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It is estimated that there are 26 International schools in Lisbon (Capital of Portugal) and its environs, comprising 15 British schools, 9 International Baccalaureate schools, and 8 American schools.

The majority are English speakers, with a few who are bi- and multi-lingual. More so, this article will explain the top 10 International schools in Libson and other tips for schooling in Lisbon.

Is homeschooling illegal in Portugal?

Homeschooling is not only legal but also regulated in Portugal. This implies that there are specific actions you must follow in order to achieve success.

Are there English speaking schools in Portugal?

British curricula schools are found all over the world, following England’s national curriculum. The international schools in Lisbon, like the rest of Europe, have a very high educational standard.

All of the normal amenities are available, such as comprehensive extracurricular programs, small class numbers, native-speaking teachers, and a diverse curriculum.

Are International schools in Lisbon of good quality?

In Portugal, there are certain public schools that are free. Despite the fact that quality varies widely, some are highly regarded and thought to be superior to private institutions.

Because Portuguese is the primary language of instruction, public schools may not be the ideal choice for older children or families visiting the nation for a limited time.

Moreover, Pre-school education (from the age of three till the start of basic education), basic education (from six to fifteen years old), and upper secondary education make up the Portuguese educational system (15 to 18 years old).

Children are required to attend 25 hours of school every week throughout the first cycle of ensino básico. Classes run from 9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m, with a break in the morning for lunch.

Top 10 International schools in Lisbon | 2022

The British School of Lisbon

The British School of Lisbon is committed to the proposition that every child should be inspired to extraordinary success by instilling in them a passion for learning, an unwavering pursuit of high standards, and an appreciation for core values consistent with the best of the British education heritage.

The British School of Lisbon is chartered by “The Schools Trust,” a group responsible for the supervision of schools in the United Kingdom. The Trustees are responsible for upholding the highest standards in all areas of school life.

This includes academic performance, employment procedures, facility quality, and the promotion of general well-being within the school community.

The principal is also accountable for the school’s rules. Additionally, trustees advise and assist the Headmaster, who is responsible for the school’s day-to-day operations.

The curriculum of the British School is based on the English National Curriculum (ENC). This curriculum is often regarded as the gold standard since it is rigorous, respected, and recognized globally.

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Rated as one of the top International schools in Lisbon, their curriculum has been altered to include the study of indigenous culture, language, and tradition.

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International Preparatory School

IPS is well-known for its welcoming attitude. They believe that a school should always be a place where children feel secure, relaxed, and happy, and this is the goal at IPS.

There are a number of expert teachers who are capable of delivering high-quality support topics such as Portuguese, Music, Physical Education, and Art.

Rated as one of the top International schools in Lisbon, children who require additional support or extension have the chance to work individually or in small groups with a dedicated staff of support teachers.

Similarly, youngsters learning English for the first time receive concentrated instruction from a field-certified teacher.

At its core, the curriculum at IPS values teachers’ expertise in planning and delivering the finest curriculum possible for the children in their care. It is both inspiring and motivating for teachers and students.

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St. James’ Primary School Lisbon

St. James’ School was founded in response to the need for expansion at St. George’s School in Cascais, which has been operating since 1960 and has followed the same principles, regulations, and ethos.

St. James’ is a school for pupils aged 6 to 10 years old.

From Year 8 to Year 10, these well-prepared students will continue their education at St George’s School in both the Portuguese and English/International learning systems (ages 10 to 14).

Good discipline will be maintained, aided by a system that encourages alertness and esprit-de-corps.

Individual attention will be provided in small classes. Pupils will be taught in both English and Portuguese by qualified teachers, with equal time spent on both languages and curricula.

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Top International schools in Lisbon | 2022

Carlucci American International School of Lisbon

CAISL fosters engaged, responsible local and global citizenship by providing a caring and secure environment that accommodates varied learner needs.

CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which they push themselves and one another to do their best and contribute positively to their varied and ever-changing world.

Every day at CAISL is different, whether it’s learning a new letter of the alphabet, conducting an intriguing science experiment, singing a high note, or scoring the game-winning basket. 

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Greene’s Tutorial College Estoril

Greene’s Tutorial College offers a full-time, university-style sixth form education at both Oxford and Estoril, Portugal, with the Oxford college providing academic oversight.

Greene’s Tutorial College is the first tutorial college in Portugal and the most prestigious sixth-form college in the Lisbon area. Greene is also Oxford’s and arguably the United Kingdom’s oldest tutorial college.

Their institution in Estoril continues its history of providing high-quality, personalized education. Face-to-face or online tuition is available at both locations.

Students at Greene’s are taught and overseen by their amazing educators and academics, who have all been prepared to provide the best education possible and to help students toward the highest grades possible while retaining the highest regard for student welfare and wellness.

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In addition to academic expertise, each student is assigned a Personal Tutor who leads, advises, and supports them during their time at Greene’s, allowing them to flourish personally as well as academically.

Rated as one of the top International schools in Lisbon, students are also encouraged to participate in all of Greene’s myriad social, cultural, and sporting events, whether in Oxford or Estoril.

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Lisbon Montessori School (LMS) 

Lisbon Montessori School is a non-profit authentic Montessori learning organization that is co-educational. Montessori education is available to children ages 3 to 12.

They are now preparing their adolescent curriculum while also seeking certification from the Middle States Association (MSA-CESS) of the United States for their elementary program.

Montessori encourages children to learn and lead for the rest of their lives. In all aspects of life, students are taught to be self-assured, inquisitive, and creative.

Montessori children follow their passions wherever they take them, resulting in great academics, leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, independence, initiative, and a lifetime love of learning.

The team at Lisbon Montessori School promotes a bilingual atmosphere. English is the primary medium of teaching, giving pupils an example of cross-cultural togetherness during their formative years.

Classroom helpers who are fluent in Portuguese assist in appreciating the Portuguese language and culture.

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Top International schools in Lisbon | 2022

International Sharing School – Taguspark 

International Sharing School, which has two campuses in Funchal, Madeira, and Oeiras, Lisbon, provides a warm, modern, and innovative environment in its space, methods, and philosophy.

The International Baccalaureate Framework is used to provide an international education. International Sharing School students are exposed to a dynamic, demanding curriculum taught by passionate teachers who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

International Sharing School, which is owned by the Sharing Foundation, incorporates social responsibility into its curriculum by partnering with other organizations and putting the student at the center of the learning process, instilling autonomy and social responsibility.

The Sharing School Foundation is pursuing this goal by offering the following IB programs:

International Sharing School Madeira offers PYP and MYP, whereas International Sharing School Taguspark is an IB Continuum World School offering PYP, MYP, and DP.

International Sharing School provides kids with an international, multicultural, and multilingual environment in which they feel integrated and inspired to succeed in their academic pursuits.

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United Lisbon International School

United Lisbon International School is a world-class international school located near the Park of Nations in central Lisbon.

The school serves children in grades three through twelve, but for the academic year 2021-2022, they will offer classes up to grade ten (usually 15/16 years).

They will begin building up the grades for the IB diploma in September 2022, with the first Grade 12 entrants beginning in September 2023.

United Lisbon is a cutting-edge international school that offers English-language academic programs from preschool to grade 12, with a rigorous curriculum based on US standards (NEASC) that leads to internationally recognized university-preparatory programs such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma (United Lisbon is a candidate school).

Rated as one of the top International schools in Lisbon, they also deliver an education suitable for the twenty-first century, based on strong standards of excellence and smoothly integrating technology into the learning environment.

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St. Dominic’s International School

St. Dominic’s International School (SDIS) is a well-known and regarded international school in the Portuguese city of Cascais.

Founded in 1975, is one of the few schools in Portugal that has been authorized to provide all three International Baccalaureate Organization programs since the 1990s.

Throughout the years, SDIS has been known for having a diverse student population with dozens of different nationalities. It is, without a doubt, a really international school.

St. Dominic’s International School has a long history of being a caring and supportive community that provides excellent educational opportunities.

Their dedicated staff displays excitement, dedication, and high-level teaching skills, and we keep your child’s academic growth at the forefront of our minds.

The basis of their learning environment is healthy relationships between parents, children, and instructors, and they encourage continual contact to ensure your child’s success.

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Top International schools in Lisbon | 2022

Prime School Sintra

Prime School is a major international school with roots in the Cambridge international curriculum, with four locations in Lisbon, Estoril, and Sintra for children aged 3 to 18, as well as the American curriculum of the state of New York as an extra option. Their institutions have over 600 students from over 50 nations.

The mission of Prime School International is to promote well-being and personal fulfillment within the academic community by fusing various human experiences with essential skills for personal development in order to achieve efficiency, sensitivity to creative, informed, and skilled citizens who can overcome and solve any future obstacles.

This project, which is particularly innovative, focuses on teaching and transmitting to the students a global perspective of real life, whether it be knowledge, discipline, education, or respect.

Rated as one of the top International schools in Lisbon, there is the joy of growing and learning any subject with enthusiasm, dedication, and a desire to value themselves through the sharing of knowledge and methodology.

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Are there uniforms in Portuguese schools?

Most private schools in Portugal, particularly those in Lisbon and Porto, require students to wear a uniform. An entrance exam, as well as an interview with the school’s admissions staff, are required for admission to a private school.


Lisbon offers a diverse range of study and job opportunities. So it’s no exaggeration to state that living in Lisbon will surround you with a showcase of amazing locations that provide the ideal environment for getting things done.

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