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Mater Grove Academy is part of the Mater Academy, Inc. charter school network, which has won numerous awards. The tuition-free public charter school opened in August 2011 and serves students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

This article will review the Mater Grove Academy, the tuition fees, curriculum, and the enrollment process into the academy.

About the Mater Grove Academy

Mater Grove Academy is a part of the award-winning Mater Academy, Inc. charter school network, which has received numerous accolades. It is located at 2805 SW 32nd Ave. Miami, FL 33133.

Students benefit from high-quality education, the use of established classroom practices, as well as the use of new activities that promote student learning and development.

They have a mission to give students the skills, techniques, technology, and resources they need to excel academically, in collaboration with parents.

Furthermore, their highly experienced, state-certified teachers adapt to the needs and talents of individual students, assisting them in becoming competent readers, effective writers, problem solvers, curious researchers, and responsible citizens in a varied community.

Mater Grove is part of the Mater Academy network of high-performing, nationally acclaimed schools that span South Florida.

Today, the charter school network has built high-quality educational programs in 15 charter schools in Miami-Dade County, serving approximately 7,000 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade in eight distinct locations.

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There is a $250 one-time registration cost, a $150 book and supply fee, and a $675 monthly tuition. The first of the month is when tuition is due. More so, annual and semiannual plans are also available.

Curriculum at Mater Grove Academy

The school’s curriculum covers the key subject areas of Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science and emphasizes clear and measurable standards for student progress.

Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education lessons are all available at Mater Grove.

Their program emphasizes high-quality education, as well as the use of tried-and-true classroom tactics and creative learning activities.

Their students are required to engage in all state-wide assessment programs, including state standardized examinations and other school-based assessments, in order to monitor academic progress and understanding of various subject areas.

More so, when there is a strong connection between home and school, students learn more effectively.

As a result, parents are required to participate in their children’s education at Mater Grove by completing volunteer hours and participating in other school activities.

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Enrollment Process

The Mater Grove Academy enrollment process is simple; it entails the following steps:

  • The application period runs from November 1st to January 31st.
  • Students will be chosen through a lottery system.
  • Parents of selected pupils will be notified by February 11th.

Who is the educational service provider at Mater Grove Academy?

Academica provides support to Mater Grove Academy and it is one of the most well-known and successful charter school service and support firms in the country.

Academica was created in 1999 on the belief that each charter school is a unique educational environment controlled by an independent Board of Directors who best knows the best path for its school, and Academica’s objective is to help that Governing Board realize its vision.

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More so, academica has a demonstrated track record of creating high-performing charter school networks.

Relationship with Parents at Mater Grove Academy:

The Teacher-Parent-Student collaboration is an important aspect of Mater Grove’s educational approach. When there is a strong connection between home and school, students learn more effectively.

As a result, parents are required to participate in their children’s education at Mater Grove by completing volunteer hours and participating in other school activities.

Benefits of the study programs at Mater Grove Academy:

  • Effective teaching tactics that combine scientifically validated reading efforts with tried-and-true teaching methods.
  • Continuous review and monitoring to improve both the curriculum and teaching practices in order to achieve student improvement.
  • Opportunities for students, families, and community partners to participate actively in the educational process.
    High-quality educational and extracurricular activities that support a child’s overall development.


Mater Grove’s faculty is driven by excellence and performance. Their teachers are all highly qualified and certified by the state.

Their teachers engage kids to thrive academically and help them become life-long learners by employing effective evidence-based practices such as hands-on learning, inquiry-based research projects, science experimentation, technology-rich classrooms, and high expectations for all students.

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