after in the UK. Most companies are always on the lookout for mechanical engineering professionals.

What is the best-paying engineering career?

The best-paying engineering career path in the world is manufacturing engineering.


Mechanical engineering is one of the most highly sought knowledge in the world today.

There is currently a high demand for mechanical engineers all over the world.

To become a mechanical engineer, you must complete a degree from an accredited university in this program. This article has discussed 5 of the best mechanical engineering universities in the UK.

Moreover, the University of Nottingham, Brunel University, the University of Sheffield, and the University of Manchester are other universities in the UK that offer world-class mechanical engineering education.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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