5+ Best Esthetician Schools In Maryland (Worth, Cost, FAQs)

An esthetics job is perfect for anyone genuinely interested in skincare and its maintenance. 

Being an esthetician not only comes with a long list of perks but also gives you a chance to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. 

But, you must enroll in an esthetics school to learn the necessary information and techniques for this field. 

Read on for details on the top 6 esthetician schools in Maryland and other helpful resources if you’re interested in pursuing this.

Who is an Esthetician? 

Estheticians are professionals that specialize in skin care. They help clients look their best by performing services on their faces, hair, bodies, and makeup. 

Estheticians are in various locations, including clinics, resort spas, salons, and hotels. This job is very satisfying.

Is Becoming an Esthetician in Maryland Worth it? 

Yes, becoming an esthetician in Maryland is a great decision. 

The demand for an esthetician in Maryland is very high, and estheticians that work here are well-compensated by clients, with most of them making more than $100,000 yearly. 

Also, there are numerous job opportunities for estheticians in Maryland, and according to predictions, there will be a 10% increase in jobs available for estheticians in Maryland by 2026. 

In addition to their salaries, estheticians in Maryland enjoy several other benefits such as employee discounts, promotions, paid time off, and lots more. 

What is the Cost of Attending an Esthetician School in Maryland?

The average for completing an esthetician program in Maryland is $7,500. This average varies based on your decision to pursue a certification in this field. 

How long does it Take to Attend an Esthetician School in Maryland?

You can complete an Esthetician school in Maryland in 600 hours. Nevertheless, you must still pass an exam before acquiring a license to practice this profession. 

Most of the coursework you will engage in esthetician school is practical, so you must prepare for that before enrolling there. 

What are The Best Esthetician Schools in Maryland?

There are several esthetician schools in Maryland. 

However, if you want to acquire top-class esthetician education, consider the options below when picking a school: 

1. Dermal Science International Esthetics & Nail Academy 

Dermal Science International Esthetics & Nail Academy is one of the leading esthetician schools in Maryland. It offers a program that adequately prepares students for a career in esthetics. 

Students at this school are subjected to world-class esthetics education, in-depth learning, and knowledge of the latest equipment utilized in the industry. 

Middle States Association Commission accredits their program on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). 

Additionally, the instructors at Dermal Science International Esthetics & Nail Academy are well-seasoned in the field of esthetics. 

They consistently take students through learning experiences that adequately empower them with the skills and knowledge they desire for a career in esthetics. 

Dermal Science International Esthetics & Nail Academy is an A-list school in Maryland for studying esthetics. 

2. Cortiva Institute 

Cortiva Institute is another excellent addition to this list of the best esthetician schools in Maryland. Seasoned consultants and educators coordinate the esthetics program that this school offers. 

Their curriculum enables students to learn about the ideal techniques for prescribing treatment plans and home regimens for clients. 

Students also acquire expert dermatological esthetics kits to practice their knowledge effectively. 

Cortiva Institute’s esthetics students consistently engage in job fairs and career seminars that boost their knowledge of this profession. 

The school brings in local and international professionals to educate them on the professional opportunities in this competitive industry and how they can flourish professionally. 

Cortiva Institute’s esthetics students consistently acquire practical training at the school-owned state-of-the-art spa. 

Completing several rounds at this facility enables students to acquire customer service and client retention skills, which are valuable for an esthetician career. 

3. Allegany College of Maryland

Allegany College of Maryland is a top school for esthetician education in Maryland. 

This school commits to delivering a diverse and relevant education that prepares students to succeed professionally.  

The esthetician program that professional organizations accredit Allegany College of Maryland offers. 

This school always looks to admit students passionate about the field of esthetics. 

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1, Allegany College of Maryland’s learning environment encourages close interactions between faculty and students, which enables students to learn from seasoned faculty. 

Also, their class size of 13 makes it easy for students to relate with one another. Allegany College of Maryland is, without a doubt, an excellent option for esthetician education in Maryland. 

4. Aveda Institute Maryland

Aveda Institute Maryland is one of the best esthetician schools in Maryland. 

This school grooms students who want to become cosmetologists, estheticians, makeup artists, massage therapists, barber stylists, and other beauty professionals. 

Attending this school will impact individuals professionally by enabling them to acquire first-hand knowledge of an esthetics career. 

Seasoned professionals handle the esthetics program this institution provides with many years of teaching and practice. 

Additionally, Aveda Institute Maryland takes their esthetics students through learning experiences that enable them to succeed in this highly creative industry. 

The curriculum is designed to assist students in achieving their professional goals and aspirations. 

This school has one of the best student support services which are in place to ensure that students get all the help they need to develop academically and professionally. 

Aveda Institute Maryland is another A-list addition to this list. 

5. Institute of Epidermal Sciences

Institute of Epidermal Sciences is one of the best esthetician schools in Maryland. They provide a comprehensive program for esthetics students that takes up to 600 hours to complete. 

The learning curriculum for esthetics students at this school focuses on several areas of knowledge. 

Completing a series of practical rounds enables students to develop valuable skills needed to succeed in this intensive industry. 

Furthermore, lectures at the Institute of Epidermal Sciences are coordinated by seasoned professionals with lots of industry experience. 

Working closely with them enables students to learn much more effectively and build professional connections that will be helpful in the future. 

6. Hair Academy Cosmetology, Esthetics & Barber School

The list of best esthetician schools in Maryland can only be completed with the addition of Hair Academy Cosmetology, Esthetics & Barber School. 

This school’s esthetics program combines theory and practical coursework that prepares students for state licensure examinations. 

This program lasts up to 600 hours, and there is an accelerated learning option for people who desire to complete the program in less time. 

The instructors handling the esthetics program at the Hair Academy Cosmetology, Esthetics & Barber School are well-experienced and know a lot about the latest procedures and technology used in the industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions on The Best Esthetician Schools In Maryland

How long are most esthetician programs?

The good news is that you can complete esthetician training in as little as six to nine months. That’s the equivalent of anything between 600 and 780 hours of study, give or take a few. If you enroll and successfully complete the coursework, you will be prepared to take the esthetician certification exam.

What state has the most hours as an esthetician?

Texas: 750 hours. New York: 600 hours.

Can an esthetician make a lot of money?

The aesthetics industry is ripe for wealthy individuals. Every single esthetician has access to the same opportunities that have made other entrepreneurs wealthy. This book, “How to Earn a Million Dollars as an Esthetician,” describes the ancillary fields of work open to estheticians.

What do estheticians wear?

Estheticians, who work in a mobile environment, need clothes that don’t restrict their mobility to deliver the best service to their clients. When working at a spa or salon for an extended period of time, it is recommended that employees wear scrubs, lab coats, or all-black, as well as supportive shoes.


The esthetics industry is booming in Maryland, making it an attractive choice for a profession. 

Massive potential for advancement in one’s career, competitive pay, the chance to be one’s boss, and other advantages are some of the perks of this profession. 

Deciding on one of Colorado’s many esthetics schools to enroll in can be challenging. 

However, the colleges listed above should be considered, and their facilities, fees, and graduation rates should be compared before deciding. 

If you’re not happy with our options, look into Award Beauty and Barber School, Empire Beauty Schools, or Baltimore Beauty & Barber School before choosing. 

But don’t forget that you won’t succeed in a beauty school if you don’t attend classes, complete all your homework and take projects seriously. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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