Costco Essay (Meaning, Factors, Tips, FAQs)

A common application essay or personal statement is one of the requirements for admission into several colleges.

The Ivy League universities and other top colleges may not consider you for admission if you cannot put together a fantastic piece.

If you don’t know how to write an excellent essay, this article is for you.

It gives a short analysis of Brittany Stinson’s Costco essay, which helped her gain admission into several Ivy League schools.

What Is A Costco Essay?

The Costco essay is a college essay that was written by a college applicant named Brittany Stinson in 2016 and landed her an admission spot at five Ivy League colleges.

She perfectly described every phase of the Costco store which enabled her to develop a strong character and ignited her interest.

Here are some of the key factors in the Costco essay that made it so effective:

1. The Topic

A good number of people craft stories about their individual experiences daily. This makes the Costco essay topic even more fascinating, as Brittany chose to do this.

When crafting your essay, make sure you talk about the aspects of your personal life that make you different from everyone else and do so creatively.

2. In-depth details

The Costco essay writer could have wished to focus on the way her family bought groceries at Costco.

Rather, she improved the quality of her essay by providing details of her experiences there and how she would discover the store and acquire more information on free samples, sales, and goods.

She showed how her experience and desire would help her do well in the things she wants to do.

3. Precision and elegance

Brittany wrote her essay in a way that made it fun and interesting to read for anyone.

4. Passionate tone and sense of humor

Brittany carefully explained what drives her passion in her preferred area of interest and how her strength of character has brought her this far.

Brittany also attached some hilarious phrases to her Costco essay.

Tips For Writing A College Application Essay (Costco Essay)

Brittany received many commendations and public attention for putting together such a beautiful piece as her college application essay.

However, as a student seeking to get into college, you can also compose a wonderful piece by applying the tips below:

1. Brainstorm

Take time and think of your amazing ideas that can make your college essay stand out.

You can look to go down the creative pathway by telling a story that will enable you to express yourself effectively.

However, ensure that you organize your ideas so that anyone can understand the message you are passing.

2. Originality

Submitting a college application essay that another person has written is a terrible idea. Some colleges now use AI-powered software to assess essays and check for possible plagiarism.

So, it is ideal to think about your experience from another angle and describe it exclusively.

For instance, if you love watching a particular science program on TV, you can proceed to describe how it ignited the interest you have right now.

Look for a way to locate an original viewpoint.

3. Connection

When writing your college essay, always search for means to establish the connection between your experiences and your academics.

Link and explain in detail how your life has affected your school performance.

4. Self-assurance

When writing your Costco Essay as a student, make sure that you are bold with your words.

It is easy for the reader to think that you did not have the experiences you describe in your essay if they perceive a certain lack of confidence in your words.

5. Authenticity

Lying about an experience in your essay is a bad idea.

Although it can help you get into the school and course of study of your choice, you might struggle in it and risk facing the consequences from the institution if they find out you lied.

6. Edit

Do not submit your college application essay if it is not properly edited.

Once you’ve finished writing it, use an editing app like Grammarly to proofread it and remove any grammatical or spelling errors.

Afterward, you can show your essay to your older sibling, so they can tell you where you can make improvements and changes that you can add.

Doing this will ensure that you send in a top-notch article that is error-free, as poor vocabulary or bad spelling can make it hard for the reader to understand the context of the essay.

Tips For Excelling In Your Academics At College

If you finally get into college because of your essay and other good requirements, here are some tips to help you do well in school:

1. Go for lectures

Skipping classes as a student will only result in disaster.

Even though you already know what your teacher will teach, still show up in class anyway because they can drop helpful hints on areas where exam and test questions will emerge, enabling you to prepare effectively.

On the other hand, you can only acquire detailed knowledge of what is expected of you in an assignment if you show up for classes.

2. Study with your colleagues

Group study is another secret to academic excellence.

Although you should read alone, especially when you are far back in class so that you can take time to digest the study materials without any rush carefully, make sure that you embrace group study from time to time.

Studying in a group with your colleagues will enable you to exchange valuable ideas for the course you are studying together and inspire you to read.

Moreover, you can receive instant clarity on confusing study areas, which will aid your understanding.

3. Concentrate on what you’re learning in class only

The curriculum of each course is unique at a college.

Some courses will only touch on a few subjects, whereas others will provide a broad and in-depth overview.

But don’t go beyond the scope of what you’ve been assigned to read; stick to the course materials.

Reading about topics that have nothing to do with schoolwork is a recipe for academic failure.

4. Take some mock exams

Mock exams are another key to academic success at any college/university.

If you want to do well on your final examinations, you must take practice tests to see where you stand in your knowledge and where you still need to study.

In addition, taking regular practice tests will help you relax, improve your speed, and significantly enhance your memory.

So, take practice exams often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Costco Essay

What makes the Costco essay outstanding?

The Costco Essay is outstanding because it shows that students don’t need to tell a story about how they overcame their academic struggles or describe their educational or extracurricular successes to stand out.

What is an excellent college application essay?

The college application essay needs an open-ended response to general prompts that might enable you to share a story, talk about an experience, or deliberate on a theme.

What is the best way to begin a college essay?

You can begin a college essay excellently by using a powerful opening sentence that gives sustainable information and attracts readers.

What should you avoid in a college essay?

When writing a college essay, ensure you don’t begin with a preamble, be officious, or hold back your experiences.


Brittany’s essay stood out among the thousands of college application essays sent to Ivy League schools in 2016 because of how perfectly crafted it was.

It was enough to secure her admission to five Ivy League schools, among which she later decided to attend Stanford University.

However, you need to know that just your application essay is not enough to grant you admission into your preferred university.

You must also possess excellent academic results, which will be reflected in your GPA, submit good recommendation letters, have a high SAT or ACT score, and fulfill several other requirements.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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