Is 960 A Good SAT Score? (FAQs, SAT tips) | 2023

No, 960 is not a good SAT score.

While this score can still get you admitted to several schools, you will struggle to find any high-ranking college that will admit you with such an SAT score.

Thus, you must aim for the highest possible score whenever you take the SAT to increase your chances of securing an admission spot at your preferred college.

This post will provide tips that will enable you to achieve an excellent SAT score.

Tips For Earning A High Score On The SAT

1. Remove the wrong answers

The elimination method works very well on any SAT exam.

You must always remember that out of all the four options available to you, there is only one that is correct.

So, if you find it hard to find an answer to a question, look for reasons why an option is incorrect instead of looking for reasons why it is correct.

This will enable you to find the option that seems most correct.

Taking enough practice tests before taking the real thing is a great idea.

2. Find out where you went wrong

Practice tests will allow you to evaluate yourself and identify areas where you struggle to answer questions.

However, once you score yourself on a practice test, take time to review the answers to the questions you failed to identify what made you fail them, and take steps to ensure they don’t repeat themselves on the real test.

3. Focus on the context

When attempting an SAT reading question, ensure that you concentrate on the perspective of the passage.

Search for words in the body of the passage that relates to the question asked in the essay.

By doing this, you can remove several options, even though you don’t know which option is correct.

Search for contrast words like “still,” “besides,” and “on the other hand,” as questions frequently come from such angles, and also concentrate on strong adjectives.

4. Don’t just read passages aimlessly

To answer questions well in the SAT reading section, ensure that you develop excellent reading skills.

One of the most effective ways to tackle SAT reading questions is by skimming the passage first to understand the passage’s main idea.

You can achieve this by reading the introductory paragraph, the concluding paragraph, and the initial and final sentences of every paragraph in the passage.

On the other hand, you can also successfully tackle questions in the reading section of the SAT by jumping straight to the questions before coming back to the passage to search for answers.

Employing either of these two methods will save time while attempting questions in the reading section.

But before you do anything else, read the passage’s first paragraph.

It has useful information that will help you answer all questions correctly.

5. Don’t miss the key points in the question

Before you attempt any question in the SAT math section, ensure that you thoroughly review the question and pick out the key points.

Ensure you note what you are expected to find in the question to get the right answers when calculating.

You may be asked to find an answer that requires you to find a value that will allow you to get your final answer a couple of times.

So, ensure you do not take the needed values as the correct answer if they pop up in the options by chance when you have not yet gotten your final answer.

6. Practice formulas

Even though the SAT will give you a list of formulas on test day, ensure that you learn them and commit them to memory before going to the hall.

This will enhance your speed on the test and keep you from wasting time searching for formulas on the list given to you by the SAT board.

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7. Prepare yourself on the eve of the test

You are expected to come to the test hall with some materials. So, ensure that you put them in place on the eve of the test.

Some materials required for the exam are your admissions ticker, photo ID, two pencils, an eraser, and a calculator.

Furthermore, you can bring snacks and a watch to ensure that you don’t go hungry and manage your time well.

8. Jump hard questions

If you find it hard to crack any question, skip it and go to the next one.

Wasting so much time on one question can have dire consequences and reduce your efficiency on the test.

The general rule for the SAT is that you should spend just a minute or less on questions in the math and reading sections and 30 seconds or less on the writing section.

However, make sure that you circle any questions you skipped so that you can easily find them and go back to them when you are done answering the ones you know and the time is not up yet.

Moreover, if you cannot still tackle a question the second time and your question-answering tricks are not just working on it, take a guess immediately, as the SAT does not punish candidates that guess on the test.

9. Fill in your answers only when you are done with the section

You can manage your time better when taking the SAT if you only update your answers after completing a section.

However, to make things easier for you, ensure that you circle the answers, you have picked.

Filling in your answers much later will keep you from jumping from your answer booklet to your question sheet, which can be time-consuming.

Nevertheless, it is advisable that you only embrace this tip if you are sure that you can complete a section with enough time left for you to fill in the answers, as there is nothing worse than knowing the answers to many questions but failing because you did not input your answers in the answer booklet. 

10. Review your answers

Even if you need to relax after finishing all the SAT questions, double-check your answers before submitting your scripts.

Make sure you go through every question and answer you picked to ensure that you did the right thing and did not position your answer in the booklet in the wrong place.

By doing this, you can find any mistakes you made along the way that might have been hurtful and fix them.

11. Don’t panic

Always remain calm throughout the test. If you encounter a tough question, don’t allow it to get to you. Rather, focus on the ones you know first and return to the challenging questions later.

After all, failing to answer questions alternately will not result in a penalty on the SAT.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Is 960 A Good SAT Score?

Is 1050 a good SAT score?

Yes, 1050 is a good SAT score. This score is good enough to secure your admission to several top-ranking schools.

Is the SAT hard?

Yes, many people think the SAT is challenging because students only have a short amount of time to answer the questions, which are hard to understand.

What do you stand to gain by taking the SAT?

The SAT enables you to gain admission into several colleges. It is also a requirement for most scholarships, assesses your skills ahead of time, and enables colleges to find you.

Is there any requirement for SAT?

No, there is no requirement for the SAT. However, this exam is meant for high school seniors looking to get into college.


A score of 960 on the SAT is not good.

Although with this score you can get admission into several colleges, it will reduce your chances of gaining admission into the best universities.

So, it is up to you to get the best possible SAT score by taking steps before and during the exam.

In addition to the tips above, attending an SAT prep class and studying in groups are two other tips that will enable you to do well on the SAT.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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