5 Best Schools For Linguistics In The World (FAQs) 2023

A linguistics degree will empower you with the skills and knowledge you need for several careers.

Almost every university all over the world offers this program.

However, some schools stand out for their high-quality education, the reputation of the faculty that teaches the course, the available student support services, and their professional networking opportunities.

After discussing a lot of information about linguistics, this article will discuss the five best schools for studying linguistics globally.

What Is A Linguistics Degree?

A linguistics degree is a social science program that focuses on the elements of languages, such as their origin, importance, and lots more.

This degree program empowers one with the knowledge and skills that are useful in a wide range of industries.

A linguistics degree program will equip you with regional dialect knowledge, the ability to develop dictionary and linguistic documents, and the capacity to perform voice identification.

Linguistics is a comprehensive degree that is very rich and highly knowledgeable.

Top Reasons To Acquire A Linguistic Degree

Here are the significant reasons you should enroll in a linguistics degree program:

1. Wide variety of job opportunities post-graduation

Studying linguistics at the university will give you the knowledge and skills you need for several jobs.

You won’t be limited to one field, from jobs in the technological sector to government agencies.

2. Research skills

Enrolling in a linguistics degree program will equip you with good research skills.

Throughout the program, you will participate in several field works and play a vital role in completing many projects.

Possessing good research skills will enable you to find a job in any industry you desire to venture into, as most companies look to hire individuals that can complete even the most tedious research projects on their behalf.

3. Cultural knowledge

Studying linguistics at the university will enable you to acquire a good knowledge of several cultures and boost your ability to interact with people from other parts of the globe.

Moreover, speaking more than one language simultaneously is a skill that will increase your chances of landing international jobs, which can likely come with good pay and offer better working conditions.

5 Best Schools For Linguistics In The World

However, in no particular order, here are the best five schools for linguistics degree education in the world at the moment:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best schools for linguistics in the world.

This school offers a linguistics program that covers the knowledge of several specialties in this field, such as morphology, syntax, psycholinguistics, phonology, and semantics.

Throughout this program, students also acquire knowledge of philosophy and logic, computer science, speech science, and several other valuable areas.

The classroom experience enables their students to become well-rounded professionals with high technical abilities.

Additionally, the researches that the linguistics department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology organizes strive to discover the principles that govern the structure of specific languages.

This department has produced several professionals that are currently in charge of linguistics schools all over the world.

The faculty members handling this program have a good knowledge of several languages and love their jobs.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is undoubtedly an A-list linguistics education school worldwide.

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2. The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is an excellent option for anyone looking for a school that offers world-class education to linguistic majors.

This school uses a curriculum that empowers students with in-depth field knowledge.

The University of Cambridge prepares students to become seasoned linguists who know several features of individual languages.

Linguistic classes at this school focus on assessing speech signals, studying the language of acquisition, and lots more.

Additionally, the University of Cambridge maintains a policy of admitting linguistics students worldwide. This makes the program super exciting.

Cambridge’s linguistics program enjoys worldwide recognition from many independent academic websites and blogs.

Throughout this program, students acquire valuable transferrable skills that stand out above other graduates and increase their chances of landing good jobs.

3. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is another world-class addition to this list.

This school is an excellent place to acquire comprehensive knowledge of linguistics.

The linguistics curriculum that the University of Oxford utilizes focuses on the structure and origin of languages, the semantics of languages, the relationship between languages, the ideal way kids learn languages, and what factors facilitate effective language communication.

Students also learn about the factors that make languages different, the unique characteristics that all languages share, the application of language in literature, and much more.

In addition to all of these, linguistic students at the University of Oxford also acquire Phoneticswledge, which is very valuable in today’s world.  

They also gain a good understanding of speech development, speech transmission, speech reception, and lots more.

The University of Oxford is an excellent destination for linguistics education.

4. Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the world’s best schools for linguistics education.

This school houses one of the best linguistics departments in the world that values teaching and research.

The course focuses on expanding students’ intellectual understanding by empowering them with excellent linguistic knowledge of several languages.

Students that enroll in this program get to develop excellent social, cultural, and psychological abilities.

Moreover, the linguistics curriculum that Stanford University adopts in grooming its students focuses on a host of topics.

Such topics include historical linguistics, phonetics, typology, syntax, computational linguistics, and many more.

Stanford University is an ideal academic institution for linguistics education.

5. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is one of the best schools for linguistics in the world. This school has carved a reputation for offering top-notch teaching and research experiences.

This academic institution is among the pioneer schools to offer linguistics programs in the UK.

The linguistics program the University of Edinburgh offers is handled by seasoned professionals famous in the UK.

Additionally, the support service available for linguistics students at the University of Edinburgh is impressive. The lecturers are very open with all students.

The University of Edinburgh is another excellent option for linguistics education worldwide.

5 Jobs That You Can Get With A Linguistics Degree

Here are five jobs that you can land if you possess a linguistics degree:

1. Linguist

A linguist is a professional that assesses several elements of languages.

Most times, these professionals choose a preferred language and work with that.

Linguists work for firms that offer editing services for documents.

It is an active job that attracts the opportunity to work remotely.

2. Copy Editor

Copy editors are experts that checks written documents for grammatical and spelling errors.

These professionals can review documents to eliminate these errors and correct them.

They primarily work for firms that develop large volumes of documents daily, such as advertising brands and marketing firms.

In most cases, copy editors work remotely.

3. Foreign Language Teacher

Foreign language teachers assist students in learning how to speak and understand a new language.

They break down the vocabulary and grammar of foreign languages for students.

Foreign language teachers can speak at least two foreign languages.

4. Speech Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists are experts who treat people who suffer from communication deficiencies.

They identify language deficiencies, develop treatment plans and render therapy to improve patients’ speech.

Speech-language pathologists also assist patients in overcoming their incapacity to speak well. 

5. Language Specialist

Language specialists are experts that deduce and write out languages.

They can speak more than one language.

These professionals convert speeches into textual forms.

Language specialists are found in a host of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Schools For Linguistics In The World

Which country has the best linguistics schools?

The USA is the best country to study linguistics in the world, with many schools in the US offering world-class linguistics education.

Is linguistics difficult?

Yes, linguistics is a challenging course to study. The topics in this curriculum are complicated, and some students who major in this field only adjust to the program after two years.

What are the best-paying linguistics jobs in the world?

The best-paying linguistics jobs in the world are lexicographers, computational linguists, forensic linguists, linguistic professors, and lawyer-linguist.

What is the best-paying foreign language in the world?

The best-paying foreign language in the world is Chinese Mandarin.


Earning a degree in linguistics can provide you with the foundation for various professions.

This course can be found at a large majority of universities worldwide.

Nonetheless, certain universities stand out from the crowd due to the quality of their programs, the standing of their teaching staff, the breadth of their student services, and the number of career opportunities they provide.

In addition to the schools above, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Massachusetts Amherst are other schools that offer world-class linguistics education.

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