Top 3 Industrial Psychology Colleges In India (FAQs) | 2023

Industrial psychology is currently a top career path in the world.

This profession is currently in high demand all over the world.

Industrial psychologists make a lot of money because of the important role they play, and they are widely respected all over the world.

This career path has a lot of opportunities for growth and advancement, and it is a very satisfying job.

So, if you are interested in becoming an industrial psychologist in India, read on to find out what industrial psychology is all about, the role of industrial psychologists at the workplace, the top 3 industrial psychology colleges in India, and tips for excelling in your academics at any of those schools.

What is Industrial Psychology?

Industrial psychology is a field that focuses on the study of how people behave in their workplace.

This field also covers the study of a firm’s work ethics and processes and the development of policies that enhance the output of workers and the company as a whole.

Industrial psychologists are currently in high demand because companies that employ their services experience high employer performance improvements.

This is the major reason why most Fortune 500 companies have this position on their payroll.

The Role Of Industrial Psychologists In A Corporate Environment

Industrial psychologists play the following roles in a company:

1. Recruitment

Industrial psychologists help the human resource personnel within the company come up with recruitment plans that will facilitate the hiring of professionals who will excellently deliver the job expected of them.

They help write job opening announcements, figure out the most important qualifications for the job, and come up with the criteria that will be used to evaluate candidates.

2. Staff training and development

Industrial psychologists carry out job analyses to discover the skills that are needed for the job to be done efficiently.

The information and understanding that these professionals get from their assessments help them come up with training programs that are meant to give employees certain skills.

3. Employee satisfaction

Industrial psychologists are professionals who use their technical abilities to detect if the staff of an organization are happy or not.

They assess the welfare of staff and come up with several ways to improve the work environment and, if possible, enforce policies that will make the work easier for staff.

4. Performance assessment

Industrial psychologists are charged with the responsibility of carrying out performance assessments in the workplace.

They evaluate staff outputs, identify their skills gaps, and recommend some training and programs that will boost the performance of workers.

Industrial psychologists can also make suggestions to management about who should get a raise or a promotion based on what they learn when they evaluate the performance of employees.

5. Organizational development and management

Industrial psychologists are hired by corporations to look at how productive the company is and suggest ways for the management to make the company more productive.

Top 3 Industrial Psychology Colleges In India

1. Jain University, Bangalore

Jain University, Bangalore, is one of the best industrial psychology colleges in India.

This school exposes its students to a deep understanding of the aspects of psychology that are required in resolving behavioural issues encountered in a work environment.

The Master of Science in Psychology degree equips students with the knowledge they need to pursue a career in industrial psychology.

Students get to learn about scientific data and the problems that arise with processing difficult behaviour, especially among employees in a work environment.

Moreover, psychology students at Jain University in Bangalore are put through a series of exclusive workshops and training programs that empower them with the skills they need to become respected industrial psychologists.

Students are equipped with the knowledge of how to manage stressful situations in a difficult work environment and an understanding of the principles behind human memory and learning.

Jain University, Bangalore, is a school with several fully equipped libraries, state-of-the-art classrooms, and several top-notch student support services that provide students with world-class learning experiences.

If you want to study industrial psychology in India, you should think about going to Jain University in Bangalore.

2. Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology

Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology offers a 2-year Master of Science degree in Psychology.

Students at this school are taught using an academic curriculum that exposes them to the fundamentals of the field of industrial psychology.

The Master of Science in Psychology degree program at Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology is delivered by seasoned industry experts and professionals that are committed to the academic and professional development of students.

Psychology students at this prestigious university learn about the mind-body connection, the society-culture connection, and several other areas of knowledge that are important in the field of psychology.

Moreover, Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology is a school that invests a lot in research.

So, if you desire to enroll in a school that encourages research even in the field of industrial psychology, this school is a great choice for you.

3. Ferguson College, Pune

Ferguson College, Pune, is another school that deserves to make this list of the top 3 industrial psychology colleges in India.

Established in 1973, the department of psychology at this prestigious university has produced several renowned psychologists in India, and a good number of them major in industrial psychology.

Ferguson College, Pune, equips its psychology students with the knowledge of everything they need to know to become top-class psychologists.

This school empowers students with the ability to conduct counseling, which is a major skill in the field of psychology.

The psychology degree program at Ferguson College in Pune is handled by seasoned professors that have many years of industry experience but are still committed to reproducing students that will grow to become leaders in the field.

This school remains committed to the grooming of young people who can make huge impacts on society.

Ferguson College, Pune, is a leading institution for industrial psychology education in India.

Tips for studying industrial psychology in India

Here are some study tips that will guarantee academic excellence at the end of your program:

1. Attend all classes

Attending every class as an industrial psychology student in India will help you immensely.

Unlike other courses that you can still read and pass on your own, you can learn more about industrial psychology when you attend classes and gain a first-hand understanding of the various steps professionals take to make an impact in the field.

2. Read with your colleagues

Holding group discussions with your colleagues every day is a smart idea.

It offers you the opportunity to trade ideas and ask each other technical questions.

This way, you will get to learn more effectively.

3. Do all your homework

No matter how busy or exhausted you are at the end of each lesson day, always ensure that you do your homework and submit it before the deadline.

Even though homework carries special marks, most of the homework given to you by your professors will help boost your critical thinking as well as your analytical skills, which are valuable in the field of industrial psychology.

4. Make good use of the school’s learning resources

Most schools in India have top-class resources in place to provide you with all the professional and educational support you need to learn effectively.

As a result, make good use of it while studying.

5. Form a good relationship with your professors

Aim to establish good relationships with your professors at school.

All of this is for your own good because they can suggest internships that will give you enough experience in your field and give you the great letters of recommendation you need to get your dream scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Industrial Psychology Colleges In India

Is industrial psychology in demand in India?

Yes, industrial psychologists are one of the most sought-after professionals in India. This is due to their ability to assist companies in taking the appropriate human resource steps and improving employee performance.

What are the three Scopes of industrial psychology?

The three scopes of industrial psychology are industrial, organizational, and human factors. Industrial psychology focuses on providing a detailed description of job requirements and evaluating people that have the potential to satisfy such requirements.

Is industrial psychology one of the best-paying psychology jobs in India?

Yes, industrial psychology is one of the best-paying jobs in India. It is understood that they earn as much as 8 million Indian rupees every year in salaries alone. However, the salary of industrial psychologists in India differs according to their years of experience, location of work, and several other factors.


Industrial psychology is currently one of the best career pathways in the world.

It offers lots of advantages that cannot be enjoyed in several career fields.

India is home to some schools that have proven to be an ideal destination for industrial psychology students, and this article has done well to shed light on about three of the very best schools for industrial psychology education.

However, in addition to the three schools listed above, Amity University, Noida; Utkal University, Bhubaneswar; and Awadesh Pratap Singh University, Rewari, are three other schools that offer world-class industrial psychology education.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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