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I know you seek to travel to Nigeria for a specific reason, you need to write an invitation letter and send it to the embassy so that you will be granted a visa. But then, you don’t know how to go about the invitation letter and the requirements for it.

In this article I will explain to you what an invitation letter to Nigeria is, and how to get one for yourself.

What is an Invitation letter?

An invitation letter to Nigeria is a letter written or published by an individual or a company on your behalf seeking a visa for a specific purpose from the embassy of a nation.

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Why do you have to show an invitation letter?

You show an invitation letter to Nigeria to confirm you have a host who will take responsibility for you all the activities that you will do in the host country.

The letter should be written by an individual or a company stating the relationship between the visitor and the host and also the reason for visit.

Requirements of letter of Invitation from a Company:

A letter of Invitation coming from a company to an individual or a group of people must have the following:

  1. Company letterhead.
  2. Location and CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission)
  3. Phone number, email and their website address
  4. MUST include “that the company will take responsibility for the individual that is requesting a visa”.
  5. How long the individual will stay in the country.
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All these should be included in the letter of invitation to Nigeria and then sent via mail to the Visitor to be added to the visa application.

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Sample of Letter from a Travel Agency:

The Consulate of Nigeria
971 Francis Baard St, Arcadia
Pretoria 0007,
South Africa


Name of Visitor: *******
Passport No: *******
Nationality: South Africa
Date of Birth: *******
Address: *******
I would like to invite ******* in Nigeria for a duration of 20th June  – 27th June 2020.

The Purpose is to visit his loved ones and have a good time with them for a week.

I will bear responsibility for his immigration rules and regulations until she leaves the country and we appreciate that she is granted the necessary documents to get into the country.

Thank you.
Sponsor’s name – ********
Sponsor’s Signature – ********

Attached to this letter of invitation to Nigeria is a CAC of the company and their international Passport.


In getting a letter of Invitation to Nigeria, sometimes it is advisable to go through a travel agency that will give you the right format and the necessary things to put in your letter depending on your reason for the travel.

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