Equine Management Degree (Meaning, Benefit, Length)

Equine Management Degree

Are you obsessed with horses? Do you discover yourself spending greater time in the horse barn than you do indoors? Did you ride a horse as a child?

Well, you don’t have to cling up your saddle simply because you have left high school, you can flip your passion for horses right into a professional route and in no time begin earning from your passion from an equine management degree.

Even if no one got you a pony as a kid, you could nevertheless pursue a profession in equine management by earning an equine management degree.

On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to pick if you want to enroll for a certificate program, a bachelor’s degree, or an associate’s degree, relying on the extent of management you desire to reach.

This article will explain everything you need to know about “Equine Management degree” and many more.

What is Equine Management?

Equine Management is a course developed for college students interested in horses, their management, and equine law.

Equine managers are answerable to the general well-being of horses in all circumstances, including breeding, transport, training, and boarding.

Early in a career, equine managers keep stalls and pens neat, they take out the horses for exercise, and test-bedding substances for pests ensuring that the horses’ fitness, feeding, and clinical treatments are never lagging.

Additionally, managers are generally responsible for the business end of the equine. For example, equine managers teach staff and assist in horse auctions, shows, or activities.

As they enhance in equine management careers, they may additionally control facilities, schedules, and employees, contending with advertising and budgets.

Obtaining an equine management degree can assist a person in taking advantage of the specified training required for their career path.

How long does it take to get an Equine Management degree?

The duration of getting an equine management degree and becoming a professional in the horse business depends on the type of program you choose to run and the school you choose to run this program.

Running a part-time bachelor’s program to earn an equine management degree takes a minimum of 4 years while undergoing a full-time bachelor’s degree program takes 2-4 years, depending on the school you want to attend and the country in which the school is located.

Taking up an associate’s program to earn the management degree usually lasts for two years while a part-time associate’s degree program normally takes longer than two years.

For diploma programs, earning the degree takes only a year before you earn your diploma.

Benefits of an Equine Management degree

Working with horses has its advantages; Having earned an equine management degree, your profession alternatives are varied. You can pick out to be really “hands-on” or pick out a profession in a guide field.

Career opportunities consist of expert grooms, trainers, operators, riding instructors, equine journalism, breeders, handlers, feed representatives, equine advertising, stable managers, ranch managers, breeding managers, foaling attendants, saddle marketing, exercise riders, personal lessons, horse show judging, animal manage officers, boarders, and therapeutic riding.

The alternatives are huge, and you could broaden your enthusiasm as time goes.

Best schools to get an Equine Management Degree

Berry College (Georgia) – Gunby Equine Center:

The animal science program Berry College offers equine science and management with applications in equine management and diverse riding courses.

The 185-acre Gunby Equine Center contains five buildings, an outdoor arena, 64 stalls, two round pens for lunging and light training, 180 acres of grassland, and miles of mountain paths.

It additionally has a magnificent arena with a seating capacity for four hundred audience and connected classrooms.

The University of Kentucky in Lexington (Kentucky) – UK Ag Equine Programs

The university offers an equine program for both graduate and undergraduate levels and a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science and Management.

The university’s Maine Chance Equine Campus has a 100-acre facility positioned some miles from campus. It has many contemporary barns constructed for equestrian research, over 25 meadows and paddocks, and an equine health facility.

Cazenovia College (New York) – Equine Education Center 

Cazenovia College is one of the best in the United States that offers equestrian programs. The college offers an equine business management degree for students interested in breeding, stable management, and advanced horse care.

Centenary University (New Jersey) – Centenary University Equestrian Center

The Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies at Centenary University includes equine business management, equine science, and riding instruction and training.

With three huge arenas, an indoor arena, connected classrooms, 60 stables, and a natural terrain hunt area, the school’s Equestrian Center is amazing. It additionally has a veterinary pharmacy and twelve turnout paddocks supplying lots of space.

University of Findlay (Ohio) – James L. Child Jr. Equestrian Complex 

It offers Equestrian Studies programs in addition to an Equine Management degree. It has a 32-acre James L. Child Jr. Equestrian Complex with three indoor arenas, an outside ring, and a grass hunt field.

The barn homes nothing less than a hundred and thirty horses. Students spend five days a week at the barn learning about horse care, riding, and training.

Benefits of earning an Equine Management Degree

The possibilities are there, so the equine management degree program qualifies you to be certified in the business of horses.

The horse commercial enterprise is a huge commercial enterprise. Annually, it produces goods and services valued at nothing less than $25.3 billion.

It provides about 619,000 jobs, many of them in technical fields like marketing, facilities management, and horse health care. Earning an equine management degree gives you access to this product market.


A degree in equine management would assist students to learn about various aspects of the equine industry, whether they are familiar with horses or not.

This management degree would improve your awareness of these animals’ business and management aspects, making the degree holder more employable.

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