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Alabama Homeschool laws (A-Z Guide)4 min read

Alabama as a city, requires every child from the age of 6 – 17 to attend school. There are Alabama Homeschool laws for parents that decide to homeschool their child instead of going to a public school. These laws help a child in Alabama get adequate education while growing.

If you have already registered your child into homeschool and want to continue homeschooling, you need to send a withdrawal notice of your intention to homeschool to the school to avoid truancy charges, which is a serious case in Alabama and the US as a whole.

Three Options to Homeschool in Alabama:

According to Alabama Homeschool laws, you can homeschool in Alabama using these three options:

  • Homeschooling with a Church school
  • Homeschooling with a Private School
  • A Private Tutor Homeschooling.

Homeschooling with a Church School:

Notice of Intent:

While your child starts homeschooling according to Alabama Homeschool laws, you need to file a church school enrollment certificate to the superintendent of the district in which you reside so that it will be noted that your child is going through education and avoiding truancy charges.

Unlike according to Montana homeschool laws where it is filed annually, it is not filed annually in Alabama.

Homeschool Regulations:

Here, the church controls the number of days to homeschool and the necessary qualifications needed to homeschool a child. It’s best that before you enroll in a church school according to Alabama Homeschool laws that you understand their homeschooling rules and regulations, with the fees.

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Record Keeping:

The headteacher takes an attendance register of every child every day and how long the homeschool study took. Immunization records also provide the student’s health records to the superintendent of the district.

Homeschooling with a Private School:

Notice of Intent:

Just like that of a church school, you need to inform the superintendent of the district. It is done five days after the start of the homeschool by the private school, submitting the names and addresses of the students.

Record Keeping:

An attendance register helps to keep track of every school of the year. Also, the immunization laws of Alabama follow that “Immunization is offered to all kids in Alabama to avoid diseases,” and the records are kept for the superintendent.

Subjects to be taught in Alabama Homeschool:

Here are the list of subjects according to Alabama Homeschool laws:

  • English Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education – This is a very important subject in Alabama for the daily life of a child.
  • Health Education
  • Career Preparedness
  • Language
Recording Keeping in Alabama:

In the private homeschool, it is done by keep track of the following:

  • List of textbook used during the course of learning.
  • The curriculum used (You are allowed to use any curriculum of your choice)
  • Test records and quizzes.

Alabama Homeschool laws are easy for everyone to follow.

Alabama Homeschool laws(A-Z Guide)

Homeschooling by a Private Tutor:

Here, the tutor should be certified in Alabama to ascertain the knowledge passed across to the student. He/she should teach using the public school method of teaching, showing the required primary subjects, and following an excellent curriculum that the child can understand.

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How long will the Private Tutor teach:

With the Alabama Homeschool laws, the teacher should teach at least 3 hours a day for at least 140 days between the same time as that of public school(8:00 am – 4:00 pm).

Record keeping by a Private Tutor:

The record-keeping helps the tutor to know the subjects he/she taught the students and the time taken during each subject. Some tutors can decide to use a Homeschool tracker to make it easier for them because the homeschool tracker has provisions for keying in the subjects taught, grades, and the curriculum used.

The superintendent of the district where you reside will need all this information in record-keeping. Also, it will be required when the parents of the child decide to stop homeschooling and move into a Public school.

Final tips on Alabama Homeschool laws:

Homeschooling in Alabama is relaxed if you follow the above-stated rules. Although Homeschooling has Pros and Cons in Alabama, it is fruitful to homeschool your child in Alabama.

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