Top 10 Preppy Colleges in the United States (FAQs)

The phrase “Preppy Colleges” or “Preppiest Colleges” seems new to you, right? Same as me. Being Preppy means looking nice and expensive in appearance. Thus, are Preppy Colleges expensive schools?

This article will explain the preppy colleges in the United States, the location of the preppy schools (North and South), and more tips about these colleges.

What Does Preppy Mean?

“Preppy” is a term that originated from the “preparatory” private schools in the Northeast United States, which prepare students for college, particularly the Ivy League.

Over time, “preppy” has evolved to describe a specific style and subculture characterized by a particular fashion sense (think polo shirts, boat shoes, and pastel colors) and other lifestyle elements.

When it comes to “preppy colleges,” it refers to colleges and universities with a reputation for attracting a significant number of students who fit the “preppy” stereotype or aesthetic.

These are often (but not exclusively) elite, private institutions, particularly in the Northeast.

What are the Preppy Colleges in the US?

Preppy Colleges, or “Preppiest Colleges,” are gradually declining since most students no longer discuss them.

In the context of the preppy style, it refers to the clothes, activities, views, and ideals of people fortunate enough to attend a prestigious university.

They are upper-middle-class people in this society who attend or send their kids to the most exclusive preparatory and Ivy League colleges in the Northeastern United States.

What are the Preppiest Colleges in the US?

The colleges we consider might not be the same as yours, but these top 10 schools are the ones we consider preppy because of their qualities.

1. Middlebury College:

Middlebury is one of the undergraduate preppy colleges, a graduate school for international studies, a center for immersive language learning, a graduate school for literature, literacy, and pedagogy, and the world’s oldest and most prestigious writers’ conference.

Middlebury College engages students in the intellect and soul to prepare them to tackle the world’s most difficult problems.

Their scientific and mathematical majors, as in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and languages, stress reflection, discussion, and intensive exchanges between students and professors.

Their vibrant residential community, outstanding facilities, and wide range of co-curricular activities and support services are all designed to educate.

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2. Dartmouth College:

As one of the preppy colleges, Dartmouth prepares students for lifelong learning and responsible leadership through a faculty devoted to teaching and discovering new knowledge.

Before deciding on a specific major, undergraduates can dabble in various fields, including the humanities and sciences.

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3. Miami University:

Miami University is an Oxford, Ohio-based public research university. Miami University was established in 1809, making it the US’s 10th most recent public college or university.

For public school tuition, Miami University, one of the preppy colleges, offers an Ivy League education with a high return on investment. Motivated students find their purpose and prepare for a successful future in Miami.

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4. Princeton University:

Princeton University is a world-renowned research university dedicated to discovering and disseminating knowledge and understanding at the highest levels of quality.

Simultaneously, Princeton is unique among research universities in its emphasis on undergraduate education.

Financial aid packages at the University are based on grants rather than loans, allowing students to graduate debt-free. This makes a Princeton education affordable to any admitted student.

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5. Vanderbilt University:

Vanderbilt University has a long heritage of academic brilliance blended with a unique atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality.

They aim to bring out the best in people by exploring new ideas, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and working tirelessly for others.

As one of the Preppiest Colleges, Vanderbilt’s connected park-like campus in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, represents the eternal links that unite as One Vanderbilt.

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6. Duke University:

In terms of academics, athletics, and worldwide reach, Duke University is one of the best institutions in the South, if not the nation. At Duke, you can design your educational journey.

It’s simple to combine majors, minors, and certificates to help you live your desired life rather than earn credentials.

Moreover, their work emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches, including research and instruction.

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7. Trinity College:

Trinity is a leading international research university and a world leader in various fields, including nanotechnology, information technology, immunology, mathematics, engineering, psychology, politics, and English.

Trinity students have an excellent standard of living. Students often adore the school due to the strong sense of community fostered on campus.

As one of the preppy colleges, most students reside on campus or near campus, contributing to the community feel. On-campus accommodation is great and is constantly being upgraded.

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8. Pepperdine University:

Pepperdine University is a Christian institution dedicated to academic excellence and Christian values, where students are equipped for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

Pepperdine University, often regarded as one of the preppy colleges and most beautiful locations to study is a place where you are encouraged to learn while also learning to inspire.

The university provides difficult programs, great resources, and endless possibilities to pursue your chosen field of study.

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9. Williams College:

Williams College embodies all of the characteristics that distinguish liberal arts universities as the global gold standard—small classrooms, attentive faculty, and a tight-knit community.

Its famous teaching and research programs distinguish the school. Williams is one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country. It’s an excellent school for pre-med students.

Medical schools prioritize variety in their admissions classes, which includes students from minor liberal arts universities.

10. The University of Virginia:

The University of Virginia is a world-renowned research university with nationally rated schools and programs, a varied and outstanding faculty, and a major academic medical center.

Student self-government, a devotion to the arts, and a strong NCAA Division I athletics program strengthen the University’s community and culture.

As one of the nation’s finest public universities and preppy colleges, UVA always pushes the envelope for the greater good.

Unwavering devotion to initiatives that expand, improve, and shape our institution for the future makes this possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Preppiest Colleges in the US

What college has the happiest students?

University of California, Berkeley.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Clemson University.
Rice University.
Auburn University

What makes a girl preppy?

Girls who identify as “preppy” tend to be intelligent, stylish, and upbeat. Confidence in classic, time-tested styles is a key component of the preppy aesthetic. As a preppy female, you should walk tall, talk with authority, and revel in your individuality.

What is the Girliest name?


Are Ivy Leagues preppy?

Ivy League style is a little more elegant and classy than the coastal roots of a preppy look.


The preppy lifestyle encompasses the clothing, activities, attitudes, and ideas associated with a privileged lifestyle and an expensive higher education.

They attend or send their children to affluent schools, preparatory schools, and Ivy League colleges primarily located in the Northeastern United States.

Although the Ivy League’s exclusivity peaked in the 1920s, preppy culture continues to thrive in the hallowed halls of the nation’s universities. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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