How To Conclude A College Essay (FAQs) | 2023

The conclusion of a college essay should be firm and impress the reader even more.

Nevertheless, writing the conclusion of an essay is even more difficult than writing the introduction; you even have to go through the body of the essay before doing so.

There are several strategies you can follow when writing a conclusion for a college essay that will keep you from destroying a good essay with a terrible conclusion.

This article will discuss some of them and provide detailed information on writing a “why us” college essay.

Strategies For Concluding A College Essay

Here are the different ways to conclude a college essay:

1. Go back to the start

Several outstanding essays are written in circles. This implies that the writer begins with a specific idea, shifts from it halfway down the essay, and ends with it.

This pattern of writing an essay always leaves a satisfying feeling for any reader.

So, if you start at the beginning of your essay to talk about the skills you lack, use the conclusion to talk about why those skills you lack do not matter after discussing your strengths in your essay body.

2. Consider the future

Another excellent way to write a conclusion is by pointing to the future. Most writers conclude their essays using this method because it leaves a feeling of optimism in the readers’ minds.

However, if you adopt this technique, make sure your conclusion is all about you and don’t try to generalize it, so you don’t confuse the reader.

3. Talk about your most important idea

Discussing your central idea in your conclusion is another excellent technique.

However, if your essay focuses on many things, you can leave the most crucial point for the concluding part and describe the connection between all your points.

Doing this will shift the reader’s attention to your main point and make your essay even more outstanding.

Nevertheless, the only drawback of using this technique is that you can encounter problems in making the essay captivating long enough for the reader to stay on it to the end.

4. Conclude on an action

Concluding your essay on action is a fantastic way to end your essay. This may require you to add a continuation of the story.

Ending your essay using this technique will make the reader long for a continuation and make your essay even more captivating.

For instance, if you were talking about how your time as a sales assistant at a shop helped you develop an interest in a major, you can use your conclusion to discuss how you have grown into the role of a sales representative at the store and how you are currently attending to more extensive profiles of customers and engaging in more significant responsibilities.

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How To Write A “Why Us” College Essay

A “why us” college essay is a particular type of essay that describes why you want to enroll in your desired program at a specific college over other colleges.

You can successfully write this essay by following the steps below:

1. Make findings about the school

Make detailed findings on the college that you desire to attend. Go to the school’s official website and check for the courses they offer to find one that suits your interests.

Also, learn about the requirements for each major to enable you to find the one you qualify for. If possible, tour the school physically to have first-hand knowledge of their facilities.

2. Connect with the admissions office

Contact the school’s admissions office and plan a meeting with a rep from the school. Linking up with an admissions rep is an opportunity for you to get answers to all inquiries that you may have.

3. Organize your findings

For every school that you dig into, ensure that you carefully write down your findings.

Ensure you know the school’s quality of education, what you desire from the school at the end of your time there, and what you bring to the table.

Doing this lets you know if a school is suitable for you.

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4. Decide on an approach

You can write an essay in many ways. You can concentrate on one reason or discuss several reasons why the school suits your educational goals.

However, if you choose to talk about many reasons, ensure that you start with the most compelling reasons to the least one so you don’t exceed the total word limit without making any real point.

5. Write your essay

Once you have decided on an approach, proceed and write your essay. Strive to write a compelling essay about yourself that will impress the reader.

As much as you can, provide many reasons why you are outstanding to win over the admission officer.

To write a compelling “why us?” college essay, let your first paragraph summarize your reasons, use the following three paragraphs to discuss the primary reasons and use your last paragraph to summarize the reasons you have discussed and why you think the school is suitable for you.

6. Review your essay

Immediately you complete writing the essay, make sure that you review it thoroughly. Check if it answers the question and for vocabulary and grammatical errors.

Tips For Writing The “Why Us” Essay

You can write a compelling “why us” essay by applying the tips below:

1. Assess the essay topic

Review the essay’s expectations once again before you start writing. Besides the word count, a college can also ask for specific requests that should be fulfilled through the essay.

Knowing what is expected of you will enable you to determine the best strategy for approaching the essay.

2. Discuss with a student of the school

Put in efforts to find a student already studying at the school to make inquiries on the school’s application process and what makes the school outstanding.

Social media is the ideal place to find an authentic student with ease.

Linking up with a current student will also enable you to ask many questions about the school and know if it is a place you would love to be.

The insights you draw from the conversation will enable you to write a better essay.

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3. Link up the details to yourself

Make sure you use your essay to connect what the school offers to yourself.

For instance, if the school has several research centers, you can talk about which interests you and how they can enable you to complete research on an area you have longed to do.

4. Start early

Don’t wait until the last few weeks before the deadline before you begin writing an essay, as you won’t be able to put in your best efforts.

Instead, start months before you are expected to submit the essay to research the school and acquire all the information you need to write a compelling essay.

5. Verify every piece of detail

Don’t use any information about the school if you have not verified it.

For instance, if you are talking about the school’s sports engagement and want to mention the competitions the school has won, ensure that you verify the information before using it.

This will prevent you from confusing the reader and leaving a wrong impression.

6. Don’t copy someone else work

One of the reasons why colleges ask their applicants to write an essay is to assess what they are. So, avoid copying an essay from someone else.

While you may be lucky to get into school with a plagiarized essay, it will backfire in the long run, especially when the time comes for you to do those things you claim you can do.

So, when writing an essay, be original and use your personal experiences only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Conclude A College Essay

What is a reasonable college essay conclusion?

A reasonable college essay conclusion should assist readers in relating your story to you. This is why discussing the story’s impact in your conclusion is advisable.

What should your conclusion contain?

Your college essay conclusion should contain a reshaped version of your complete thesis, a summary of the significant points you made in your main body, and a clue of why your argument is essential.

How do I begin a conclusion?

You can begin the conclusion effectively well by reviving your thesis. From then, you can eventually extend out to a general topic.

What are the best first words for a conclusion?

Some of the best first words for a concluding paragraph are “given these points,” “in general,” “all things considered,” and “in light of this information.”


The ending of a college essay ought to be just as powerful as the whole of the essay.

Yet, the conclusion to an essay is even more challenging to write than the beginning; therefore, reviewing the essay’s body before attempting the conclusion is best.

This article has provided some strategies for concluding a college essay. However, go through this piece to find tips to help you craft an excellent “why us” college essay.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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