5 Best Flight Schools in New Jersey (Req., Duration, FAQs)

Piloting is, without a doubt, one of the best careers in the world at the moment. However, to become a pilot, you must complete a flight school.

New Jersey is home to some of the best flight schools in the world.

It does not matter whether you want to acquire a pilot education for the very first time or you want to acquire further knowledge and skills; the flight schools in New Jersey have got you covered.

This post will discuss the best flight schools in New Jersey after it has gone through a series of information regarding this career pathway.

Is Becoming a Pilot Worth it?

Becoming a pilot is a decision that one will never regret.

This profession offers a unique work environment, the opportunity to acquire essential skills, and a window for understanding geography and how seasons change with time.

Also, the pilot is a great profession because it comes with an attractive income that will always increase with experience.

This profession offers many work varieties and makes perfect sense for anyone who loves to travel around different parts of the world.

Furthermore, pilots receive travel discounts for their family and friends; the work schedule is flexible, and it is an excellent career choice for anyone who loves to meet and interact with new people consistently.

Piloting is a rewarding profession that offers more personal and professional growth opportunities than most jobs.

What is the Cost of Attending a Flight School in New Jersey?

The average cost of attending a flight school in New Jersey is about $22,000. However, the cost of education differs according to the type of training.

Requirements For Flight Schools in New Jersey

Here are the requirements for attending any flight school in New Jersey:

What is the Duration of Flight Schools in New Jersey?

To obtain an airline pilot certification from any school in New Jersey, one must accumulate up to 1,500 hours of flight time which is achievable within two years.

What are the Best Flight Schools in New Jersey?

Below is the list of the best flight schools in New Jersey that are highly recommended both for people that want to acquire an entry-level pilot education and those that want to acquire advanced-level education:

1. Andover Flight Academy

Andover Flight Academy is one of the best flight schools in New Jersey. This school is perfect for anyone who wants to fly any plane.

The Andover Flight Academy’s learning syllabus is perfect for aspiring pilots, from flying tailwheel airplanes to big-sized jets.

Top-level experts with many years of practice and teaching coordinate lectures and practical training at this institution. Most of them have more than 10,000 hours of flight time.

Andover Flight Academy is the perfect place to acquire a tailwheel airplane flying education. This institution is globally renowned for this particular type of training.

Several aviation-related magazines recognize Andover Flight Academy. Their state-of-the-art learning facilities make the school a top place for flight training. 

2. Century Flight Academy

Century Flight Academy is another destination for acquiring quality flight education in New Jersey. This institution is the perfect place for anyone wanting to become a private or commercial pilot.

The school has earned a reputation as arguably the most prestigious aviation school in the Northeast.

This school offers instrument, private, flight instructor, airline transport, career pilot, commercial, and multi-engine training programs.

Century Flight Academy has several simulator and aircraft training programs for several aircraft types. It also offers professional aircraft management and pilot services courses.

The experienced instructors that handle the flight programs at Century Flight Academy enable the school to provide structured and top-class training.

Century Flight Academy provides top-notch academic facilities; this school is the perfect place for people to achieve their academic goals.

3. Air Feet Training Systems

Air Feet Training Systems is one of the best flight schools in New Jersey. This school is perfect for anyone wanting to become a private or commercial pilot.

This institution boasts several instructors that have a good level of knowledge in the aviation industry.

Air Feet Training Systems offer a wide range of Private, Instrument, and Commercial training Training and advanced professional courses like Multi-Enginer certification, CFI, ATP, and CFII.

Furthermore, Air Feet Training Systems students receive advanced aircraft training thanks to the presence of a top-notch Redbird FMX flight simulator.

This school has produced more than 3,000 students since the commencement of its training program over 30 years ago.

Most of their instructors are bilingual, which makes the program perfect for students who cannot speak English fluently.

Air Feet Training Systems instructors are committed to mentoring and teaching students to become well-trained pilots.

4. Aero Safety Training

Aero Safety Training is another exclusive addition to this list. This school is the perfect place to achieve professional educational aviation goals.

They allow students to grow their skills and knowledge by practicing using a mini aircraft or simulation facilities.

Aero Safety Training School offers the following pilot training programs; recreational, instrument, private, and commercial training programs.

Their simulation facilities are one of the best in New Jersey. Aero Safety Training School is another institution that deserves its place among the best flight schools in New Jersey.

5. Elite Flight Training School

Elite Flight Training School is one of the best flight schools in New Jersey. This institution trains students to operate modern aircraft.

Students that enroll in the flight training program that Elite Flight Training School offers receive top-notch education facilitated by the presence of Airport Transport Pilots with thousands of flight hours that serve as instructors.

All of them have a record of providing world-class teaching experiences.

Elite Flight Training School has several top-class learning facilities for flight education. Their first-class simulation labs enable students to practice what they learn before flying their first aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Flight Schools in New Jersey

What is the cheapest place for flight training?

The Philippines has several flight training schools that charge nominal fees compared to flight institutions in other parts of the world.

What are the top-ranking flight schools in the United States?

The best flight schools in the United States are the Florida Flyers Flight Academy, California Institute of Technology, the University of North Dakota, the United States Air Force Academy, Purdue University, and Western Michigan University.

What is the retirement age for pilots?

The retirement age for pilots in the United States is currently 65 years. However, Congress plans to increase it to 67 years in the coming months.

What is the minimum age for becoming a captain?

The rank of an aircraft captain can only be attained by someone above 23 years old with an Airline Transport Pilot License.

What are the least expensive pilot licenses?

The least expensive pilot licenses in the United States are Sports, recreational, and private pilot licenses.


Becoming a pilot is a career choice that will improve your life. This field provides a one-of-a-kind workplace experience, access to crucial learning opportunities, and a window onto the world.

In addition, being a pilot is a fantastic career choice because it offers a desirable salary that increases steadily with experience.

It is an ideal fit for someone who enjoys seeing the world and offers a wide range of possibilities for career growth.

However, anyone that wants to become a pilot must attend a flight academy. New Jersey is home to several prestigious aviation institutions.

The top New Jersey flight schools have been thoroughly discussed in this article.

In addition to the institutions above, New Jersey is home to three other excellent flying schools: Freeflight Aviation, Fischer Aviation, and Best In-Flight Aviation schools.

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