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Expedited Nigerian Visa – Details2 min read

You have a trip to Nigeria in a short period of time but don’t have the visa to meet up with the trip, I think you need an Expedited Nigerian Visa. It is usually done by a certified travel agency that can get you your visa in a short time.

The word Expedited means “something or a process happening faster than expected”. Then the opposite will be Delay or wait.

One of the embassies that expedite visa is the Washington DC embassy and the visa is shipped to you by the travel agency you applied through, using a good shipping company like FedEx.

You can get an expedited Nigerian visa in these types of Visas:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Non-tourist visa
  3. Official Visa
  4. Nigeria Crew Visa

Expedited Nigerian Visa Washington DC Embassy:

Let’s take Passport Visa Express or Travel Visa Pro, for instance, their step by step guide helps an applicant to apply, providing the necessary tips to provide accuracy in the application.

Their cost for Expedited Diplomatic Visa is $129 plus the consular fees that are used for diplomatic purposes. This application process applies to the official visa and other types of visas.

In applying through Passport Visa Express, here is how it works:

  • Order Online
  • Follow their step by step Instructions
  • Forward your application to them
  • Your visa will be shipped back to you in a short while.

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Expedited Nigerian Visa appointment:

In the case of an unforeseen travel, you can qualify for an Expedited Nigerian Visa appointment at the US embassy depending on the circumstance with proof of urgency of request like Invitation letter.

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Make the necessary payments and your appointment is set.

Final tips:

Visa processing can be stressful at times due to many people applying; so its best you apply for a visa on time.

If the time for reason to travel with your visa reaches, and you haven’t got your visa, you can expedite the visa directly at the consulate or any good travel agency.

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