Secretarial Science

Secretarial Science (Everything you need to know)3 min read

Secretarial science can be sometimes called secretarial studies. The courses associated with secretarial studies are mostly part of the diploma, certificate, and associate’s degree programs but usually, people do it as a major to get a bachelor’s degree.

These people work mostly in a medical office, a hospital, or a legal consulting firm which makes them unique. Secretarial science has other names which include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • General office assistant
  • Executive assistant programs
  • Office Assistant
  • Administrative specialist
  • Human resource coordinator
  • Data Entry Associate
  • Office administrator
  • Account Executive
  • Administrative coordinator
  • Legal assistant
  • Account receivable specialist
  • Data Entry Clerk

Secretarial Science

The courses that one must do once the person has enrolled into a Secretarial program include:

  • Keyboarding
  • Word processing
  • Business math
  • Business English
  • Records management
  • Transcription
  • Office operations
  • Office technology
  • Computer techniques
  • Basic office procedures
  • Finance skills
  • English and writing
  • Transcription best practices

These courses help to equip the students with the basic skills which they need. However, we have some exceptional secretarial courses which include:

  • Medical administrative assistants
  • Legal administrative assistants

The exceptional courses have extra courses attached to them like the ones Medical Assistant Programs cover:

  • Medical transcription
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical coding

While Legal assistant programs cover:

  • Legal research
  • Writing
  • Litigation
  • Contracts

Secretarial Science

Duties of a Secretary:

  • A secretary handles clerical works.
  • They map out the daily task for the organization.
  • They schedule appointments
  • Track files
  • They send memos
  • Assists other staff
  • They admit new staff
  • Attends to phone calls
  • They handle company visitors
  • Manage the company website
  • They do the bookkeeping
  • Makes travel arrangements
  • Handles the administrative unit of the company
  • They arrange lunch for a meeting
  • They prepare the minutes for the meeting and handle the most official details of the company.
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A secretary can assume any of these offices:

  • Office Coordinator
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Professional because in most companies, jobs overlap

At the lowest or primary level, a secretary is usually an audio typist with a small number of administrative roles. Good command of the official language and must know how to use the keyboard which is one important fact.

When they have advanced and have gained more experience, they start taking on extra roles and get occupied with more work like maintaining physical and electronic files which involves emails and reading letters.

It also includes photocopying of files, emailing clients, ordering stationery, answering telephones and making some necessary and important calls too.

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At the advanced level, the secretary which can now be called an executive assistant is required to have some crucial skills like typing at a very fast rate. He/she should probably know an extra language, organize itinerary and meetings and carry out some administrative chores.

The executive assistant is higher than a secretary because the executive assistant is closer to the manager or the boss and is influential to some extent.

List of universities that offer Secretarial Science:

  • Alabama Colleges
  • Alaska Colleges
  • American Samoa College
  • Arizona Colleges Arkansas Colleges
  • California Colleges
  • Colorado Colleges
  • Connecticut Colleges
  • Delaware Colleges
  • Federated States of Micronesia Colleges
  • Florida Colleges
  • Georgia Colleges
  • Guam Colleges
  • Hawaii Colleges
  • Idaho Colleges
  • Illinois Colleges
  • Indiana Colleges
  • Iowa Colleges
  • Kansas Colleges
  • Kentucky Colleges
  • Louisiana Colleges
  • Maine Colleges

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More universities that offer Secretarial Science

  • Marshall Islands Colleges
  • Maryland Colleges
  • Massachusetts Colleges
  • Michigan Colleges
  • Minnesota Colleges
  • Mississippi Colleges
  • Missouri Colleges
  • Montana Colleges
  • Nebraska Colleges
  • Nevada Colleges
  • New Hampshire Colleges
  • New Jersey Colleges
  • New Mexico Colleges
  • New York Colleges
  • North Carolina Colleges
  • North Dakota Colleges
  • Northern Marianas Colleges
  • Ohio Colleges
  • Oklahoma Colleges
  • Oregon Colleges
  • Palau Colleges
  • Pennsylvania Colleges
  • Puerto Rico Colleges
  • Rhode Island Colleges
  • South Carolina Colleges
  • South Dakota Colleges
  • Tennessee Colleges
  • Texas Colleges
  • Utah Colleges
  • Vermont Colleges
  • Virgin Islands Colleges
  • Virginia Colleges
  • Washington Colleges
  • Washington DC Colleges
  • West Virginia Colleges
  • Wisconsin Colleges
  • Wyoming Colleges
  • Touro University
  • Purdue University Global
  • Liberty University
  • Columbia Southern University
  • Saint Leo University
  • Colorado Christian Universit
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Full Sail University
  • Florida Tech
  • Colorado State University Global


Secretarial studies expose one to more advanced ways of working as a secretary in any field. Working in a private firm as a secretary can fetch you over $50k while working with the government can fetch you over $40k.

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