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What is Dentistry? 

Dentistry, or oral medicine, deals with the prevention, research, treatment, and diagnosis of diseases, conditions, and disorders of the oral cavity.

A dentist is someone who is certified and knowledgeable about dentistry and its practice. 

If you have any dental issues or health issues that involve your teeth, the dentist is your go-to medical expert to fix them.

A dental clinic is a specialized facility where you can consult with a dentist to have your teeth treated.

To emerge as a dentist, it is a requirement that one attend and graduate from a dental school that will grant you the knowledge and skills of becoming a qualified dentist. 

What is Dental School? 

A dental school is a college or part of a college setup to equip aspiring dentists with the knowledge of dentistry, familiarize them in the field, and get them ready with the skills needed to practice dentistry.

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What is the minor GPA qualification for Dental School? 

On a scale of 4.0, a 2.0 GPA is the minimum GPA that can get you into a Dental school. Note, there are many different dental schools, and their requirements differ.

How Difficult is it to Get into Dental School? 

Your qualifications determine how easy it is to get into a school. A college degree is required for entrance to dentistry school, however not all schools require it.

Some schools may require their applicants to have a degree in general chemistry, while others may require more specific courses.

Requirements set by some dental schools may make acceptance more challenging, but it all comes down to prior academic achievement.

Easiest Dental Schools to Get into

These five dental schools are the easiest to get into in, according to our research. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

1. University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry 

Making it the first on the list of Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into is the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry requires students to study dentistry for a minimum of four years. Their acceptance rate is 39.2%.

Admission requirements include the completion of multiple semesters in mathematics, English, physics, statistics, advanced biology/chemistry, biology/zoology, and chemistry.

Pros: An ideal location in the city, offering a wide range of specialties. 

Cons: Rarely considers transfer students.

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2. LSU Health Sciences Center 

The LSU Health Science Center is a medical school located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The medical institution has a fully equipped School of Dentistry, which has a 16.8% acceptance rate. In addition to Dentistry, the school also offers courses in oral and maxillofacial surgery. 

LSU Health Sciences Center is primarily the best dental school for Louisiana residents. Every year, LSU Health Sciences Center accepts just 56 Louisiana citizens, four Arkansas residents, and five non-Louisiana residents for the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

admission to the LSU School of Dentistry requires an average GPA of 3.6. Also, the candidate must strive to obtain a minimum score of 20 on the DAT.

Pros: Great courses for jobs that pay high, a program for international students 

Cons: Admission Slots are limited for students not residing in Louisiana 

3. Ohio State University College of Dentistry 

Another school making it into the list of Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into is Ohio State University of Dentistry.

Ohio State University College is recognized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation for being one of the best in terms of offering students experience, offering excellent training programs in the medical line, and its wide range of community programs.

According to recent statistics, the acceptance rate of Ohio State University College of Dentistry stands at 14.8%.

Ohio State University College of Dentistry recently launched a $95 million project to extend and develop facilities so that students attending it can practice and learn using the most recent technology. It is a significant and bustling campus, but it is amicable. 

3.61 is the average GPA a student needs to stand a chance of admission into dental school. At the same time, an applicant must have scored nothing less than 20 in the DAT.

Therefore, if you choose Ohio State University College of Dentistry as the school you wish to study dentistry, you must ensure excellent academic performance. 

Pros: Great hands-on clinical training program, programs in community service.

Cons: Bigger classes, busy environment 

4. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri in Kansas City makes it into our list of Easiest dental schools to get into as 4th on the list, many thanks to its 14% acceptance rate.

University of Missouri’s School of Dentistry operates both a student dental clinic and a community clinic in the UMKC Health Sciences District. 

To be considered for admission to the University of Missouri School of Dentistry, you must have a DAT average of 19.8 and a 3.73 GPA in math and science.

In the Doctor of Dental Surgery program, the DAT average academic average is 19.8, and the Science and Mathematics GPA average is 3.73. 

Even if the school has a higher application acceptance rate, you will still need to get past the high standards. 

Pros: Accepts applications from all around the United States.

Cons: High DAT Scores GPA.

5. Augusta University

Augusta University in Georgia rounds up our list of the easiest Dental Schools to Get Into. It secures its place on the list with an acceptance rate of 13.8%.

The school’s dental college offers its students two degrees at the end of their program:

  • The Doctor of Dental Medicine degree
  • A dual Oral Biology degree

The university offers admission to a vast majority of Georgia applicants.

In numbers, the school accepts 90% of candidates who apply from Georgia, while the remaining 10% come from other states and international students.

To have a better chance of acceptance, aim for a dental admission test score of at least 20. An average GPA of 3.6 and above would put you at an advantage.

Pros: Great attention to caring for patients and hands-on clinical education.

Cons: Fewer specialties to choose from, primarily meant for Georgia residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Easiest Dental Schools to get into

Is it very hard to be a dentist?

The length of time spent in school, the high cost of education, and the initial investment necessary to start or join a dental practice all contribute to the difficulties of entering the field. Similarly, getting into dental school is a highly competitive process. Dentist training typically takes between six and eight years.

Is becoming a dentist worth it?

The decision of whether or not to pursue a profession in dentistry is solely in your hands. A dentist’s salary is among the highest of any profession, and the field itself is expanding rapidly, so it’s no surprise that many people look into becoming one. Dentist jobs are projected to grow by 8 percent from 2020 to 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Is dentistry a happy career?

These negative aspects seem to stem from the nature of a dentist’s clinical practice and the personality traits that are common among those who pursue the profession. A recent survey found that only two out of every five dentists are satisfied with their careers.

Can dentists treat their own families?

Every dentist needs to make up their own mind regarding whether or not they will treat their own relatives. Some people will have a single rule that they always follow, while others may make decisions based on the specifics of each individual case.


We trust you found our detailed list of the Easiest Dental Schools to Get Into. Now you know which dental schools to apply for where you would stand a better chance of getting accepted.

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