10 Top Hobbies For Recovered/Ex-Alcoholics (FAQs)

Hobbies For Recovered/Ex-Alcoholics

Making the decision to abstain from alcohol is a life-changing decision.

However, the recovery process from the lifestyle of alcoholism takes time, and you must keep yourself engaged with several activities that will keep your mind away from thoughts of indulging in chronic alcoholism once more.

Hobbies are some of the amazing activities that are highly recommended for any recovering alcoholic.

Engaging yourself in valuable hobbies can help speed up your recovery process. This article talks about the best hobbies for ex-alcoholics and provides some tips for developing hobbies.

Who are Recovered/Ex-Alcoholics?

To be considered a “Recovered Alcoholic” means successfully overcoming one’s mental dependence on alcohol.

The first drink will never be taken, and the cycle will never begin if the mentality can be transformed.

A person who says they are “recovering” is not yet “recovered.” Those who use the term “recovering” to describe themselves are always trying to overcome their alcoholism.

On the other hand, even if the alcoholic also suffers from a mental disorder, therapy is still an integral part of the rehabilitation process.

Alcoholics benefit from therapy because it helps them recognize and manage the stresses in their lives that trigger drinking.

Inpatient therapy programs can incorporate group sessions in which patients learn and practice relaxation.

NB: Recovering from alcoholism is often difficult and filled with setbacks. It could seem impossible at times. And yet, it’s not.

No matter how much you drink or how helpless you feel, you can recover from alcoholism and alcohol abuse if you are ready to quit drinking and seek the support you need.

Brief interventions, individual or group therapy, an outpatient program, or hospitalization may be part of the treatment plan.

The major treatment objective is to help the patient stop drinking and enhance their quality of life.

What Role Do Hobbies Play Hobbies in Recovered/Ex-Alcoholics?

It is not easy to abstain from the lifestyle of alcoholism without having an activity to keep you engaged.

Hobbies are activities that can keep you occupied and make you responsible. Engaging in hobbies will also help ease boredom and stress and enable you to express yourself.

Moreover, hobbies can also connect you with new friends who can keep you away from the lifestyle of alcoholism.

Hobbies For Recovered/Ex-Alcoholics

If you are struggling to find a helpful hobby as an ex-alcoholic, here are some options that will speed up the process of recovery and have a massive impact on your life:

1. Exercise

You can easily fight alcoholism if you exercise consistently.

It is an activity that helps reduce the urge to drink alcohol, makes you happy, and improves your capacity to work.

Moreover, exercising consistently will have a massive positive impact on your mental and physical health, and you will get good rest consistently.

Exercise also helps to ease stress and enables you to recover from alcoholism faster.

2. Photography

Photography is one of the best hobbies for ex-alcoholics.

This activity enables us to create life’s memories.

Engaging in photography can make you more useful despite your status as a recovering alcoholic and open up the opportunity for you to create memories from your recovery journey.

Moreover, photography will ease your stress, enable you to express yourself the way you like, and make you more of an extrovert, preventing you from drinking due to boredom.

You will also get to establish new relationships with many people.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering is another excellent hobby that you can fall back on if you are recovering from alcoholism.

If you try to break the habit of becoming a chronic alcoholic, you can lose several of your friends who are still in the act.

On the other hand, volunteering for an organization is a fantastic way to reconnect with people in society and participate in activities that will boost your self-worth and self-confidence.

Also, volunteering will give you a sense of responsibility, give you a chance to meet new people, and help you learn some life skills that will help you at work and in your personal life.

4. Writing

Writing is an activity that can have a huge positive impact on a person’s life.

It offers an excellent channel to tell your story and encourage people struggling with alcoholism to overcome that challenge.

Writing can help you express yourself and your innermost thoughts.

You can also write for journaling purposes, which is a great way to track your progress.

Moreover, writing offers you the perfect opportunity to link up with others who may be going through the same phase.

If you still find it hard to overcome alcoholism, writing is an activity that will help speed up the recovery process and transform your life.

5. Gardening

A lot of people view gardening as a beautiful hobby. However, gardening is an activity that has a greater impact on ex-alcoholics.

Gardening is an activity that will empower you with several skills that are valuable to your overall growth and personal development.

Engaging in gardening as an ex-alcoholic will empower you with excellent organizational skills, a sense of responsibility, and perseverance that will speed up your recovery process.

Moreover, gardening is an activity that will positively impact your health and can be very refreshing.

So, if you are still coming out of alcoholism, gardening is an activity that can help you immensely.

6. Cooking

Cooking is one of the best hobbies out there for ex-alcoholics.

Cooking can enable you to develop new abilities and know how to prepare meals that will boost your health.

Furthermore, as an ex-alcoholic, cooking relieves stress and allows you to spend less money because it is inexpensive.

Cooking will also boost your creativity and make you useful in various areas.

7. Painting

Painting is another amazing hobby idea that is highly recommended for ex-alcoholics. It will enhance your confidence and boost your self-esteem if you suffer from this terrible addiction.

Moreover, painting is a hobby that allows you to reflect on yourself and set up measures that will keep you from indulging in chronic alcoholism.

Painting is also a hobby that will boost your creativity and enable you to recover quickly from alcoholism.

8. Reading

Reading is one of the best hobbies for ex-alcoholics.

It can assist you in developing your knowledge in a certain area and help you gain insights into several areas of knowledge.

Reading can also help keep you from developing the longing to consume alcohol because it will occupy your mind.

Moreover, the good thing about reading is that you can do it at your convenience no matter where you are, and you don’t need to be extra talented to read several pages of a book.

Furthermore, reading can enrich you with knowledge of yourself and society and is a healthy activity for the human brain.

9. Nature walks

Taking nature walks is a fantastic way to relax the mind and spend quality time outside. This particular activity can greatly help the body and positively affect the mind.

Spending time in natural settings reduces stress and improves mental health.

A nature walk is a fantastic hobby that will work wonders for anyone recovering from alcoholism.

10. Yoga

Yoga is an activity that can help to recover alcoholics immensely.

Besides the fact that yoga boosts flexibility, it is an activity that has a massive positive impact on the human heart, eases stress, and enables one to sleep better.

Moreover, yoga is an activity that empowers recovering alcoholics with serenity to ease any thoughts that cross their minds and eliminate any form of anxiety that can make them indulge in alcoholism.

If you are coming out of alcoholism, engaging in yoga will do you lots of good.

Tips For Developing Your Hobbies As A Recovered/Ex-Alcoholic

Here are a couple of ways you can develop your hobbies:

1. Start slowly

Doing something for the first time can be very hard.

However, to overcome the difficulty you will encounter at the initial phase, the best course of action for you to take is to list the steps that you need to take to become good at that hobby and have a go at it one after another.

Immediately after you master each step, you can become a pro at that hobby.

2. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastinating on a hobby will not help you in any way. You can only excel at something through continuous practice.

So, for instance, if you have chosen to paint, ensure that you do it daily. Doing this will transform the hobby into a habit, enabling you to reap sustained rewards.

3. Locate a group

Engaging in a hobby all by yourself can make it super boring.

Look for someone else who has the same passion as you and partner up with them.

For example, if you enjoy reading, look for a reader’s organization that holds a weekly book review and join them.

Moreover, not doing it alone will inspire you not to give up.

4. Delight in it

Make sure you have the time of your life whenever you engage in any hobby. Hobbies are not meant to be boring, so if you don’t love them, it’s not for you.

Look for a hobby that excites you and is not difficult for you.

This is why you must choose a hobby that you are passionate about.

5. Have a reason (A why)

Never use any meaningful excuse as the reason for not engaging in your hobby.

When you feel like being lazy about your hobby, reflect on how well your hobby has helped you draw inspiration from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Hobbies For Recovered/Ex-Alcoholics

How do you socialize after you stop taking alcohol?

You can maintain your social life even after you quit drinking alcohol by discussing it openly with your friends, visiting only places where alcohol is not served, exploiting new ways to have fun, and getting yourself ready for how people are going to respond to your decision.

What duration does it take for your mind and body to overcome thoughts of taking alcohol?

According to a recent study, it can take up to two weeks for your brain to function normally again and for the desire to consume alcohol to fade.

What fun activities can you engage in that do not require alcohol?

You can engage in fun activities that do not require alcohol, chase thrills, embark on a road trip, hit the gym, sleep, and watch Netflix.

How do you know that your liver is healing?

It is well known that alcohol destroys the liver. However, once you decide to quit drinking alcohol and practice it, your skin will look better, as will your eyes, and there will be improved amino acid regulation in your body.


Hobbies that affect the brain positively assist recovering ex-alcoholics immensely.

Thus, if you are coming out of an addiction to alcohol, go through the list of hobbies above and pick one that you are interested in, as they can help you immensely.

Using up your time on activities that boost your mind and keep you healthy will help you not to back off from your decision to quit drinking alcohol.

So, embrace whatever hobby you choose and develop it by applying the tips discussed in this article.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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