Increase your Writing Skills by Studying Abroad 

As much as writing is considered a talent among various people, it is also considered a skill that needs to be developed over time.

Knowing how to write literary books is not enough. Being a writer means that you have at least a story to tell. But there are some literary hacks, knowledge, and research that you will get when you study any writing-related course in college.

However, further study up to the Ph.D. education will make your book stand out amongst others.

Many young writers have been left frustrated by little writing errors. The good news is that we now have software programmed to help with essay writing and other forms of writing.

A spell checker, an essay checker, or an essay fixer will improve your essay tremendously. As a student from any respected university, writing academic research for your coursework, you need to improve your grammar and vocabulary daily by spending more time in the library. 

Your writing skills for both fiction and nonfiction are dependent on your writing prowess. However, to add to the little skills you have already, you can take a literary lesson or enroll in any notable schools around the world.

A school like Harvard University has a history of producing international best-selling authors. If you are opportune to study abroad, you have an edge above others.

You can create your unique hero in a mind-blowing story, or you can write a compelling nonfiction book. 

For your sake, this article has compiled a list of schools across the country that will help improve your writing skills.

Schools that will improve your writing skill:

University of Oxford

Any prospective English Literature and Creative Writing student should first consider The University of Oxford.

The school’s reputation precedes it, and it is well known across the globe. Oxford offers its students a three years Literature and English program. 

Students of Literature at the University of Oxford are given Shakespearean knowledge and taken through the earliest form of writing.

Further studies in literature in the school include the Master of Study in Literature-in-English, an MPhil in Medieval Literature, and the MLitt or DPhil in Literature. You can also go for programs like MSt in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is another university with a long history of prestigious learning. Cambridge University has a strong standard when it comes to English language learning, as well as literature studies.

The B.A program in the school runs for three years, and it allows you to combine English and literature history. However, you have a choice to specialize in any of the two as your coursework unfolds.

If you are in for a graduate program, you can consider the school’s six MPhil Programs, a Ph.D. program, a part-time course in MLitt, and an MSt degree in creative writing. 

Aside from the English literature programs, Cambridge University also offers an MPhil program in European literature, Latin American literature, Comparative Literature, and Cultures. This advanced study lasts for nine months.

Harvard University

A degree in Literature from Harvard University is one of the best things you could do for your writing career. Harvard University has a reputation in the United States as old as the school itself. Harvard holds the torch of experience and history every young writer needs to succeed. 

Harvard offers a bachelor’s degree program, Master’s program, and postgraduate programs in literature and advanced literature. Due to the school’s long-age reputation, it had produced several best-selling authors you would get to meet during their alumni visitations. 

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, originally founded as a public research university has ten campuses across California.

Since its founding in 1868, the university keeps ranking among the top universities across the world. The bachelor’s course in the school lasts for three years, and the program is a combination of English and literature history. 

However, as you take on your study, you can specialize in any courses. You can either specialize in English Major, English Minor, or Creative Writing Minor. However, the graduate program has only a six years Ph.D. program.

Yale University

Yale University is another university that holds the highest academic reputation in the United States. Yale University offers the best programs in English Literature and creative writing.

We are not surprised since it is founded in an English-speaking country. The undergraduate class of the literature program is an introductory class, and the course involves seminars, Academic and professional writing styles, Reading ability, fictional and European writing. The graduate program has a Ph.D. program that can be completed in six years. 

Stanford University

Stanford university is arguably one of the best universities in the United States and the world. The structure and the academic excellence are things to reckon with.

The school offers its traditional programs and online courses with affordable fees and room for a scholarship. It has an English Literature and Creative Writing program.

You can either get your degree in English Major, English Minor, CS+English, Creative writing, or Honors in English. Stanford University also offers Master of Arts and Ph.D. programs.

Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the top 10 universities in the world. Both it’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs are exceptional. Columbia University has a combined course of English and Literature and a comparative literature course.

The English and comparative literature department have a minimum credit requirement in each of the ten courses. You can also offer a Master’s degree and graduate programs in English and comparative literature.


The schools mentioned above have a prestigious reputation that has lasted for generations.

Moving from your bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Ph.D. education will open other opportunities for you aside from your field of study. However, it would help if you kept your head up in any of these schools by spending more time reading. 

Trust me; there are hundreds of people you will be competing with. With the internet and social media benefits for everyone, learning, reading, and education have been made easier than it ever was.

These schools don’t only teach you in the traditional lecture way; they also help you know how to use social media the best way.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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