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Switzerland is one of the best places in the world to study medicine. The medical schools in Switzerland offer first-class medical learning facilities that nurture students with top-notch medical theoretical knowledge and practical experiences.

Also, most medical schools in Switzerland are famed for possessing cutting-edge technologies used in completing some of the most complex medical procedures in the world.

Thus, studying medicine in Switzerland allows you to enjoy high-quality medical education.

In this article, we will discuss the requirements for medical schools in Switzerland and the time it takes to complete a medical program in Switzerland.

Also, this article will further provide information on the 6 top medical schools in Switzerland and offer some important tips for medical schools in Switzerland.

Medical Schools in Switzerland

What are Medical Schools?

Medical schools are academic institutions that tutor medicine and give professional degrees to doctors and specialists.

These schools educate people on various medical procedures and cutting-edge medical innovations and equip students with the knowledge of theoretical and practical medicine.

Medical schools nurture students aspiring to pursue medical degrees at all levels in healthcare practices, surgical processes, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and illnesses.

Moreover, these schools train professionals skilled in clinical operations, internal medicine, gynecology, and many other areas of medical studies.

Nevertheless, after graduation, medical students in Switzerland must obtain their licenses from the relevant government body before they can practice medicine in Switzerland.

Prerequisites for Medical Schools in Switzerland

To attend any medical school in Switzerland, you must satisfy the following requirements;

  • A medical-related bachelor’s degree from an accredited state university
  • Display proficiency in the official communication language of the school
  • Pass the qualifying exam
  • Pass the pre-course aptitude test

How long does it take to complete Medical School in Switzerland

To attend medical school in Switzerland, medical school students must obtain a bachelor’s degree in a medical-related area of study from an accredited university, which takes a minimum of 3 years.

Afterward, they must complete a 3-year master’s degree program in medicine. Thus, medical schools in Switzerland can be completed in 6 years.

List of Medical Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world. However, only six universities in Switzerland offer medicine.

Nevertheless, medical schools in Switzerland are fully equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies, state-of-the-art research facilities, and world-class teaching hospitals.

Hence, if you are looking to study medicine in Switzerland, the following medical schools are the only option you have got;

1. University of Basel Faculty of Medicine:

The University of Basel Faculty Of Medicine is one of the world’s most advanced medical education centers.

Established as far back as 1460, this school is the oldest medical institution in Switzerland.

Nevertheless, the University of Basel Faculty of Medicine offers state-of-the-art medical facilities and a rich medical curriculum that provides deep medical learning experiences.

There is a CHF 850 per semester tuition for all enrolled students. A semesterly fee of CHF 350 is assessed to all doctoral students.

According to study regulations § 25, students on leave must only pay CHF 150 per semester. It is one of the most renowned medical universities in Europe.

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2. University of Bern Faculty of Medicine:

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bern is a top-notch medical school offering undergraduate medical education through doctoral degrees.

This school provides top-notch medical research facilities that focus on applying scientific knowledge in completing complex medical procedures.

The medical school at the University of Bern empowers students with high-level practical learning experiences blended with well-founded theoretical lessons. The tuition fee is about CHF 750 per semester.

It is an ideal destination for medical studies.

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3. University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine:

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva is a top-class center for medical education.

This school is blessed with some of the most distinguished professors of medicine in Switzerland.

Moreso, the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine offers a Master’s degree in Human Medicine that composes intensive theoretical and practical lessons. The tuition fee is about CHF 900 per year.

It is an amazing place for medical studies and is among the top medical schools in Switzerland.

4. The University of Fribourg, Faculty of Science and Medicine:

The Faculty of Science and Medicine at the University of Fribourg was established in 1582.

This school has enjoyed a sustainable advancement to become a top-class center for medical education.

The University of Fribourg Faculty of Science and Medicine is one of the best places in the world to obtain a high-quality medical education.

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5. The University of Lausanne, Faculty of Biology and Medicine:

The Faculty of Science and Medicine at the University of Lausanne is a world-class medical research educational institution that offers an opportunity for medical students to obtain a biology major as an undergraduate degree before they can enroll in medical school.

This school has top-class medical facilities and seasoned professors to boost your knowledge of medical procedures and surgery.

It is one of the best medical schools in Europe (Switzerland).

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6. The University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine:

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich is a renowned center for human, dental, and chiropractic medical education.

This school has more than 700 seasoned medical lecturers that are highly trained and experienced.

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich also has a research-based medical curriculum and trains students capable of completing collaborative research processes.

Moreso, it is one of the top medical research institutions in the world at the moment.

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Important tips for Medical Schools in Switzerland

Although the high standard of education offered by medical schools in Switzerland makes learning easy, the following tips will make your learning experience far more effective;

  • Read several articles and medical blogs daily
  • Complete your assignments on time
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Study hard
  • Do enough practice tests
  • Get sufficient rest
  • Don’t miss classes for any reasons

FAQs on the Medical Schools in Switzerland

Can one study medicine in English in Switzerland?

Medicine education in Switzerland is in three languages: English, German, and French.

Is Switzerland good for medicine?

Studying medicine in Switzerland is highly regarded because of the country’s prestigious educational system, relatively inexpensive tuition rates, and convenient location. Many European students chose Switzerland because it has some of the greatest hospitals in the world.

What foreign country is best for MBBS?

MBBS in the UK

Which country is MBBS cheapest?

China (3,000-10,000 USD/year)


Medical schools in Switzerland are educational institutions that offer cutting-edge research facilities, state-of-the-art classrooms, and a conducive environment for medical education.

These schools also have distinguished medical professors that have excellent tutoring abilities.

Hence, if you are aspiring to become a medical doctor, the medical schools in Switzerland are the best options for you.

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