Top 5 Boarding Schools in Idaho

Top 5 Boarding Schools in Idaho in 20225 min read

This article explains the best Boarding schools in Idaho, life in boarding school, and the best age to begin boarding school.

In the United States, the majority of boarding schools enroll students in grades nine through twelve, or high school.

Some schools will even provide education up to the eighth grade or middle school level. These institutions are most frequently referred to as junior boarding schools.

What is the best age for boarding school in Idaho?

Although there is no “qualifying” age, age-appropriate independence and maturity should be taken into consideration.

Students ranging in age from elementary to high school can choose to attend a boarding school for part or all of their education.

Top 5 Boarding Schools in Idaho in 2022

Riverstone International School:

Riverstone International School is a co-educational, private, independent school serving students in pre-kindergarten through high school. They currently have 400 students enrolled from over 45 nations.

Riverstone operates a boarding school with a capacity of 32 high school pupils. Each year, their boarding community accepts up to 32 kids.

Additionally, they operate a boarding school that offers IB PYP, MYP, and DP programs. Their Five Pillars help live out their vision by providing opportunities for students to stretch themselves in a variety of situations, both inside and beyond the classroom.

Academic Excellence, Community and Service, Leadership by Example, International Understanding, and Outdoor Education are the Five Pillars.

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Riverstone International School is Idaho’s first International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, one of just 37 in the United States allowed offering all three IB programs (Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and Diploma Programme).

Riverstone teaches pupils to think independently and to develop the curiosity, creativity, and commitment necessary for lifelong success. More so, it ranks among the top Boarding Schools in Idaho.

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Sun Valley Community School:

At Sun Valley Community School, students, faculty, and staff collaborate to create a lively school culture that values academics, service-learning, athletics, and the arts.

Sun Valley Community School is a pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade day and boarding school located in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Students are known and challenged to think critically by an inspiring faculty in a collaborative, close-knit community.

Graduates at the school enter the world with a sense of self-confidence gained through academic and outdoor efforts that contribute to a genuine sense of self.

Sun Valley Community School is accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools, the Northwest Association of Independent Schools, TABS, and AdvanceED.

They are on a mission to empower students to think critically, engage confidently, embrace difficulties, and live meaningful, impactful lives from their campus. This factor ranks it among the top Boarding Schools in Idaho.

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St John Bosco academy:

St. John Bosco Academy’s mission is to assist students in Pre-K through 12th grades in rising above mediocrity by encouraging them to strive “ever higher” (excelsior) in their studies, work, relationships with God and others, personal development and virtue, and understanding of their greater mission to “sanctify the temporal order.”

St. John Bosco Academy is a National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools member school (NAPCIS), which ranks it as one of the top Boarding Schools in Idaho.

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Parents who require boarding for their children or who live too far away from the school campus to fulfill their mandated parental volunteer responsibilities may pay an additional $1,250 per semester or collect the equivalent amount through fundraising activities for the school.

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Boulder Creek Academy:

Boulder Creek Academy equips students and families with the tools necessary to flourish in personal development, relationships, and lifelong learning.

Each day at Boulder Creek Academy is structured in such a way that kids can develop social skills, demonstrate leadership traits, benefit from therapeutic learning, and simply have fun.

Academic achievement occurs as students reclaim their self-esteem, embrace their uniqueness, and develop into capable, confident learners.

Boulder Creek Academy continues to be a well-known name in the field of therapeutic boarding schools in Indiana.

Serving students aged 13 to 18, Boulder Creek Academy combines coeducational academics with a relationship-based therapeutic program that accepts challenging kids.

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Top 5 Boarding Schools in Idaho in 2022

Clearview Horizon:

Clearview Girls Academy is a Christ-centered residential treatment facility for adolescent girls who are struggling with life-controlling difficulties or misbehavior that may jeopardize their future.

Therapists at the Clearview Horizon help with girls who are acting out or making incorrect choices as a result of emotional challenges caused by significant trauma or loss in their lives, physical or mental abuse, the death of a loved one, or adoption-related attachment disorders.

Additionally, they specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and self-harm. The experience at Clearview Girls Academy is not transitory.

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Their program is intended to last at least twelve months. If Clearview Horizon can assist your daughter in achieving lifelong success through a shorter-term program, they will do so, as there is an ongoing need for assistance by families throughout America and the world.

They’ve discovered that one year is the minimal amount of time required for the majority of girls to become receptive to change, acknowledge their need for assistance, learn from therapists, and integrate new behaviors and thoughts into their daily routines.

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Indiana boarding schools are designed to provide students with a learning environment that allows them to focus on their studies, grow, and achieve their full potential.

For some girls, it may take several months of counseling to even begin to address their internal concerns, and then further time is required to work through those issues and develop more positive coping mechanisms.

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