Top 10 Jobs For Retired Teachers/former teachers that pump Cool Cash

Retiring from a job doesn’t mean you have to stop working or become poor. As a retired or former teacher, there are so many less stressful post-retirement jobs and careers you can choose from and earn a good salary. You can apply your skills, expertise, and experience gathered over the years as a teacher in a new field and in a creative manner. Listed below are some jobs for retired teachers that can serve as second careers for teachers and also jobs for former teachers.

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Jobs for retired teachers/former teachers

Online Tutor

As a teacher who still loves the job, online tutoring is the perfect gig for you. It allows you even to follow your passion for educating and impacting while working from the comfort of your home. It is a flexible job where you can set your rates, choose your clients, and set your work-time schedule.

As an online tutor, all you need is a computer, and a reliable, steady internet connection. You can earn up to $50-$100 per hour. This is one of the jobs for retired teachers that gives them joy the most. It can also be one of the jobs for former teachers.

Curriculum developer

As a teacher, you spent years developing teaching materials and curriculums, and thus know what works and what doesn’t. You can put this skill and expertise to good use by becoming a curriculum developer. You can also develop a curriculum for schools and institutions. This can also serve as second careers for teachers and jobs for former teachers.

On the other hand, you can find jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, Indeed, and CareerBuilder.

Freelance Writer

Teaching requires lots of constructive writing, and this makes teachers good writers, especially those who specialise in English and Literature. Retired or former teachers can quickly become freelance writers, as they already have the necessary skills.

Freelance writing is a lucrative and flexible job as you can set your rates, choose your client base, and set your work schedule. This is one of the wonderful jobs for retired teachers who just want to work from home.

Sales Representative

Teaching requires the ability to engage individuals and communicate your thoughts and feelings to them. In sales, the same thing is needed. You have to be able to deliver your enthusiasm, interests, and functions of the product or services you are selling.

Retired teachers make excellent sales representatives as they have good communication and interpersonal skills. This can be one of the jobs for former teachers or retired teachers.


Do you know a foreign language or you taught a foreign language?

You can become a translator; independent or working for an organization. You can translate documents or be an interpreter. You can find exciting and fantastic job opportunities which could lead to you going abroad. This is one of the amazing jobs for retired teachers that studied linguistics. It can also be second careers for teachers.

Jobs for retired teachers/former teachers

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Adjunct Professor

If you love the teaching career but want to have a flexible and well-paying job, you can retire from your full-time teaching job and work as a part-time adjunct professor at a university.

An adjunct professor is similar to a contract employee who teaches a particular course each semester. You can also be a virtual professor and teach from the comfort of your home. It can be one of the second careers for teachers.

Teaching Materials Provider

If you have additional teaching materials that you have honed over the years, you can sell them online, and become a teaching materials provider.

It might not bring a fortune, but you could make a couple of extra cash. You can also sign up on TeachersPayTeachers and share your knowledge and expertise with other teachers while earning from it.

Educational Consultant

As a teacher, you have had a lifetime experience with kids, teenagers and schools, and hence you know the best and most practical approach to academic matters. This puts you in the perfect position to work as an educational and academic consultant.

You can work with schools or school districts to help them assess their systems, curriculum, and find out if improvements are needed. You also help pick the proper technology to use.

On the other hand, you also work with firms, companies, or organizations who are looking to expand their business into the academic/educational sector. This is one of the Jobs for retired or former teachers that is high demand.

Test Scorer

This is a part-time or seasonal role. Online test sites always look for online test scorers to grade tests like SAT’s, TOEFL, GRE, and others. You can find jobs on the Educational Testing Service. This is one of the Jobs for retired teachers that pays well.

Corporate Trainer

Organization and companies always look for trainers to educate, teach, and train their employees. As a teacher, you have experience in training and working as a corporate trainer won’t be a stressful transition. It can be one of the jobs for former teachers.

As a corporate trainer, you teach the employees basic corporate skills and also help the company’s management improve their performance.

You may be an in-house employee trainer or a contract trainer. This is one of the major professional Jobs for retired teachers.

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Final tips on second careers for teachers:

These Jobs for retired teachers will help the retired teacher to make extra income after retirement. These jobs do not require much stress or strain their health but require their skills and expertise. These jobs can also serve as second careers for teachers that pay well even before retirement hits.

Thus, if you are a retired teacher, pick out one job from these jobs for former teachers out and start making money either online or offline.

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