How to Become a Nail Tech in Michigan (Cost, Salary, FAQs)

Nail technicians are individuals that treat and clean people’s nails. They are found in beauty salons and spas.

Besides trimming their customers’ nails, nail technicians also provide manicure and pedicure services. They have excellent nail art skills and can provide foot and mild hand massages when needed.

To work as a nail technician in Michigan, one must possess a nail technician license from the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology. The process for acquiring this license is not complicated.

This post will discuss everything one must know about a nail technician career in Michigan. It will mainly elaborate details on the best nail tech schools in Michigan.

Is Nail Technician a Good Career Path in Michigan?

Yes, it is. Working as a nail technician in Michigan is more rewarding than it seems.

Besides the fact that you can run your own business as a nail technician and determine your working hours, becoming a nail tech offers an opportunity to take more steps closer to becoming an expert at what you do.  

According to reports, the average hourly wage of nail technicians in Michigan is $12.40, higher than most vocational workers.

This state’s high demand for nail technicians makes this job a promising career for anyone in Michigan.

How to Become a Licensed Nail Tech in Michigan

To become a nail tech in Michigan, you must enroll in a 6-month apprenticeship program or complete up to 400 hours of coursework at a recognized cosmetology school.

Individuals can apply for a license at the end of any training module by paying the specified application cost.

The exam for becoming a licensed nail tech in Michigan focuses more on the techniques for delivering excellent nail tech training in Michigan.

The exam questions also come from a part of Michigan state laws and regulations.

However, only candidates with up to 70% and above on the theoretical test and a minimum of 75% on the practical exam receive a license.

Michigan State Board of Cosmetology emails every successful candidate a copy of their license.

What is the Average Income of a Nail Tech in Michigan?

The average income of a nail tech in Michigan is about $22,000.

However, the income of nail techs in this state varies according to their city of residence, education, qualifications, auxiliary skills, and field experience.

What is the Duration of Nail Tech Schools in Michigan?

To obtain a nail tech license in Michigan, one must spend about 400 hours acquiring theoretical and practical training.

However, the time an individual commits to the training every week will massively affect how long it takes to complete their training.

What is the Cost of Attending a Nail Tech School in Michigan?

The average cost of attending a nail tech school in Michigan is $4,000. This tuition fee covers the cost of both tuition and training materials.

What are the Best Schools for Nail Techs in Michigan?

Here are the top schools to acquire nail tech training in Michigan:

1. Bayshore Beauty Academy

Bayshore Beauty Academy is one of the best nail tech schools in Michigan. This school offers a rigorous nail tech program highly recommended for anyone wanting to invest in this career.

Bayshore Beauty Academy has several certified instructors who teach students advanced techniques and styles for delivering quality nail care.

Any student who graduates from this institution can boast of having the skills to excel in this career.

Furthermore, Bayshore Beauty Academy has several cutting-edge learning facilities.

Nail tech students acquire many skills after their training, such as attention to detail, strong customer skills, and the sustenance of safety standards needed to reach this career’s pinnacle.

2. Michigan College of Beauty-Troy

Another excellent place to acquire nail technician skills is Michigan College of Beauty-Troy.

Established in 1965, this institution has produced several graduates who have contributed immensely to cosmetology.

The state of Michigan Board of Cosmetology accredits Michigan College of Beauty-Troy.

Their main building has world-class facilities facilitating first-class cosmetology, nail tech, and esthetics training.

Since its establishment, Michigan College of Beauty-Troy has maintained a learning environment that prepares students to do well in the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology.

They have consistently released quality graduates into the field. Their curriculum is top-notch, and students engage in training routines that boost their knowledge and skills.

Students can choose between full-time and part-time learning modules, with available day and night scheduling options.

3. Brighton Institute of Cosmetology

The Brighton Institute of Cosmetology commits to training seasoned nail techs, cosmetologists, estheticians, and teachers.

They have consistently produced graduates with the knowledge and skills to meet the future demands of the beauty industry.

This school offers a personalized learning experience that helps grow students’ potential. Their top-notch equipment and devices help them provide a sophisticated learning experience.

Brighton Institute of Cosmetology’s nail tech program is designed to provide a solid academic foundation to make its graduates stand out above others in the field.

4. West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty

West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty is one of Michigan’s best nail tech training schools.

Graduates of this school are highly respected in the beauty industry because they provide outstanding services.

Students undergo professional training that exposes them to what this role is all about.

The curriculum the West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty uses to groom students enables them to stay abreast of current nail technician trends.

Furthermore, West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty empowers students with the knowledge they need to do well in the state board licensure exam.

They also devote some of their resources to preparing their students for professional interviews and post-graduation life so they can land good jobs after they complete their training.

5. M.J. Murphy Beauty College

M.J. Murphy Beauty College is a top nail tech school in Michigan. This school is known for sustaining a high standard of learning.

M.J. Murphy Beauty College prioritizes study routines that will allow students to succeed in their profession.

They adopt a systematic approach for their nail tech program that boosts their students’ potential, and students learn how to run profitable businesses.

M.J. Murphy Beauty College is dedicated to grooming students using the best available training resources.

Doing this ensures that students find it easy to reach their’s peak careers and are well-versed professionally.

The instructors that coordinate classes at M.J. Murphy Beauty College are highly-skilled. Their graduates don’t find it hard to secure a professional job upon graduation.

6. French Academy of Cosmetology

The nail technician program that the French Academy of Cosmetology offers is one of the best in Michigan and the United States. Their nail technician program takes just 400 hours to complete.

Their curriculum is very massive and covers several knowledge areas. Some of such areas include; nail theory/practice, manicure, pedicure, nail art, nail disorders, artificial application/removal, and product sales/knowledge.

All these skills are in high demand across the nail tech field.

7. Hillsdale Beauty College         

Hillsdale Beauty College is a good training destination for anyone pursuing a nail tech career.

This school takes students through training that prepares them to work as licensed professionals in whatever field they desire.

The learning curriculum that Hillsdale Beauty College utilizes in training students focuses on essential theories that will help students to rise to the pinnacle of their profession.

They learn about the latest trends and engage in classes that empower them with valuable skills.

Students enrolling in the cosmetology program that Hillsdale Beauty College offers acquire the knowledge and skills they need to pass the state licensing examination, find solutions to their clients’ nail and skin challenges, and add value to the industry.

Hillsdale Beauty College provides a specially-planned 1500-hour course with comprehensive nail-tech education and related training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Nail Tech in Michigan

What is the requirement for a cosmetology license in Michigan?

To acquire a cosmetology license in Michigan, you must complete up to 1,500 hours of study in an accredited cosmetology school or enroll in an apprenticeship for about two years in an accredited cosmetology company.

What is the cost of a cosmetology license in Michigan?

The application fee for obtaining a cosmetology license in Michigan is about $39.

How long is a cosmetology license valid in Michigan?

A cosmetology license is valid for two years in Michigan.

Is it possible to get a cosmetology license online in Michigan?

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is responsible for awarding cosmetology licenses in Michigan. However, they have an online portal where people can submit license applications.


Michigan is the hub of nail tech education in the United States. Thus, anyone that wants to embark on this career path should prioritize enrolling in a nail tech school in this state.

Although it can take six months to complete a nail tech program in Michigan, the training is worth it.

However, to excel as a nail tech anywhere in the one, being detail-oriented, possessing excellent customer relationship skills, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry are highly important.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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