Lost Indian Passport in the USA

Lost Indian Passport in the USA? Quick Solution4 min read

It’s not the end of the world if you lost your Indian Passport in the USA, anyone can be a victim of it so don’t think or worry too much about it because there is a solution.

The passport could have fallen out of your bag or pocket due to a rush or maybe you lost a bag that contained the passport so I want you to take it easy with yourself.

Though your stay might be worrisome to you coupled with insecurities on how to go back to your country and the unnecessary charges and time that comes with it, but don’t worry I will show you an easy way to work things out.

This solution is applicable to if you lost your Indian Passport in Canada, US, Paris, Dubai and UK.

Step 1:

Reach out to the nearest Police station:

The Police have the power to confirm if you actually lost your Indian Passport in their country(USA), this is done when you visit them and file a complaint that you lost your passport, stating how the whole incident happened with every proof you can provide.

The police won’t just look into your case if you just walk up to the office stating that you lost your passport, you need to make them believe you actually lost your Indian passport.

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Then the police will give a report called “Proof of Loss of Passport” that will be used to apply for a new passport or seek an emergency certificate.

Step 2:

Reach out to the nearest Indian Consulate or Embassy:

The Indian Embassy in the United States will play a major role in helping you get a new visa for a safe travel back to India. It is headed by the Indian ambassador to the United States.

Location: 2107 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Cordinates: 38°54′40″N 77°2′49″W

After you just have reached out to the Indian embassy in the US, also reach out to your airline so that they can reschedule your flight back to India.

Step 3:

Start applying for a new Indian Passport in the US:

The next step is to apply for a new passport to replace the lost Indian Passport in US. Here are the requirements for a new Indian Passport:

  • Copy of your lost Passport( front and back pages)
  • Copy of Police report
  • Passport Photograph of 2 by 2 inches.
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Copy of US Visa

At the end of the application, you need to state why you need the passport. Then the passport will arrive to you in about a week or less.

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Lost Indian Passport in the USA? Quick Solution

Step 4:

What if I have an Emergency in India:

You’ve lost your Indian Passport in the US and can’t travel without it, but there is an alternative called “Emergency Certificate”, it is one-time document used in the case where you have to travel to Indian(Home) for a business trip or meeting that requires your presence . Thus you can apply for an Emergency Certificate.

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Note: After getting the Emergency certificate for Indian, you still need to apply for a Fresh passport to India to replace your Lost Indian passport in the US.

Here are the requirements for an Emergency Certificate:

  • Passport Photography of 2 by 2 inch.
  • Police report got from the file of complaint.
  • Copy of the your lost passport( front and back pages)

Then the Emergency Certificate will be sent to you.

More on Lost Indian Passport in the USA

When is a Passport said to be damaged?

A Passport is said to be damaged if its details like the name, passport number, and other valuable credentials can’t be seen well by the owner of the passport or the embassy.

What if I lose my Indian Passport again?

If you lose your Indian passport again without a backup, you will be subjected to questions and inquiries to really know how you lost your Indian Passport in the US and thus determine if you can be issued another one.

This leads to talking about Insurance for your Passport and a “back up Passport”

Insurance from your travel agency can cover the insecurities that come with losing your Passport in the US.

But the wholesome advice is to always have a duplicate of your passport in your bag in case you lose your main passport.

Here is how you do it:

  • Scan the front and Back pages of your passport
  • Get your passports at hand
  • Get a photocopy of all the essential documents needed for a journey.

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Final tips on getting a Lost Indian Passport in the USA:

Anyone can lose his/her passport through the course of a journey; thus it’s not the end of the world. The most important thing is to have the necessary documents to apply for a new one.

This also applies to “Lost Indian Passport in UK, Greece,Dubai etc”

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Thanks for reading this article. I hope it solved your problem.

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