Secular Homeschool Curriculum(A-Z guide)

Secular Homeschool Curriculum(A-Z guide)2 min read

The name “Secular homeschool Curriculum” is a curriculum that identifies that religious doctrines are not taught in homeschool. The goal of a Secular Homeschool Curriculum is to meet the needs of creatives and gifted learners with teaching religion.

Taking it the basics, the word “Secular” means “not in line with a faith or religion. For instance, if you talk about Secular songs, we mean songs that are not in line with the faith.

Thus Secular Homeschool Curriculum means homeschooling without religious faith or religious reasons but teaching the children morals and character. It came into play because parents want their kids to learn without religion attached to what they already know. Thus this leads to reasons for SHC.

Reasons for Secular Homeschool Curriculum:

There are major reasons parents want to give their kids a secular homeschool; here are the reasons:

  • In case the child is too religious, it could explore the secular worldview to him/her.
  • To help the child maintain a particular religious view.
  • To help the child to open up to a different style of teaching.
  • Because they already have a source of learning religious doctrines, no need for another one to prevent comparison for the child.
  • Because their belief system of the child doesn’t follow any religious doctrine or any faith-based solution.

Subjects expected in a Secular Homeschool Curriculum:

  • Languages
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • History
  • Science etc.

There are no religious subjects included.

Recommended Secular Homeschool Publishers:

It has been an issue finding an SHC that will fit your child, but this article will provide you with a solution. Here are the recommended ones:

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Moving Beyond the Page:

This is purely a secular homeschool curriculum that is not affiliated with any religious activities. It is purely secular; teaching character, leadership and pure human educational development.

Time for Learning:

Time for learning really provides a secular homeschool curriculum that will fit your child. Their curriculum is free of any religious-based exercise helping to create a secular view to the child while still teaching values and imparting knowledge.

Book Shark:

Book Shark is also recommended because its science and history programs do not teach evolution or creation. It can be regarded as Faith-neutral leaving the teaching of religion to the parents of the child.

Timber doddle:

Timber doddle provides no religious kits for your child. Teaching the child to be a critical thinker who can succeed in anything he/she does logically.

Real Science Odyssey:

A science-based curriculum that is purely secular.

Final Tips:

A secular curriculum has its pros and cons of homeschooling just like any other curriculum but it is worth being different from other types of homeschool.

Its gives homeschooling a different world view still adding value, giving the parents that opportunity to private teach the kids religious activities if they wish.

Awesome one, I hope this helped.

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