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10 High-Paying Jobs That Nobody Wants (FAQs) | 2023

Everybody aspires to make lots of money in their chosen professions.

However, most jobs out there offer the type of salary that will take care of all their needs. The issue is that several jobs pay well that nobody wants. Thus, this article will discuss ten of them.

Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs:

An employee can leave their employment for a variety of reasons.

They move across the country with their partners or spouses, stay home to raise their children, change careers, get promoted, or return to school.

Employees who quit because of personal circumstances outside the workplace are difficult for employers to address.

1. Boss-Employee Relationship:

Employees don’t need to be friends with their employer but need to have a working connection with their supervisor.

The employer is too much of a presence in their workdays for this to be a source of tension.

More so, the boss’s job is to provide direction and feedback, hold one-on-one meetings, and connect employees to the rest of the company.

Thus, a toxic relationship with the person an employee reports to can have a negative impact on the employee’s engagement, confidence, and dedication to the organization.

2. Overall corporate culture of the organization:

Even if it isn’t at the top of employee wish lists, your company’s culture impacts how well employees perform.

Do you show your employees that you care about them by treating them respectfully and offering them wages, benefits, and other incentives that reflect that?

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3. Use of Their Capabilities and Skills:

Employers can boost employee morale by allowing them to utilize their considerable skills and abilities in the workplace.

Activities that they excel at and push them to their limits keep them occupied.

4. Employee Job Meaningfulness:

Every employee wants to perform something that makes a difference, that isn’t just busywork or transactional work, and that has a greater impact than their own individual accomplishment.

Managers are responsible for showing their staff how their effort contributes to achieving tangible results that matter.

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10 High-paying jobs that nobody wants:

1. Sanitation workers:

Most individuals don’t foresee themselves in a career where they regularly deal with other people’s garbage, yet that’s exactly what sanitation workers do.

Even though the work can be physically taxing and often unpleasant, it pays well.

Sanitation employees can expect to earn more than the national average income in urban areas.

As one of the high-paying jobs nobody wants, the position also comes with the perks of working for the government.

2. Embalmer:

The deceased’s body must first be readied for display so mourners can bid farewell at the burial. Embalmers bear the brunt of this task.

Most individuals would rather not ponder the tedious process of embalming a deceased person or sealing shut their eyelids as part of the burial preparations.

Contemplating a job as an embalmer should be enough to make many people uncomfortable, let alone frightened.

A profitable career that will never go out of style awaits those with no qualms about getting face-to-face with a dead person.

Embalming has an extremely low unemployment rate because many people die each day. More so, it is one of the high-paying jobs that nobody wants.

3. Sanitary landfill operators:

To be a sanitary landfill operator, you must be enthusiastic about dealing with rubbish as a sanitation worker.

The landfill operators work at a dumpsite, a piece of land solely for waste storage. They use excavators and other industrial equipment to excavate and move piles of garbage daily.

They also provide chemicals and poisons to the dumps to prevent the spread of infection or the emergence of living pests.

In addition to the unpleasant working conditions, exposure to waste materials throughout a long career could represent a health hazard.

As one of the high-paying jobs nobody wants, it has a bad reputation among the general population because of these characteristics.

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4. Coal miner:

Being a coal miner entails several potentially lethal conditions.

Even though workplace deaths have decreased gradually over time, several deaths are still yearly.

There are many chemical and toxic dangers that coal miners face even when there is no likelihood of a mishap.

Many people suffer from chronic health issues from working in the sector for a long time. In addition to health dangers, working as a coal miner doesn’t offer the most pleasant work atmosphere.

When laboring in a deep mine, the atmosphere might be suffocating. Despite the high pay, few people prefer to work as coal miners because of the job’s undesirable attributes.

Coal mining is one of the high-paying jobs that nobody wants.

5. Crab fishers:

Crab eaters may consider a whole dish of crab to be a treat, but for crab fishers, the journey from sea to plate is anything but dangerous.

Those who take on this job must be ready to work for weeks or months in frigid waters and face some of the most treacherous storms imaginable.

Moreover, to be a crab fisher, one must be physically strong enough to pull in huge quantities of crab during the season and survive brutal storms.

Crab hunters are likewise restricted to a brief window of opportunity each year and to specific locations.

As one of the high-paying jobs that nobody wants, you may make well over $110,000 a year without a degree if you’re good at it.

6. Trucker:

Becoming a truck driver may not be the best career choice for someone who lacks the physical stamina to make cross-state trips. Truck driving is one of the high-paying jobs that nobody wants.

A tractor-trailer is used to move goods between destinations. A truck driver’s responsibilities include loading freight, examining trucks in between traveling, and preparing pertinent documentation.

While driving for long periods, truck drivers must take a break and rest in their car. This isn’t ideal for anyone who wants to come home at night.

Despite the fact that being a truck driver comes with many challenges, the profession is well-paying. After several years of work, they can expect to receive more than $75,000 annually.

7. Exterminators:

The task of exterminators, also known as pest control professionals, is to look for signs of pest infestation and treat them when one is found.

Coccinelles, beetles, wasps, and rats are some of the fascinating creatures that they fight.

For most job candidates, the prospect of spending most of their days combing buildings for rats and insects is a turnoff.

Those willing to put up with it earn more than just the national average in a good-paying job. Moreover, it has been predicted that the field will grow exponentially in the next ten years.

Thus, being an exterminator is one of the high-paying jobs that nobody wants.

8. Driller on an oil rig:

An employee on an oil well rig has to put up with grueling conditions to earn a six-figure salary.

Because the job is performed on a ship, shifts might last around four to twelve hours, depending on the timetable.

Workers on oil well rigs should expect to be stretched to their limits throughout those lengthy shifts, performing different activities.

Moreover, not everyone’s cup of tea for a professional experience is spending months out of the year on an unpleasant boat.

Working as a driller on an oil rig is risky and stressful, but it doesn’t allow much work-life balance.

However, it does offer the chance to earn a sizable wage after making your way through the ranks without requiring a significant amount of schooling.

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9. Elevator installers and repairers:

Elevator installers and repairers aren’t typically on young people’s radar, but if they learned how much money they could make in a year as a specialist in their industry, they would reconsider.

The term “elevator installer and repairer” pretty much says it all about the duties of this position.

While an elevator installer and repairer’s job may not sound all that thrilling, the beginning income is a respectable $70,000 per year.

Installing and fixing elevators is a very profitable business and is one of the high-paying jobs that nobody wants.

10. Hazardous materials discharge workers:

Many troubling and highly harmful jobs fall under hazardous material discharge. Some of these employees’ duties entail the processing and disposal of harmful chemicals.

These people are called in to sort out the mess left behind by crime scene investigators when their work is done. Violence, suicide, and even murder can leave behind dangerous items that must be dealt with.

As you can guess, the tasks of being a hazardous waste removal worker might harm a person, which makes it a much less common job choice.

Nevertheless, you can have a go at it if you have a high tolerance and the capacity to distance yourself from the task you’re performing. After all, this career can offer huge financial advantages.

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Frequently Asked Questions on High-paying jobs that nobody wants:

What is the highest paying but easiest job?

Flight Attendant
Dog Walker
Toll Booth Attendant
Massage Therapist

What’s the highest-paying job that’s fun?

Property Caretaker
Stunt Person
Professional Critic
Voice Actor

What are jobs no one wants?

Truck driver
Coal miner
Oil well rig driller

Do fun jobs exist?

Yes, examples include:
Radio announcer.
Event planner.
Race car driving instructor.
Pet groomer.
Race car mechanic.


Although the 10 jobs listed above are not attractive, as a young man or woman, having a go at them will allow you to make enough money at a young age.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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