5 Best Esthetician Schools In Colorado (Worth, Duration, FAQs)

An esthetic career is ideal if you are passionate about maintaining healthy skin. 

Besides, the benefits of becoming an esthetician are awe-inspiring; this profession will allow you to impact people’s lives continuously. 

However, you must attend an esthetics school to acquire the knowledge and skills you desire for this career. 

If you are looking to achieve this in Colorado, read on to find out about the best five esthetician schools in the state and several other valuable pieces of information. 

Who is an Esthetician? 

Estheticians are individuals that render skincare services to people. 

These professionals assist in enhancing the physical appearance of a person by providing quality facial, hair, body, and makeup treatments. 

Estheticians work at clinics, hotels, salons, spas, and other professional settings. It is a job that offers immense professional satisfaction.  

Is Becoming an Esthetician in Colorado Worth it? 

Yes, becoming an esthetician in Colorado is a good decision. There are numerous professional prospects available for estheticians in Colorado, and the average salary in this state is very impressive. 

Also, based on statistics released by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the job market for estheticians in the state is expected to increase by 24% in 2026. 

Taking up an esthetician job in Colorado will expose you to several technological innovations, boosting your computer skills. 

Additionally, there is a high demand for estheticians in Colorado at the moment; all of these make esthetician one of the best jobs in Colorado.

What is The Cost of Attending an Esthetician School in Colorado?

There are several esthetician schools in Colorado. The average cost of attending any of them is $8,000. 

This is relatively cheap for a program that will empower you with the skills and knowledge needed for a highly-sought after profession in the United States.  

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Esthetician School in Colorado? 

An esthetician program in Colorado lasts for 600 hours. However, you must pass both the written and practical examinations before obtaining a license. 

A considerable part of the esthetician academic program is practical. You will get to physically engage in procedures such as skin care technology, hair treatments, makeup techniques, and lots more.

 You will also acquire theoretical knowledge of skin conditions, safety procedures, chemistry, and more. 

What are The Best Esthetician Schools in Colorado? 

Colorado is home to several esthetician schools. However, here are the best of them:

1. Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture  

Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture is one of the best esthetician schools in Colorado. 

This school offers world-class training for people focusing on skincare and other areas of esthetics. 

Their students are taken through a series of lessons that enable them to acquire valuable skills that will enable them to pass the licensure examinations and secure good jobs in the industry. 

The esthetics program of Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture lasts for 600 hours, and students develop an in-depth understanding of areas such as facial & skin care, facial makeup, hair removal, disinfection, sanitation, laws & rules, and lots more. 

The staff coordinating the esthetics program that Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture offers are committed to their responsibilities and have seasoned practical experience. 

They take students through advanced classes, salon presentations, and associated events that boost their knowledge of the field and adequately prepare them for the profession’s demands. 

Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture has several top-class learning facilities that feature the latest esthetics technology. 

Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture is an A-list school for esthetics education. 

2. Institute of Business & Medical Careers College

Institute of Business & Medical Careers College is another excellent choice for anyone that wants to acquire an esthetics education in Colorado. 

This school has produced over 5,000 graduates doing very well in their respective careers. 

They provide a learning environment that encourages students to give their very best and acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become top-notch estheticians once they begin their careers. 

Much of the esthetics program at the Institute of Business & Medical Careers College focuses on practical learning, which explains why the school prioritizes externships and professional rounds at their massage clinics above anything else. 

Furthermore, the Institute of Business & Medical Careers College collaborates with leading firms in the esthetics industry to acquire technological insights on the latest esthetical procedure and techniques. 

ACCSC accredits the esthetics program that this reputable institution provides and offers an accelerated learning option. 

Also, the Institute of Business & Medical Careers College offers flexible class schedules which allow students to learn at their convenience and follow the program smoothly without missing out. 

It is one of the best places to learn esthetics in Colorado and the United States. 

3. International and Spa Academy            

International and Spa Academy is one of the best esthetician schools in Colorado. This school offers a program that takes little time to complete compared to other schools. 

The program, which lasts for less than six months, furnishes students with the knowledge and skills they need to venture into a beauty and fashion industry career. 

Even if an individual is thinking of becoming a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, the International and Spa Academy’s esthetics program will facilitate this. 

Furthermore, International and Spa Academy’s esthetics program exposes students to the latest developments and technologies in the beauty industry. 

Their key focus areas include body detox, skincare analysis, makeovers, facials, spa treatments, makeup application, body wraps, and more. 

4. National Beauty College 

National Beauty College is one of the best esthetician schools in Colorado. 

This school remains an ideal destination for anyone that wants to acquire the knowledge they need to pursue a career in esthetics. 

The curriculum that National Beauty College utilizes in training aspiring estheticians adequately prepares them to pass the state licensing exam. 

Individuals enrolling in this program develop a sense of professionalism that enables them to provide excellent services even before graduation. 

National Beauty College provides training that enables students to acquire salon-like experiences, effectively preparing them for an esthetics career. 

This is facilitated by top-class facilities within the school, such as a fully-equipped beauty salon, nail shop, facial clinic, and many more. 

The instructors handling the esthetics program at National Beauty College have a good level of experience in the beauty industry, so they can effortlessly groom students to become successful professionals. 

Besides seasoned faculty, National Beauty College has high-quality libraries, computer labs, hostels, sports facilities, and lots more. 

This makes life quite enjoyable for their students and enables them to relax effectively when they desire to cool off from the rigorous learning program. 

5. The Salon Professional Academy 

The Salon Professional Academy is an excellent choice for anyone studying esthetics in Colorado. Their esthetics program adequately prepares students to overcome state board licensure exams. 

The Salon Professional Academy also encourages students to acquire seasoned practical knowledge and experience through apprenticeship. This effectively prepares them for their career endeavors. 

The Salon Professional Academy’s curriculum enables students to learn about the essential technical skills that adequately prepare them for even the top jobs in the industry. 

The Salon Professional Academy is widely regarded for producing thousands of professional graduates. 

However, this is not surprising because this school exposes its students to modern industry techniques and procedures that make esthetics practice easy and less stressful. 

The Salon Professional Academy is, without a doubt, a top addition to this list of best esthetician schools in Colorado. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Esthetician Schools In Colorado

How long does it take to become an esthetician in Colorado?

The minimum amount of time spent in training to become an esthetician is 600. A 600-hour course usually takes between five and eight months to finish. Whether you attend full- or part-time will determine this.

What do estheticians wear?

Estheticians, who work in a mobile environment, need clothes that don’t restrict their mobility to deliver the best service to their clients. When working at a spa or salon for an extended period of time, it is recommended that employees wear scrubs, lab coats, or all-black attire and sturdy, supportive shoes.

What degree is best for cosmetology?

AAS degree in Cosmetology

Is cosmetology a good career in Colorado?

With your cosmetology license in hand, the world is your oyster. It’s possible to switch careers several times during your working years. In most cases, cosmetologists can choose to work in any field that interests them. They’re marketable in the freelancing, editorial, film, and television industries, among others.


Esthetics is a career pathway that is proving very profitable in Colorado. It offers huge professional opportunities, good salaries, self-employment opportunities, and numerous benefits. 

There are several esthetics schools in Colorado; choosing which one to attend can take time and effort. 

However, before choosing, it is important to consider the schools above and compare their facilities, fees, and graduation rate. 

Additionally, if you still need more than the schools that made a list, Westland Beauty Academy, Stacey James Institute, and Elevate Salon Institute are other exciting options. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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