Nursing in Ireland (Branches, Duration, Colleges, Salary)

Nursing in Ireland

Nursing in Ireland is a fantastic and mind-blowing career opportunity for those who are interested.

Are you interested in working as a nurse in Ireland? Take a look at this article to know what follows!

Branches of Nursing in Ireland

Generally, nursing in Ireland has four major branches. They are:

  • General Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Intellectual Disability Nursing
  • Children’s and General Nursing (Integrated)

An extension of nursing in Ireland is a branch recognized as Midwifery.

Major skills required to work as a Nurse in Ireland:

Listening skills: 

The best attribute of a nurse is being a good listener. Good listening skill is about listening to a patient’s problems and listening to issues unsaid.

It’s more like detective work, as you have to be able to grasp everything they say, even the littlest of things. This helps with resolving issues and making them better.

Communication skills: 

Every day, you get to speak to patients and with other healthcare experts.

This makes communication key. This isn’t just applicable to nurses but also doctors, physiotherapists, obstetricians, healthcare assistants, and many more. 

How long does it take to study Nursing in Ireland?

The Bachelor of Nursing Science (General) course is a degree program that takes four years until completion. After completion, you become eligible to qualify as a nurse.

Students who successfully finish the program get a Bachelor of Nursing Science (General) degree and can register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

The program is provided with the board; Health Service Executive (HSE) West.

The first three years during the program are run within the academic year and comprise a combination of clinical practice modules and theoretical modules.

For practice modules, students must be in clinical practice for about 35 hours a week. Whereas year four includes a combination of clinical and theoretical instructions in the first semester.

After that, a 36-week clinical practice internship follows suit, which runs from January to September.

This period enables the student to get paid a salary by becoming an employee of the HSE West.

The theoretical component of the modules include lectures, workshops, seminars, experiential learning, reading time, and skills training.

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What does registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland Entail?

Registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) is essential. It is mandated that each year, nurses pay a retention fee, known as an ARF (Annual Retention Fee).

To remain on the register and function as nurses, they need to pay this fee yearly. There is a repercussion for anyone who doesn’t comply and pay the fee.

They won’t work and function as a nurse in Ireland. As of the year 2018, it cost about €100 to renew.

Institutions offering Nursing degrees in Ireland

Below are compilations of institutions that offer nursing as courses or degrees. They include:

Average Salary of a Nurse in Ireland

The average salary for a nurse per year in Ireland is € 38,362. Although, this is based on factors such as 

  • Experience
  • The nurse’s role and specialty 
  • The location in which the nurse work/function

Three companies in Ireland that offer some of the highest-paid salaries for Nursing jobs in the previous year are Nurse Bank, Ashfield Healthcare, and Brothers Of Charity Services, Ireland.

If you are prepared to take a step higher in your career, it might interest you to know that a practice nurse is paid an increased salary percentage of 21.42% more, equivalent to €46,578 in a year.

Salary estimates are usually dependent on salary data from job advertisements in Ireland over the past 12 months. The figures given are typically updated every month.

Kindly note that third-party statements form the basis of all salary figures. They are only presented to you for general evaluation use.

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Advantages of practicing Nursing in Ireland

Working as a nurse in Ireland comes with so many job opportunities. This includes opportunity to progress, role flexibility, opportunity to travel, and more.

Salaries earned by Nurses in Ireland based on location

LocationSalaryFrom (Min)To (Max)
Wexford€43,333          €38K€48K
Salaries for people practicing Nursing in Ireland

Top Companies with the highest-paid Nursing Salaries in Ireland

EmployerAverage Salary
Brother of Charity Services Ireland€50,000
Nurse Bank€50,000
Archer Recruitment€46,667
Brightwater Recruitment Specialist€46,000
Boc Gases Ireland€45,000
Nurse Ireland€45,000
Recruitment Plus€45,000
TTM Healthcare        €45,000
FRS Recruitment        €41,253
List of companies with highest-paid Nursing Salaries in Ireland


Working as a nurse in Ireland is a great profession and opportunity as you get an inch closer to making an impact and positive changes in people’s lives.

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