13+ New Year Resolution Activities For 5th Graders | 2024

Even fifth graders can benefit from making a fresh start with a new set of resolutions in January.

Goal-setting is an important skill that should be taught to all primary school students.

If, as a parent, you find that your kid in fifth grade still doesn’t know how to begin thinking of achievable goals for the coming year, then point them in the direction of this post.

It tells you some of the New Year’s resolution activities for fifth-graders.

1. Train to be a discerning reader

To develop into proficient readers, fifth graders should read a minimum of 20 pages a day.

Reading to their brother or sister or a close family friend frequently is another great way to boost reading skills.

This will set them up for success in the challenging English language courses they’ll be taking beginning in their freshman year of high school.

2. Achieve success in studies

Fifth graders may improve the world by resolving to thrive in the classroom over the year.

They can make an extra effort to improve their academic performance by reading for extended periods, completing all assigned assignments, and listening carefully in class.

3. Complete and turn in all assignments on time

If your fifth grader struggles to complete assignments on time, encouraging them to make it a New Year’s goal to accomplish this could be a terrific way to start the year.

They can do this by using calendars to arrange their after-school activities and prompts to keep them on track.

4. Build vocabulary by learning new words every day

A great goal for 5th graders to work on in the new year is increasing their vocabulary by learning numerous unfamiliar phrases daily.

They can learn at least 15 new phrases per day to get started.

5. Practice writing skills

Fifth graders can make even more progress toward their goals for the new year if they dedicate time to improving their writing.

They can start by writing an essay each day or eventually write five complete stories each week.

6. Extend their linguistic horizons

Learning new languages other than their mother tongue will improve students’ knowledge.

However, if a fifth grader wants to learn effectively, focusing on just one language at a time is best.

7. Lessen their TV time

Every parent in today’s day of total digitalization must instruct their children in the art of disengaging from the television when they have something more worthwhile to do.

Hence, taking on the New Year’s resolution to consume less TV is an effective way to encourage 5th graders to overcome the choice to spend excessive time on the internet and learn how and where to set and keep priorities.

8. Get out of bed every morning at the earliest possible time

Fifth graders can make a great New Year’s resolution by committing to getting up earlier than in the past.

Kids in fifth grade and grownups have a better day when they get up and about earlier.

Getting up early has additional benefits, like increased self-assurance and sustained optimism. This is a fantastic habit for fifth graders to develop in the next year.

9. Daily morning and nightly exercise

Another fantastic New Year’s goal activity for fifth graders is to stick to a program of jogging every day before diving into the day’s routines.

Doing this can build up the endurance they need to finish multiple tasks and feel less stressed.

Moreover, exercise helps prevent physical exhaustion.

5th graders would benefit from developing a healthy routine of exercising first thing in the morning.

10. Attempt to get at least eight hours of sleep per night

No one, especially fifth graders, should stay up all night. They should sleep up to 8 hours per night.

Students who get plenty of sleep at night report feeling more alert and ready to tackle the day at school.

11. Limit screen time as much as possible

The widespread use of electronic devices such as tablets and laptops has created a serious problem in today’s society.

If your child has a hard time breaking this habit, a great New Year resolves to encourage them to invest less time in tablets and laptops and far more energy in activities that will benefit them greatly.

12. Learn some new recipes today

Another popular 5th-grade New Year’s resolution is to learn how to cook.

However, any fifth grader will do this effectively if you provide parental guidance and instruction because they lack the skills necessary to achieve this independently.

13. Acquire the skills necessary to compete in a different sport

The New Year is a great time for 5th graders to pick up a new sport.

By doing this, they will be able to meet interesting people and might even find skills they didn’t know they had.

14. Spend more time with loved ones

Any fifth grader who spends too much time on their phone or in front of the TV should make an effort to spend more time with family and friends.

A wide variety of activities can be done with family members. For instance, they can learn to have a long conversations with them.

They also decide to play games with their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On New Year Resolution Activities For 5th Graders.

What are the benefits of New Year’s resolutions?

New Year’s resolutions are important for your kids because they will enable them to think through the past year and plan on improvements that they can make that will make the new year better than the former one.

What are the best New Year’s resolutions for fifth graders?

The best New Year’s resolutions for kids in their fifth year of elementary school are to sleep more, get a job, avoid laziness, study better, and make new friends.

How can 5th graders learn to devise New Year’s resolutions?

Fifth graders can learn to make New Year’s resolutions by writing them down in the first few weeks of the year and putting them on the wall of their rooms as a reminder.

How can a student succeed in their academics?

Suppose your kid in fifth grade is determined to succeed even better in academics as their major New Year’s resolution activity. In that case, they can do that by studying daily, cutting down on extracurriculars, reading with their colleagues close to home, and cutting down on TV time.


This article has done well to discuss some of the best New Year’s resolution activities for students.

If you have a child still in the fifth grade, it is highly recommended that you advise them to pick up some of these New Year’s resolution activities for themselves.

In addition to the list above, they can also decide to save some money every month in their bank account or offer to help at least one person per day.

However, ensure that you remind them that they will only achieve their New Year’s resolution goals if they apply them daily and are intentional about it.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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