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NAIA Schools In Indiana: The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is the governing body for lesser-known collegiate sports programs that use athletics to foster desirable character traits among student bodies.

This body sets rules for college sports so that they don’t get in the way of students’ studies. They also put a lot of value on academic success. More so, the NAIA Schools in Indiana are about 19 different schools.

This article will shed more light on the nineteen schools in Indiana that are part of the NAIA; admission requirements for getting into these schools; how long it will take to graduate from these prestigious schools; and some tips on how student-athletes can make the most of NAIA schools.

Admission requirements for NAIA schools in Indiana 

NAIA Schools In Indiana

How long does it take to complete NAIA schools in Indiana?

Bachelor’s degrees at NAIA schools in Indiana can be earned in four years, while master’s degrees take an extra year or two.

NAIA Schools in Indiana

Indiana has nineteen institutions in the NAIA; they are:

1. Bethel University (Mishawaka, IN):

Bethel University’s intercollegiate athletic teams are called the Pilots.

The athletics department at Bethel University aims to transform student-athletes lives with a faith-centred approach to athletics competitions.

The athletics department equips its student-athletes to be servant leaders who positively influence their teams, the school community, and the world.

They help student-athletes do well in their classes and prepare them for a career in the field of their choice.

2. Calumet College of St. Joseph

Calumet College of St. Joseph is a Catholic college committed to its students’ spiritual, academic, and moral development. The college is one of the top NAIA schools in Indiana.

The college promotes basic social justice, the dignity of all people, servant leadership, opportunities, students getting jobs, and learning for life.

More so, the college offers students both academic and co-curricular programs. It aims to develop students who will commit their lives to serving others and actively engage in the struggle for social justice.

3. Goshen College (Goshen, IN)

Goshen College is an Anabaptist-Mennonite college aiming to reshape the lives of its campus community to be innovative, resilient, and compassionate leaders.

The athletics department mixes real-world sporting experience with academic success.

The Goshen athletic teams that participate in intercollegiate sports are called the Maple Leafs and primarily compete in the Crossroads League.

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The Maple Leafs also compete in the US Highway 20 Cup, a rivalry between Goshen College and Bethel University.

4. Grace College (Winona lake, IN)

Grace College is an institution that is affiliated with the evangelical Christian community. The college aims to sharpen skills, improve mental health, and prepare students for service and leadership.

The athletics department plays a major part in the college’s academic mission and student development. Grace College’s athletics teams are called the Lancers and primarily compete in the Crossroads League.

Grace College is also a National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) member. In the NCCAA, Grace College competes in the Midwest region of the level 1 division.

5. Holy Cross College (Notre Dame, IN)

The athletics department at Holy Cross College aims to develop its students’ mind, body, and spirit. The college is one of the top NAIA schools in Indiana.

The department strives for success in its academic programs and athletic excellence, fostering social and spiritual growth.

More so, the athletic teams that compete in intercollegiate sports at Holy Cross College are called the Saints. The Saints compete primarily in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAC).

6. Huntington University (Huntington, IN)

Huntington University is a liberal arts institution with a strong affiliation with the United Brethren in Christ Church in the United States.

The university is ranked as one of Indiana’s best Christian liberal arts universities. The university’s rigorous curriculum helps student-athletes achieve academic and athletic excellence.

The athletic department strives to develop student-athletes into leaders in their chosen discipline. The athletic teams at Huntington University are called the Foresters.

The Foresters compete in the Crossroads League in the NAIA and at the Midwest Region Division 1 level in the NCCAA.

7. Indiana Tech (Fort Wayne, IN)

Indiana Tech gives students some of the best education, preparing them for active involvement, career development, and leadership opportunities worldwide.

The institution aims to equip its students by boosting their knowledge, building their skills, and aiding them to achieve their potential and rightly impact their world through academics and athletics.

8. Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus (Columbus, IN)

Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) provides its students with an individualized experience in the classroom and athletics. The university is one of the top NAIA schools in Indiana.

The athletic teams of the IUPUC are called the ‘Crimson Pride’, and they majorly compete as an NAIA independent in the Continental Athletic Conference. 

9. Indiana University East (Richmond, IN)

The athletics department at Indiana University East provides student-athletes with quality athletic experience, academic experience, and servant leadership skills needed to succeed in their desired careers.

The university’s athletic teams are called the Red Wolves, and they majorly compete in the River States Conference.

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10. Indiana University Kokomo (Kokomo, IN)

Indiana University Kokomo strives to improve its students’ professional and educational accomplishments through research, innovative work, academics, and athletics while encouraging diversity and inclusion.

The athletic teams at Indiana University are called the Cougars and compete in the River States Conference.

11. Indiana University Northwest (Gary, IN)

Indiana University Northwest aims to improve the lives of its diverse students through academic, athletic, social, economic, and cultural development.

The athletics department empowers student-athletes to be active citizens, applying their skills to positively changing the world.

The university’s athletic teams are called the Redhawks, and they majorly compete in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference.

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12. Indiana University Southeast (New Albany, IN)

Indiana University Southeast offers students top-quality academic programs that prepare them to be highly productive members of society. The university is one of the top NAIA schools in Indiana.

The university’s diverse community of intellectuals contributes to the economic and cultural advancement of the region.

The athletics department ensures that student-athletes are not only prepared for their academic journey but also their professional and athletic journey.

The intercollegiate athletic teams are called the Grenadiers and majorly compete in the River States Conference.

13. Indiana University-South Bend (South Bend, IN)

The athletics department at Indiana University South Bend provides conditions where student-athletes excel and develop necessary life and academic and athletic skills.

The university’s intercollegiate athletic teams are called the Titans, and they majorly compete in the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference.

14. Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, IN)

The athletics department at Indiana Wesleyan aims to transform its student-athletes for Christ through its intercollegiate athletics program, supporting academic success, spiritual maturity, athletic achievement, and leadership growth.

The intercollegiate athletic teams are called the Wildcats, and they majorly compete in the Crossroads League.

In contrast, the football team competes in the Mid-States Football Association, and the women’s swimming team competes in the Mid-South Conference.

15. Marian University (Indianapolis, IN)

Marian University is a Catholic university affiliated with the Franciscan order. The university aims to provide its students with quality teaching, learning, and research opportunities in the liberal arts.

The athletics department is dedicated to developing student-athletes who are the best at what they do.

The intercollegiate athletic teams are called the Knights, and they majorly compete in the Crossroads League, while their football team competes in the Mid-States Football Association. 

16. Oakland City University (Oakland City, IN)

The athletics department at Oakland University aims to help student-athletes excel academically and personally through athletics. The university’s athletic teams are called the Mighty Oaks. 

17. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN)

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a Catholic church-affiliated college to develop its students to be critical thinkers, exhibit leadership skills, and be a force for change through excellence in academics, spirituality, and athletics.

The athletics department is student-centred, developing student-athletes to be leaders in their sports, communities, and the world.

The collegiate athletic teams are called the Pomeroys, mainly competing in the River States Conference.

18. Taylor University (Upland, IN)

Taylor University aims to produce servant-leaders inspired by the school’s mission of blending learning with faith. The university is one of the top NAIA schools in Indiana.

The athletics department acts in line with the university’s mission by developing student-athletes who are servant-leaders both on and off the field.

The major athletic team of the university are called the Trojans, and they compete in the Crossroads League. 

19. University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne, IN)

The University of Saint Francis is a Catholic university with a Franciscan tradition of faith and reason. The university has a diverse student and staff community devoted to leadership, learning, and service.

The athletics department is devoted to student-athlete excellence on and off the field.

The intercollegiate athletic teams of the university are called the Cougars, and they majorly compete in the Crossroads League, while the football team competes in the Mid-States Football Association.

Tips for excelling in NAIA Schools

1. Work with a schedule 

Making and sticking to a daily or weekly schedule might help a college athlete get into a rhythm.

When you have a lot on your plate, it can be difficult to stay on track and be responsible, but having precise due dates and warnings at your disposal might help.

When you have a plan laid out, it’s much easier to concentrate on your schoolwork and sports practice without becoming worked up.

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2. Familiarize with your professors 

Remember to introduce yourself to your professors. Tell them just how packed your schedule is. Stop by your instructor’s office if you have any questions or issues.

3. Master time management 

If there’s one piece of advice you take away from this article as a student-athlete, make it this: learn how to manage your time effectively. Any student-athlete can benefit from that guidance.

Time management skills allow you to set priorities and get things done on time. Once you master the art of time management, you’ll feel prepared to take on any obstacle you face.

4. Make use of campus resources. 

Most NAIA colleges have a large number of student-athletes within their student body. As a result, a vast selection of resources will probably be at your disposal.

The campus offers several services to help students succeed, such as writing labs, libraries, archives, and peer tutoring.

In addition, coaches and advisors for student-athletes collaborate with teams throughout campus to strengthen the networks of positive support for the athletes.

Mentors play a vital role in fostering the academic and athletic success of student-athletes. Don’t be reticent to use these resources, as they will likely be supplied at no cost to you.

5. Join a study group

Finding a study partner may be a big help in improving both your learning and academic performance.

Whether attempting to finish an assignment or studying for a test, having a friend to rely on may be beneficial.

Having a classmate as a study partner could be a great way to ensure you and your fellow students stay on track with your academic and extracurricular goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions on NAIA Schools In Indiana 

Is NAIA still NCAA?

College sports are run by two different groups: the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The NCAA is in charge of running about 1200 schools.

What do NAIA athletes get?

NAIA schools are smaller and occasionally private, therefore they’re like NCAA Division II schools. Over 90% of NAIA colleges give athletic scholarships. More so, average athlete financial aid is $7,000, or 10-20% of tuition.

Can you go from D3 to D1?

If you play baseball, basketball, football, or men’s ice hockey and you go from a D3 or D2 school to a D1 school, you need to know the division terms. You’ll probably have to wait a year, which wouldn’t be the case if you switched between D2 and D3 colleges.

What’s the difference between NAIA and junior college?

Junior and community college conferences are smaller than NAIA and NCAA. Two-year programs allow players to study and play for two years before transferring to a four-year NAIA or NCAA program.


Indiana is home to some of the NAIA’s finest institutions. Educational opportunities for student-athletes are provided through cutting-edge classroom technology.

These elite universities produce student-athletes who compete at the highest levels of collegiate athletics. Students interested in enrolling at these schools must meet the admissions requirements detailed here.

If you’re a student-athlete looking to attend an NAIA school, Indiana has 19 of the best options.

Successful athletes, on the other hand, must push themselves to their limits to achieve excellence, stick to a regular training schedule, and eat well. 

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