New Mexico Homeschool Laws (A- Z Guide)

New Mexico Homeschool Laws (A- Z Guide)4 min read

Homeschooling in New Mexico is relaxed, following the straightforward New Mexico Homeschool Laws that have made the requirements favorable for everyone.

Unlike some other Homeschool laws like Mississippi Homeschool Laws, where you don’t need a qualification to homeschool your child, New Mexico requires you to have a High school Diploma to homeschool your child.

The state requires every child between ages 5-18 to attend compulsory education to avoid truancy charges.

New Mexico homeschool Requirements:

In homeschooling in New Mexico, you need to follow the laws to homeschool your child properly, and according to the law.

Letter of Intent:

While you choose to homeschool your child, you need to file a letter of Intent to the New Mexico Public Education Department, showing that you have decided to homeschool your child.

It is done within 30 days of the start of your homeschool, which is usually by August 1, identifying the district in which you are homeschooling.

Also, the letter is filed annually to inform the superintendent that your child is going through education and avoiding truancy charges from the state.

Following the New Mexico Homeschool Laws, You send the letter to this address:

New Mexico Department of Education
Attn: Homeschool Notification
300 Don Gaspa
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2786

In addition, the immunization records are sent to the superintendent for record-keeping and to know your child is healthy following the New Mexico Homeschool Laws.

Do I need any Qualifications to Homeschool a Child?

Just as stated at the beginning of this article, you need at least a High school Diploma to homeschool your child.

As you homeschool your child according to New Mexico Homeschool Laws, teach at least 180 days following these number of hours:

GradeNo of Hours
Half day KIndergarten450
Full day Kindergarten990
Grades (1-6)990
Grades (7-12)1080
Number of Hours to Homeschool in New Mexico

Teaching these Subjects:

  • English
  • mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts

New Mexico Homeschool Laws

Graduation in New Mexico:

Graduation from homeschool in New Mexico does not come with a High school diploma just like that of Public school, the only way to get an equivalent diploma is to take a HiSET Exam.

What is the HiSET Exam? According to HiSET, the exam is one of three tests U.S. states and territories use to measure high school equivalency skills. You take it to demonstrate you have the same skills and knowledge as a high school graduate. And doing so can help you create a whole new future. (New Mexico Homeschool Laws)

The good news is that HiSET credential is accepted everywhere, you get it at your own pace.

Record Keeping in New Mexico:

Record keeping is essential in New Mexico as proof of homeschooling. Although New Mexico doesn’t require record keeping, it is vital to keep records of your child’s performance in homeschool.

The records should include the following:

  • List of textbooks with workbooks used and, topics covered
  • Test records
  • Attendance records

It is advised that these records are kept for at least two years including the duplicate of letter of intent to homeschool filed annually though it is not stated by New Mexico Homeschool Laws.

Participation in Extra-curricular Activities:

According to HSLDA, a home school student is eligible to participate in three school district athletic activities at the public school in the attendance zone in which the student resides, according to the New Mexico activities association guidelines. The school district shall verify each home school student’s academic eligibility to participate in school district athletic activities.

Final tips on New Mexico Homeschool Laws:

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED Homeschool system) is the new notification system where you log in to register as a homeschooler or a student attending a Public/private school.

The remarkable thing about homeschooling in New Mexico is that they accept field trips to broaden the world view of a child. They calculate the homeschool student activities program unit for a school district by:

(Number of homeschool students participating in school district activities * Cost differential factor of 0.1).

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