21+ Creative Careers For Introverts (FAQs) | 2023

Creative Careers For Introverts: Becoming an introvert is not as hard as many paints it. Although they are quite reserved, introverts are thoughtful networkers with good interpersonal skills and are highly sociable. 

Moreover, there are lots of job opportunities out there for introverts. Most of these jobs are independent and don’t require working with others. 

Thus, this article will discuss some of the best creative careers for introverts and how they can grow in any of these careers.

Who are Introverts?

An Introvert is someone whose personality traits are such that the person prefers to concentrate on their own thoughts and feelings rather than on the activities going on around them.

Instead of socializing in huge groups, they prefer intimate gatherings with one or two close friends. They fall short of the extroverts who seem to sail through life with ease.

The opposite is true; introversion has its benefits. Generally speaking, people just don’t see it the same way.

Are introverts more intelligent?

Numerous studies have found that introverts, on average, have higher IQs than their more outgoing peers.

One study by The Gifted Development Center found that introverted youngsters make up about 60% of gifted children.

Moreover, research shows that introverts have a higher IQ than their extroverted counterparts.

Despite the fact that many introverts have multiple close friends, we must accept that we will always require time alone to refuel.

Even though friends help satisfy essential emotional and social needs, spending time with them can be taxing on your energy and time.

Creative Careers For Introverts

Creative Careers For Introverts

Here are some of the best career choices for introverts:

1. The User Experience Designer

User experience designers are professionals that can create designs from the insights they obtain after assessing user experiences. 

They have good calculation skills, can recognize the smallest of details, and can come up with new designs that will enhance users’ experience. 

These professionals earn up to $115,000 annually and are highly sought after by many companies.

Introverts love this job because it gives them more time alone with their thoughts and less time with other people.

2. User Experience (UX) Director

User Experience (UX) Directors are in charge of the User Experience unit of a firm, and they supervise the department’s day-to-day operations. 

These professionals ensure that their firms offer the best user experience for their clients. 

Besides the fact that User Experience (UX) Directors earn up to $135,000 per year, they are also entitled to several forms of allowances and bonuses. 

User Experience (UX) Directing is one of the top creative careers for introverts.

3. Architect

Architects are professionals that draw the plans of buildings and are also involved in building houses. 

Moreover, architects carry out the interior design of buildings. Architecture is a field that involves lots of technicality and creativity. 

It requires a solid knowledge of mathematics and several other subjects. 

Furthermore, architects make up to $81,000 every year, and it is one of the most sought-after careers in the world.

4. Senior Copywriter

Senior copywriting is another creative career that is highly recommended for introverts. 

These professionals look for topics, recognize and fill in the knowledge gaps, and ensure that a brand is visible across all social media platforms and websites. 

Senior copywriters are typically tasked with supervising other copywriters’ activities; in some cases, they edit and publish content for companies on their websites. 

These professionals make up to $75,000 every year.

5. Technical Writer

Technical writers are professionals that develop technical documents like instruction manuals, journal articles, and many more. 

A good level of experience in the engineering and science industries is highly required for excellence in this career. 

Moreover, an introvert must possess excellent communication skills to become a successful technical writer. 

Technical writers earn up to $75,000 annually.

6. Editor

Editors are responsible for developing and crafting written content for companies and firms. 

These professionals edit content and enhance its quality. Editors also advise writers on the ideal way that their work should be submitted to them. 

Most companies and firms are looking to hire editors with a degree in journalism, English, or communication and at least two years of experience. 

Moreover, introverts love this job because it gives them more time alone with their thoughts and less time with other people; also, editors earn between $60,000 and $80,000 a year.

7. Industrial designer

Industrial design is a creative career that is highly recommended for introverts. 

These experts combine art, engineering, and business to develop models and designs for several products used by people every day. 

Industrial designers spend enough time evaluating an anticipated or fresh product’s purposes, cost of production, appearance, and texture. 

Most companies always seek to employ people with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, or industrial design to fill this position. 

These professionals make up to $65,000 every year. 

8. Producer

Producers are professionals with excellent project management abilities who manage and gather resources for the profitable completion of productions. 

These experts recognize projects, plan how to accomplish them, and enforce them accordingly. 

Moreover, producers are also responsible for employing writers, directors, and several other professionals needed to form a production crew, and they supervise the entire production process. 

Producers earn as much as $70,000 per year. 

9. Multimedia Artist and Animator

Multimedia artists and animators are professionals that create animations and several forms of visual effects for games, film, and different kinds of media. 

These professionals have the complete liberty to work from home, and it is a job that attracts a very flexible work schedule. 

Moreover, to excel as a multimedia artist and animator, one should possess a degree in art, computer graphics, or another related field. 

These professionals earn up to $70,000 per year.

10. Social Media Director

A Social Media Director is in charge of a brand or firm’s online advertising and promotional activities. 

These specialists perform their jobs by spreading visual designs that portray the company’s interests, posting content that shows information about a certain topic, and responding to comments and messages from the company’s social media followers.

Acquiring a degree in either media or graphics design is highly recommended for any introvert seeking to embark on this career pathway. 

Every year, social media directors earn around $75,000 in salaries.

11. Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analysts evaluate the situation in the market and closely monitor the probable sales of commodities on the market. 

To become a successful market research analyst, introverts are advised to obtain a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, business, marketing, or any related field. 

Also, completing a graduate education in any of the abovementioned fields will make a lot of sense. 

Market research analysts earn up to $65,000 per year.

13. Game Designer

Game designing is another creative career that is highly recommended for introverts. 

These professionals are responsible for developing worlds for video games. Game designers use amazing laptops to develop the characters that are encountered in video games. 

They make as much as $60,000 per year.

14. Concept Artist

Concept artists are responsible for developing visual concepts for films, virtual games, and cartoons. 

These professionals tint and draw several visual elements to create a fantastic concept based on the demands of the project. 

The product of their thoughts is shaped completely by the goal of the concept. Concept artists make up to $60,000 per year.

15. Behavioral Therapist

Behavioral therapy is a creative career that is highly recommended for introverts. These therapists assess people suffering from a series of psychological ailments. 

Despite appearances, a profession as a behavioral therapist is an excellent choice for an introvert. You’ll be talking to customers quite a bit, but you’ll be doing more listening and empathizing than talking.

Behavioral therapists earn up to $75,000 per year.

16. Accounting Manager

Accounting managers play a key role in the running of any organization or firm. 

These professionals handle and control the activities of the accounting unit in companies and develop accounting strategies and fiscal summaries based on the data and information available to them. 

Accounting managers earn an annual salary of about $70,000.

17. Actuary

Actuaries are knowledgeable financial experts that evaluate the risk for insurance firms. They measure and manage risk and uncertainty in business.

Actuaries also have an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, statistics, computer science, accounting and data analysis.

These professionals earn up to $90,000 every year.

18. Auditor

An audit is another creative career that is highly recommended for introverts. 

Auditors assess companies’ accounting statements and files, and from the data and information they observe, they develop tax statements for their firms. 

These professionals are highly sought worldwide, making as much as $55,000 a year.

19. Software Engineer

Software engineering is currently one of the most profitable fields in the world and one of the top creative careers for introverts. 

A bachelor’s degree is usually required as a bare minimum for entry-level work as a software engineer.

The majority of these are given out in the areas of computer software/engineering, CS/MS, and mathematics.

Software engineers utilize computer languages to develop and assess software systems. 

This job requires an in-depth understanding of computer programming, computer science, and many other subjects. 

Software engineers earn up to $70,000 per year.

20. Research Scientist

Research scientists conduct several kinds of assessments and experiments to draw new deductions. 

They are in charge of planning, carrying out, and analyzing the results of controlled lab-based experiments, trials, and investigations.

These professionals play a crucial role in several companies, ranging from those in the education sector to several other sectors. 

Research scientists make up to $80,000 every year.

21. Archivist

Archivists are in charge of gathering important historical information, cataloging it, keeping it safe, and managing it.

These professionals engage in several activities that take so much time. It is a career that is highly recommended for introverts because it does not demand working with people. 

Archivists make up to $50,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions on Creative Careers For Introverts

What causes a person to be introverted?

It’s not strictly hereditary to be an introvert. Starting at an early age, it is shaped by your surroundings, and our innate plasticity allows us to adapt to those changes.

How rare is an introvert in the United States?

Between a third and half of all Americans are introverts. Even though introversion manifests itself in a variety of ways, it shares many common behavioral characteristics among those who experience it.

Why are introverts quiet?

Researchers have shown that introverts, who tend to focus inward, actually exhibit higher levels of brain activity than the average person. Most introverted traits, such as good observation, require silence to function because introverts’ quietness helps them balance the amount of stimulation their brains experience.

Are introverts talkative?

The stereotype of an introvert is that of a quiet, reserved person. And then, some reticent people appear to have little trouble striking up conversations. This type of person nevertheless requires alone time to refuel.


In addition to the careers listed above, UI/UX designing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing are other creative careers highly recommended for introverts. 

Still, for any of these careers to be successful, introverts must always work to improve their skills, build valuable networks with people in the field, and keep up with the latest changes.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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