8 Ways to Make Money From Gaming (Worth, FAQs)

With new technologies, changing consumer behaviors, and the ever-expanding eSports industry, 2023 presents an array of lucrative avenues to make money from gaming. 

From streaming and content creation to competitive gaming and virtual economies, gamers now have numerous pathways to turn their hobby into a profitable venture. 

Do you aspire to become a professional esports player, build a dedicated audience on Twitch, or develop and sell in-game assets?

This article explores exciting ways to capitalize on the gaming industry’s thriving landscape in 2023.

Is Gaming Worth It?

Video games are a beneficial mental workout in disguise. Regular gaming has been linked to gains in brain gray matter and improved neural connections.

Some research suggests that playing specific video games can boost cognitive abilities such as problem-solving prowess, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.

However, there is concern that excessive gaming can lead to negative outcomes. Active play and exercise are difficult to fit into a lifestyle dominated by video games.

You don’t need millions of fans to start generating money as a popular streamer or content creator, which is one of the most lucrative ways to make money playing games.

Is Being a Gamer a Good Career?

Yes, it is. The opportunity for financial success is an important benefit of a career as a professional gamer.

Professional gaming is a profitable field for individuals with the talent and devotion to rise to the top, with top players earning millions of dollars in prize money and sponsorships.

Being able to compete in tournaments all over the world is a perk of being a professional gamer.

This not only gives gamers a chance to show off their skills to the world but also introduces them to people and places worldwide.

The competition is fierce, and it’s not easy to break in. Even the most skilled players may have trouble being recognized by esports teams and sponsors due to the high level of competition in the industry.

The possibility of burnout is still another obstacle. The extended hours spent training and competing required of professional gamers can take their toll physically and mentally.

The pressure and exhaustion that come with constantly needing to learn new things and sharpen one’s edge in the marketplace are real.

8 Ideas On Ways To Make Money From Gaming

1. Video Game Coaching

Video game coaching has emerged as a lucrative opportunity for gamers to monetize their skills in 2023. 

Individuals can transform their passion into a profitable side hustle by offering coaching services for their favorite games.

The earning potential is significant, with hourly rates ranging from $20 to $200, depending on expertise. 

For instance, renowned League of Legends coach, Metaphor charges between $50 and $80 per hour. 

To get started, aspiring coaches can build an audience through platforms like YouTube, establishing credibility and offering their services to eager gamers seeking to improve. 

2. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel has become a powerful avenue to profit from gaming in 2023. 

With its vast audience and monetization options, YouTube allows gamers to turn their passion into a profitable venture. 

Gamers can attract a dedicated fan base by uploading engaging and high-quality content and monetizing their channel through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. 

Whether live streaming, game critiques, tutorials, or entertaining gaming moments, YouTube provides a platform to showcase your unique gaming expertise. 

3. PayPal donations

PayPal donations are a popular method for gamers to monetize their passion and connect with their loyal fan base in 2023. 

Successful gamers have discovered they can continue playing at their current intensity by inviting fans to support them financially.

Fans find satisfaction in helping their favorite gamers meet their basic living needs, recognizing gaming as a form of performance art worth supporting. 

Additionally, viewers are motivated to donate to learn and replicate their favorite players’ gaming skills and techniques. 

4. Become a Game Developer

Becoming a game developer is a captivating pathway to immerse yourself in the gaming industry and generate substantial income in 2023. 

While working for major game companies like Ubisoft or EA can offer a stable salary averaging around $83,000, the demanding nature of these jobs often entails long hours and stressful work environments. 

Alternatively, as a solo game developer, you can create and sell your games, reaping the rewards of your creative efforts. 

Consider the remarkable success of Markus Persson, who developed Minecraft through his company, Mojang, and later sold it to Microsoft for a staggering $2.5 billion. 

Aspiring game developers can harness their talents, unleash their imagination, and potentially achieve extraordinary financial success in the ever-expanding gaming world.

5. Work for a Gaming Company

Working for a gaming company as a customer service representative offers an exciting opportunity to earn money in the gaming industry in 2023. 

With average hourly wages ranging from $13.64 to $20, it’s a promising career path for gamers. 

Some companies, like Blizzard, even have in-game admins who provide support through the in-game chat function, adding an immersive touch to the role. 

Starting with an internship is a great way to kickstart this career, as it emphasizes customer service skills over gaming expertise. 

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are key to excel in this role, making it an ideal choice for those who love gaming and interacting with people.

6. Sell Video Game-Inspired Merchandise

One of the most exciting avenues to profit from gaming in 2023 is selling video game-inspired merchandise. 

With platforms like Etsy offering vast options, gamers can tap into a thriving market by creating and selling products that resonate with fellow gaming enthusiasts. 

The possibilities are endless, whether t-shirts adorned with iconic game characters, figurines capturing beloved moments, or coffee mugs showcasing game-inspired designs. 

Combining the proper product selection with practical marketing skills makes it possible to generate a substantial income. 

7. Professional Gaming

This is one of the ways to make money from gaming in 2023.

eSports offers unparalleled opportunities for talented individuals to compete globally and win substantial prizes. 

With renowned tournaments like the Major League Gaming (MLG) circuit, the International Dota 2 championship, and Intel Extreme Masters, professional players can showcase their abilities and secure fame and fortune. 

By honing their expertise in a specific game and building a reputation as a skilled team players, aspiring professionals can enter the esports arena and pave their way to success, turning their love for gaming into a profitable career.

8. Twitch

Twitch continues to dominate the streaming landscape, offering gamers a compelling platform to turn their passion into profit. 

With its vast user base and monetization features, Twitch allows professional gamers to generate income. 

Gamers can unlock various revenue streams by building a dedicated following and applying for monetization status. 

Streamers can earn money based on the number of views they receive through on-platform advertising. 

Additionally, Twitch Partners, the elite group of popular streamers, have access to enhanced revenue opportunities, including higher subscriber payouts and additional perks. 

Twitch’s continued popularity remains lucrative for gamers looking to profit from their gaming endeavors in 2023.

Mobile Apps That Pay Gamers In 2023

1. Mistplay

Mistplay, the popular mobile app, continues to be a top choice for gamers in 2023 who want to earn rewards while playing games. 

This innovative platform rewards users with gift cards for simply trying out and playing various games on their Android devices. 

Players can redeem gift cards from well-known retailers such as Amazon, Google Play and even virtual Visa gift cards by accumulating points through in-app games. 

The app also encourages social interactions and community building, offering a chat feature and the ability to play with friends. 

2. Bubble Cash

This addictive game puts a modern twist on bubble shooting, making it perfect for puzzle enthusiasts with a competitive spirit. 

The cherry on top is that Bubble Cash offers ad-free gameplay, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience. 

However, Bubble Cash is restricted in certain US states: Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, South Carolina, and South Dakota.

3. Solitaire Cash

This exciting mobile app allows you to play your favorite game, Solitaire, and earn money while having a blast. 

With no ads to interrupt your gaming experience, you can fully immerse yourself in brain-teasing fun while filling your pockets with lucrative rewards. 

Please note that cash tournaments are not available in the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, South Carolina, Montana, and South Dakota.

4. Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is a fun and updated take on the traditional game thanks to its intuitive UI and exciting gameplay.

You may maximize your fun and earnings by taking advantage of the daily bonuses, entertaining challenges, and skill-based tournaments.

Whether a casual player or a seasoned bingo enthusiast, Bingo Cash provides a platform where your skills can translate into real-world rewards. 

FAQs on Ways to Make Money From Gaming in 2023

Do I need to be a professional gamer to make money?

Being a professional gamer is one of many ways to profit from gaming. While competitive gaming can be lucrative, you can explore other avenues like streaming, content creation, game testing, game coaching, or even developing and selling in-game assets. Find a niche that suits your skills and interests to monetize your gaming passion.

How can I start making money from streaming games?

To start making money from streaming, you can sign up on platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming and create a channel. Build an audience by consistently streaming your gameplay, engaging with viewers, and providing entertaining content. Once you have a dedicated following, you can earn money through subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, and even by running ads on your stream.

Can I make a full-time income from gaming in 2023?

It is possible to make a full-time income from gaming in 2023, but it requires dedication, effort, and a combination of different income streams. Many successful gamers have achieved financial stability through streaming revenue, sponsorships, tournament winnings, content creation, and partnerships. Building a solid audience and diversifying your income sources can increase your chances of making gaming a viable full-time career.

What skills are valuable for making money from gaming?

Though gaming skills are essential, other valuable skills include effective communication, content creation, marketing, community management, and networking. Engaging and entertaining an audience, creating high-quality content, and building a supportive community are vital for the gaming industry’s success.


As the gaming industry continues to soar, it offers many opportunities to monetize your gaming skills and passion. 

Whether you explore streaming platforms, compete in esports, create content, or dive into virtual economies, the potential for financial success and personal fulfillment is immense. 

It’s time to seize the moment where your love for gaming can transform into a lucrative career. 

So, gear up, level up, and unleash your gaming prowess to unlock the doors to financial independence.

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