East Riding Term Dates (Spring Term 2023 – Summer Term 2024)

East Riding of Yorkshire Term Dates is the various times of the year for academic activities.

Secondary schools in English Canada typically use a two-semester calendar, with the first semester beginning the day after Labour Day in September and running until mid-January, and the second semester beginning in early February and concluding on the Thursday before the last Friday in June.

Where is the East Riding of Yorkshire?

As the name suggests, it’s a region in northern England known as “East Yorkshire” or “East Riding of Yorkshire.”

North Yorkshire borders it to the north and west, while to the south, it is surrounded by North Lincolnshire.

Inland visitors go to the seaside resorts of Bridlington and Hornsea, while Kingston upon Hull, the region’s port city, is a major economic, transportation, and tourism hub.

East Riding Term Dates (Spring Term 2023)

Spring Term 2023Tuesday 3rd January – Friday 10th February
Spring half-termMonday 13th February – Friday 17th February (schools closed
Spring Term 2023Monday 20th February – Friday 31st March
End of term Easter HolidaysMonday 3rd April – Friday 14th April (schools closed)

East Riding Term Dates (Summer Term 2023)

Summer Term 2023Monday 17th April – Friday 26th May
Bank HolidayMonday 1st May (schools closed)
Summer half-termMonday 29th May – Friday 2nd June (schools closed)
Summer Term 2023Monday 5th June – Tuesday 25th July

East Riding Term Dates Autumn Term (2023/2024)

Autumn Term 2023Monday 4th September – Friday 27th October
Autumn half-termMonday 30th October – Friday 3rd November (schools closed) 
Autumn Term 2023Monday 6th November – Friday 22nd December
End of term Christmas HolidaysMonday 25th December – Monday 8th January 2024 (schools closed)

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East Riding Term Dates (Spring Term 2024)

Autumn Term 2023Monday 8th January – Friday 9th February
Autumn half-termMonday 12th February – Friday 16th February (schools closed)
Autumn Term 2023Monday 19th February – Friday 22nd March
End of term Easter HolidaysMonday 25th March – Friday 5th April  (schools closed)

East Riding Term Dates (Summer Term 2024)

Summer Term 2024Monday 8th April – Friday 24th May
Bank HolidayMonday 6 May (schools closed)
Summer half-termTuesday 28 May – Friday 31 May (schools closed)
Summer Term 2024Monday 3 June – Monday 22 July

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Traditionally, English schools have three terms: Autumn, Spring, and Summer, each of which is divided into two.

For a week half term, school (including term 1) begins in early September and ends in late October. It begins in early November and ends in mid-December for the first term.

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