AT&T Scholarship (About, Eligibility, Requirements) 2022

AT&T Scholarship

AT&T offers the opportunity for students to acquire the most in-demand technological skills.

The AT&T Scholarships provide hands-on training in programming, full-stack development, and business analysis for AT&T non-profit contributors.

Individuals awarded with the AT&T Scholarship will complete a portfolio of projects that showcase the expertise of vital technology abilities.

What is the Mission of AT&T?

AT&T’s commitment is in developing education, generating opportunities, improving lives, and developing communities.

AT&T Connected Learning is a multi-year dedication to bridge the digital divide and close the homework gap ensuring that today’s students are provided with resources, skills programs, and success opportunities in life, as well as at their educational institutions. 

Since 2008, AT&T has given out $600 million to programs that assist countless students in all 50 states in the United States and various other countries in the world, especially those in underdeveloped communities. 

AT&T’s Solution 

The AT&T Scholarship generates skill upgrading opportunities for communities that are not well represented and equip them with the skills many tech companies require today.

The tech industry encompasses some of the fastest growing and most in-demand professions to this day. However, representation in these organizations lags. 

AT&T is dedicated to empowering underrepresented communities and offering opportunities for those who would not have had them.

AT&T hopes to develop the skills of the workforce and improve technological diversity by partnering with non-profit organizations such as: 

  • Girls Who Code
  • Year Up
  • Khan Academy
  • Tassel Turn
  • America Needs You
  • Scholar Shot 
  • Code the Dream
  • SER 
  • Black Girls Code
  • Per Scholas 
  • All-Star Code
  • Career Village 
  • Liveable 
  • iMentor
  • Urban Alliance
  • NAF
  • Guitars over Guns 

AT&T will award 175 Nano degree program scholarships. They also expose awardees to skills relevant to top tech companies, professional growth, and support for career resources. 

What is the AT&T Scholarship? 

AT&T, in collaboration with its partner Udacity will offer 175 Nano degree Scholarships to individuals from underrepresented communities to develop cutting-edge technological skills, skills that are in demand in the tech industry, and practical skills. 

Who can Apply for the AT&T Scholarship? 

Everyone who has attained 18 and over is eligible to apply for the AT&T Scholarship but must reside in the United States.

Recipients of the AT&T Scholarship need to invest approximately 5 to 10 hours every week during the Nano degree programs.

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Are there Prerequisites for the AT&T Scholarship?

Business Analytics:

There are no prerequisites for registration other than fundamental computer skills and knowledge of the English language.

Be relaxed when carrying out fundamental operations on your personal computers, like opening applications, folders, and files, as well as simple commands like copying and pasting.

Introduction to Programming:

No prior coding knowledge is required. You will need basic computer skills such as using a web browser, running programs, and managing files.

Be self-motivated and passionate about programming. No matter how well organized the program is, learning programming takes hours of study, experimentation, and practice.

To succeed in this program, you must meet your deadlines and devote at least 10 hours per week to your studies. You must be able to communicate professionally in both spoken and written English.

Full Stack Web Developer:

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Python beginner-level experience.
  • Familiarity with front-end website development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Hands-on training with Git version control.
  • Participation in this program requires constant adherence to deadlines and dedicating at least 10 hours each week to work.
  • You must have excellent communication skills. Being able to communicate fluently and professionally in spoken and written English.
  • An internet-connected PC where you can install a code/text editor (Atom or VSCode) and virtual machines (Vagrant and Virtual Box).
  • You have the will to add value to the program’s success, including collaborating with other students and providing AT&T with feedback on how they can improve.

Previous Experience Desired: 

  • You have completed an object-oriented course in Python programming.
  • You have tried to create server-side applications some time ago and want to learn how it is done professionally.

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The Different AT&T Scholarships

AT&T Foundation Scholarships:

AT&T Foundation gives scholarships to students pursuing college courses and military academies in the United States.

$1,500 is awarded to students enrolled in two-year colleges; those attending a four-year college will be awarded $2,500, and others attending military academies will get one-time funding of $2,000. 

The Women of AT&T National Scholarship: 

This AT&T scholarship program awards scholarships to eligible students attending or will soon attend a tertiary institution. A female AT&T member has to sponsor each candidate.

Every year, the Scholarship Committee decides the number of scholarship recipients and the amount based on the availability of funds.

AT&T Savings Scholarship:

This scholarship is open to soon-to-be freshmen in college and all other college students of all levels. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Incoming freshman applicants must have passed the ACT or SAT; obtain a high school diploma or GED, and enroll at an accredited two or four-year college or university for the fall.

To partake in this scholarship competition, applicants must write a 300-500 words article that answers a question and post it on their blog or website.  

AT&T Internet and Education Scholarship: 

Applicant must be a current college student with a GPA of a minimum of 2.5 on a 4-point scale and must have passed the SAT or ACT.

The candidate must also be on the verge of obtaining a high school diploma or a GED in the year in which the scholarship would be awarded.

Keep checking up on the Application Link for updates.


Note that all AT&T Scholarships are free to apply for and do not require a fee of any form from its candidates.

Check out the above-listed AT&T Scholarships and apply for whichever best suits you.

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