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The Roman Catholic Church is the parent organization of what is referred to as “Catholic colleges,” which provide a unique education in the intellectual tradition, theology, and spiritual direction of the Catholic Church.

So, it is safe to say that all colleges that are referred to as “Catholic colleges” are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

Loyola University Chicago, Dominican University, and Lewis University are three well-known Catholic colleges that may be found in Illinois.

Illinois is home to a number of different Catholic colleges, which together have a total enrollment of about 61,000 students.

Explore the following list to find a Catholic college that is a good fit for you.

Are Catholic Colleges Worth It?

Catholic colleges equip students with the spiritual tools, values, and information they’ll need to succeed in a secular world.

The decision of which college to attend should not be taken lightly, since statistics and scientific evidence show that students are profoundly impacted by their college experience.

Catholic schools are known for their commitment to educating the whole child, including their social and emotional development, as well as their spiritual and physical growth, and their exposure to new and diverse cultural experiences.

Being ready for life, and not just a life of work is what matters most.

Catholic Colleges In Illinois

1. Loyola University Chicago

This institution is a private Catholic research institution in the United States that is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Loyola University Chicago is one of the largest Catholic universities in the United States and a significant contributor to the city of Chicago’s economic and cultural capital.

It was established in 1870 by the Jesuits.

Loyola’s professional schools have been responsible for the education of several generations’ worth of local business and civic leaders.

The Loyola University Medical Center, which is nationally recognized, is the anchor for Loyola’s distinguished programs in medicine, nursing, and the health sciences.

Loyola is comprised of eleven different colleges and institutions, and it provides more than 80 undergraduate programs in addition to 140 graduate and professional programs for its nearly 16,000 students.

In addition to its school in Rome and its guest programs in Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City, Loyola University Chicago has six campuses spread out around the greater Chicago metropolitan region.

The Lake Shore Campus is located eight miles north of the Loop in Chicago’s Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods, along the shores of Lake Michigan.

2. Lewis University

Lewis University is a private institution that features both undergraduate and graduate levels of study.

This university is one of the Catholic Colleges In Illinois.

The Roman Catholic faith is the one with which the institution’s religious affiliation is associated.

In the most recent statistical year, a total of 6,458 potential students applied for admission, but only 4,266 were ultimately accepted.

There are approximately 6,800 students enrolled here at this time.

More than 80 undergraduate majors and areas of study, 22 graduate programs, and accelerated programs for working people are all available to students at Lewis University.

3. Benedictine University

Benedictine University is a Roman Catholic, private university that can be found in the town of Lisle, which is located in the state of Illinois.

St. Procopius Abbey’s Benedictine monks established the institution in 1887 as St. Procopius College in the Pilsen neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago.

The institution has maintained its close ties with the Benedictine Order, which is known as the “Father of Western Monasticism” and was founded by Saint Benedict (480–543 A.D.).

The Benedictine Order bears the name of St. Benedict.

Within the greater Chicago metropolitan area, the university can be found in close proximity to two national research facilities: Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Students have access to a wide variety of internship and career possibilities as a result of the university’s position in the East-West Tollway region.

Both Benedictine University at Springfield, located in Springfield, Illinois, and Benedictine University at Mesa, which is located in Mesa, Arizona, are two of the institution’s branch campuses.

4. Saint Xavier University

The Sisters of Mercy established Saint Xavier University in 1846 as a prestigious, private, coeducational university with a four-year curriculum.

Saint Xavier University is Chicago’s oldest Catholic university and the first Mercy College in the United States.

Saint Xavier University is routinely ranked among the top educational institutions in the Midwestern United States.

5. DePaul University

DePaul University is a private university located in the city of Chicago, Illinois. This university is one of the Catholic Colleges In Illinois.

The Vincentians established this institution in 1898, and it got its name from a priest who served in France in the 17th century named Saint Vincent de Paul.

In 1998, it became the Catholic institution in the United States with the highest number of students enrolled. DePaul University, following in the footsteps of its founders, places a particular emphasis on recruiting students who are the first generation in their families to attend college, as well as students from other underprivileged backgrounds.

Lincoln Park and the Loop are home to DePaul University’s two primary campuses.

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Science and Health, and the College of Education are all located on the Lincoln Park Campus.

Additionally, the School of Music, the School of Theatre, and the John T. Richardson Library are also located here.

The College of Communication, the College of Computing and Digital Media, the College of Law, as well as the School of Public Service, and the School for New Learning, are all located on the Loop campus.

Due to the fact that the institution has over 7,600 graduate and law students in addition to approximately 16,000 undergraduate students, it is the largest private university in the state of Illinois as well as the thirteenth largest private university in the United States.

The student body is comprised of individuals from over 60 different nations, representing a diverse range of religious, cultural, and geographical origins.

6. Quincy University

Quincy University is a relatively small private institution that has been in operation for four decades and provides education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Roman Catholic faith is the one with which the institution’s religious affiliation is associated.

In the most recent statistical year, 1,223 potential students applied for admission, and 821 of them were ultimately accepted.

There are 967 students registered at the school who attend full-time, and 306 students attend part-time.

Because of the high level of competition for admission to Quincy University (which is 67%), you should treat the preparation of your application with the seriousness it deserves.

Even forgetting a single insignificant point could be enough for this institution to put your application in the “reject” queue.

7. Dominican University

Dominican University, located in River Forest, Illinois, is a Catholic institution of higher education and research that offers comprehensive education to its students.

In addition to a doctorate degree, it is possible to get a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a variety of certificates at this institution.

Dominican University’s Rosary College of Arts and Sciences is home to more than 50 different undergraduate majors, in addition to 20 different graduate programs spread across five different academic divisions.

These graduate programs include library and information science, business, the school of education, and social work.

Dominican also offers professional and continuing education through its School of Professional and Continuing Studies.

Dominican University is well known for its undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences as well as its several graduate programs in practice-oriented fields such as business and education.

This university is considered by US News and World Report to be among the best master’s-level universities in the Midwest.

8. University of St. Francis

The University of St. Francis is a relatively small, private, four-year institution that provides education at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

This Catholic college can be found in Joliet, Illinois.

The Roman Catholic faith is the one with which the institution’s religious affiliation is associated.

In the most recent data year, there were a total of 1,917 potential students who applied, and there were only 1,152 spots available.

There are 1,559 students attending the school on a full-time basis, and 1,970 students attend on a part-time basis.

The in-state tuition for the academic year 2020–2021 is $35,000, and there are no additional fees. The CollegeSimply.com 2022 U.S.

Colleges Ranking places the University of St. Francis in position 369 among all colleges and universities in the United States.

Because only 60% of those who apply are ultimately admitted to the University of Saint Francis, the level of competition to get in there is extremely high.

It is in your best interest to submit your application as early as possible; under no circumstances should you wait until the last possible moment to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Catholic Colleges in Illinois

What is the highest-ranked Catholic university?

The highest-ranked Catholic university in the United States is the University of Notre Dame.

How many Catholic universities are there in Illinois?

There are eight Catholic colleges and universities in Illinois.

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Earning a degree in business can improve one’s earnings, career chances, and financial security. It’s a smart move for your career, both today and in the long run. It’s up to you to locate an appropriate business degree program.

What is the minimum GPA required to major in business?

In most cases, a grade point average of 3.0 or more is considered satisfactory. But the definition of a strong GPA varies from business school to business school.


Undergraduate and graduate students in the state of Illinois who are interested in pursuing academics that are accredited or possibly affiliated with the Catholic religion have a variety of options available to them.

They have the option of attending any of the Catholic colleges in the state of Illinois that were discussed in the paragraphs above.

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