15 Top Hobbies For Recovering Alcoholics (Truths, FAQs)

Alcoholism is one of the addictions that may be challenging to overcome.

It needs smart effort, not just hard work, to begin the rehabilitation process, which is where picking up a hobby can be helpful.

Hobbies are activities that help to create new, productive behaviors by re-directing your thoughts away from drinking.

As a recovering alcoholic, when you take up a hobby, you retrain your brain and refocus your mind to want healthy things that fill the void alcohol used to fill.

This article will discuss hobbies that will help you recover from alcoholism.

Who is a Recovering Alcoholic?

Being a “Recovering Alcoholic” means you are taking the necessary actions to free yourself from alcohol’s psychological control.

If the mindset can be changed, the first drink will never be taken, and the cycle will never begin.

The effects of alcoholism extend far beyond the addict. In reality, the effects on loved ones are frequently far more devastating.

Many people who care about an addict assume that once they get out of rehab, things will quickly start to get better. But recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime for the addict and their loved ones.

Why Hobbies Are Good For Recovering Alcoholics

1. Healthy Mindset

Drinking for a long time made you believe that was the only way to have fun and be happy.

But hobbies are there to rule out that mindset, giving you hope that you can achieve fun in other beautiful ways.

2. Social life

Though you used to surround yourself with heavy drinkers, hobbies will allow you to make new friends with people who don’t drink, which is a great way to start your recovery process.

3. Self-esteem

Hobbies give room to learn new skills, gain new experiences, and maintain a healthy body.

4. Motivation

Hobbies serve as inspiration to do better and greater things with your life.

5. Cost-saver

If you calculate how much you might have wasted on alcohol, you would have probably bought a new car by now.

Rather than spend so much on drinks, you try to learn a skill you enjoy doing, which then translates into a hobby.

6. Creativity

When you engage in a hobby, you can discover ideas and skills you never knew you possessed.

15 Best Hobbies For Recovering Alcoholics

1. Learning an instrument

This is a therapeutic way to win against withdrawal symptoms from alcoholism.

Take lessons on how to play the piano, guitar, drums, etc, and find relief from depression.

Enhance your mood as you bask in the euphoria of the great sounds you make with your hands.

The feeling of accomplishment will make you happy, so you don’t return to your addiction.

2. Walking

Take a stroll along the street and observe the surrounding scenery, gorgeous buildings, cars, and pedestrians.

This will keep your thoughts from straying and give you a sense of fulfillment whenever you need it.

3. Camping

Leaving the buzzy town for a place of peace has always proved to be restorative.

Taking time away from modern technology, going into the woods or forest parks with your tent pitched behind a bonfire, and making merry with friends is a great way to let go of your alcoholic self.

4. Picnic

Hang out with friends or family. Their company will make you happy and keep your mind busy with stories, gossip, and fun games.

5. Bicycling

This is one of the easiest ways to keep fit, distract yourself, and improve stamina. Research proves that two things cannot occupy the mind at the same time.

Bicycling diverts your attention away from drinking alcohol. Hence, subsequently, the urge to drink dies.

6. Painting

Through art, you can communicate those inner feelings that cannot be easily expressed in words.

This is a terrific way to relieve worries, anxiety, and depression.

7. Home Decoration

Be adventurous. Look around the house and try out ways to make it aesthetically pleasing.

You could try repainting the walls or trying DIY decorations pleasing to you.

8. Gyming

The gym is a popular place to visit when needing a hobby. Do some workouts, weightlifting, and more to keep fit.

You will also get to meet and interact with new people and build your self-esteem. Those abs, curves, or muscles that you will develop will serve as proof of the wonders of gyming.

9. Yoga

Yoga is a meditative exercise that requires concentration to keep the body, mind, and soul together.

It helps you relax and take control of your emotions. Engaging in yoga will help you keep your body in check.

10. Hiking

Outdoor activities like hiking help you appreciate nature, feel the cool breeze, and breathe.

It stretches your muscles and boosts your stamina physically and mentally, which helps fight anxiety. It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

11. Cooking

Choosing to prepare your own meals in the kitchen is a great way to eat well. No need to worry about the food’s preparation method like you would if it came from a restaurant.

You are sure of what you are eating and can try out new recipes. Cooking occupies your mind as you find better ways to make tasty meals.

12. Reading

Visit the library or purchase a book to broaden your horizons and gain insight into the world.

This is a beautiful way to immerse yourself in the knowledge and wisdom from books.

13. Surfing

This is an exciting hobby, especially if you like to be around the ocean or beach.

Surfing helps you build trust in yourself, emotional stability, and flexibility.

It’s a great way to pass the time.

14. Massage

To assist you in relaxing your body and mind, frequent the spa and have a massage.

A massage can all revitalize your skin, bones, and body. It also comes with a spark of self-worth.

15. Martial arts

Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, etc. are hobbies that can instill discipline.

They help you channel your emotions appropriately, keep you fit and flexible, and boost your self-confidence.

Truths About Hobbies For Recovering Alcoholics

1. The journey begins with a step

Don’t think you can achieve all this in one day. Take little steps, gradually, and eventually, you will become better.

You are not competing with yourself or anyone else. Move at your own pace.

2. Room for flops

Recovering from alcoholism is a process and a struggle between your body and mind, but you must win to take back control.

There are days that you might eventually give in to drinking, but that’s fine. You don’t need to stay there; get up and keep pushing!

3. Discipline

Recovery requires commitment, diligence, and determination. If these strong wills are absent, you are yet to begin.

It is not an easy journey, but it is possible to achieve. You must carefully decide if this is what you want to do and position your mind to achieve it.

4. It is your body

Nobody else has power over your body except you. Since you have the final say, make rules that you can follow.

Your body might try to rebel, but it will adjust by all means when it sees that you have refused to bend to its will.

Every other person or factor is only there to encourage you, but you are the one to put in the work; otherwise, nothing would work.

5. Withdrawal symptoms

Your body will begin to show signs of withdrawal, such as depression, irritability, etc.

You might feel like you will not see the next minute, but that’s not true. In such cases, persist till you overcome.

Things To Avoid When Recovering From Alcoholism

1. Isolation

You should not be idle and alone for a long time. Occupy yourself with a hobby you enjoy doing.

Isolation is a major trigger for addiction. Your mind needs to be kept busy to pull it away from alcohol.

Surround yourself with loved ones, friends, or acquaintances so you don’t get bored and entertain negative thoughts suggesting you should drink.

2. Bad company

The kind of people around you will either help you stay away from alcohol or draw you deeper. If you have friends or relatives who drink, you shouldn’t be around them.

Find yourself new people, probably people who don’t drink or people who are also trying to recover from alcoholism.

They can be your source of motivation, especially on difficult days.

3. Bad reminders

There could be something or someplace that gives you the urge to drink.

Maybe, you have a bar of drinks around the house, or there’s someplace that would remind you about drinking once you are there.

In such cases, discard and avoid such reminders.

4. High emotions

High emotions like anger, frustration, hurt, etc, might make you want to seek solace in drinking, just like before.

Figure out what triggers these emotions and avoid them. If it’s someone you talk to, the kind of job you do, or what you hear, you should avoid or stop them.

5. Excuses

There could be a million and one reasons why you think you could not keep up with the recovery process, but it is unacceptable.

If you’re in rehab, pay attention to your counselors and work hard to help yourself recover. Avoid excuses like “just this once.”

It never indeed concludes at that point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Hobbies For Recovering Alcoholics

What are the things that are recovering alcoholics should be grateful for?

Recovering alcoholics should be thankful for getting back in touch with their friends and family, getting a renewed interest in going out, seeing positive changes in their bodies, and a lot more.

How can I stay joyful when recovering?

You can stay happy as a recovering alcoholic by embracing good energy, developing good relationships with those that you lost one with, looking after yourself, and lots more.

How can you stay occupied when recovering?

When you’re getting over alcoholism, you can keep busy by going out, helping people, learning something new, doing creative things, and much more.

Why must you have fun in the course of the recovery process?

Having fun while recovering from alcoholism will help you relieve stress and keep you from going back to a wrong way of life.


As a recovering addict, you must find a hobby that you enjoy and commit to doing it regularly.

The path to rediscovering yourself is daunting, but it can be achieved.

The side effects of alcohol hinder healthy living, which is enough reason to take charge and call the shots over your body.

Check out this article for some hobby ideas that will keep you from thinking about drinking alcohol. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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