Star Canyon School of Nursing (About, Classes, Enrollment)

Star Canyon School of Nursing

Star Canyon School of Nursing (SCSN) has an objective to create compassionate and competent professionals capable of excellence and ethical practice in the field of nursing and client care in the state of Arizona.

About Star Canyon School of Nursing:

Star Canyon School of Nursing was founded in 2007 by Michael Ayodele, Ed. D and Regina Ayodele, RN, with a Christian mission of improving basic patient care training in the Valley.

They aim to promote diversity, skilled hands-on care, body-mechanics proficiency, client privacy, and client dignity during care.

From their earliest beginnings, they have placed a special focus on the patient perspective in emphasizing that students should not only possess technical skills and knowledge but also understand perspectives different from their own.

They pride themselves on their rigorous hands-on skills training, which focuses on body mechanics, high-risk transfers, and preserving privacy/dignity.

Their open lab operates nearly round-the-clock and has been often used for State testing. More so, they allow their students to schedule lab practice 6 days a week.

Requirements of Star Canyon School of Nursing Admission

  • A high school diploma/GED or comparable foreign or vocational training is required.
  • Applicants must be physically capable of doing basic patient care chores such as assisting patients who require lifting, washing, pushing, and pulling.
  • You should be able to communicate effectively.
  • Candidates must not have had any criminal convictions in the three years before to applying.

Classes at Star Canyon School of Nursing:

They offer the following classes:

  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • CNA English and Math tutoring, and
  • HESI A2 tutoring.

More so, four hours of lecture, four days a week for five weeks and eight hours of clinical, 1-2 days a week for four weeks make up CNA classes. The course is five weeks long in total.

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Enrollment into Star Canyon School of Nursing:

Enrollment into the school of nursing is a straightforward process, all you need is to fill out the Pre-Enrollment Form. The form includes First name, Last name, Street, City, Zip, e-mail, and many more.

If you have completed and signed all of the accessible enrollment forms, your enrollment is complete.

You can verify that you did the appropriate thing by visiting the institution during business hours and speaking with the employees.

Moreover, you will receive a code when you have completed your application and uploaded it, which you must save in order to confirm your file submission.

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Star Canyon School of Nursing Course Fees

The entire cost of CNA/LNA classes is $1,250 per candidate, which includes textbooks and clinical supplies.

If you are not a CNA or LNA, the total fee per candidate is $499, which includes a food handlers card. The total cost of CPR lessons is $30 per candidate, which includes a pocket mask.

School Website:

The school of nursing is


Sunnyslope Mountain overlooks the Star of Canyon School of Nursing, which is located south of the southwest corner of Dunlap and Central Avenue.

Moreover, it’s located behind Sunnyslope High School, and registration takes place in Suite 107 most of the time. Hands-on care is provided, and the school encourages diversity, client privacy, and dignity.

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