Top 10 Best Soccer Scholarships for International students in 2022

Soccer Scholarships for International students

Soccer Scholarships for international students: Do you love football and want to get a scholarship to learn more? Then this article is for you.

Many countries, especially those in Europe and America, are very passionate about soccer. As a result, a lot of money is being made yearly, from simply organizing soccer competitions.

Hence, highly talented individuals from various countries can play and showcase their skills in these competitions. That is where Soccer Scholarships for international students come in.

Skilful sportsmen from across the globe can now have access to funds to train themselves, not only in sports but also to assist them in covering their academic tuition fees.

There are several soccer scholarships available to promising and young talented students all over the world. This article will highlight the Soccer Scholarships for international students in 2022.

Categories of Soccer Scholarships

As with the regular kinds of scholarships, the soccer scholarships that are available for international students are:

Full Soccer Scholarship:

This type of scholarship offers the soccer student complete payment of all their requirements such as accommodation, feeding, books, sporting gear, and other necessities.

Partial Soccer Scholarship:

Here, Students are only granted funds that can cover merely half, quarter, or one-third of their basic requirements.

Most times, candidates who show extraordinary talents and great skills can increase their partial Soccer Scholarship to a Full Soccer Scholarship.

Nevertheless, these Soccer Scholarships last for only a year and must be renewed if the students wish to continue benefiting from them.

Benefits of Soccer Scholarships for International students

Obtaining a Soccer Scholarship, in the long run, will prove very beneficial because of the following reasons:

Quality training:

A soccer scholarship provides beneficiaries with the unique opportunity to receive quality training to improve themselves both in sports and academics.

Outstanding players are exposed to more opportunities to become professionals after college graduation.

The students are trained with state-of-the-art equipment provided for them by the college covering their tuition fees. Access to the materials will give them the right motivation to train harder to develop them better.

Access to professional coaches:

Soccer Scholarships students can access professional coaches and expert trainers.

As they train together, they also build strong relationships with each other, which they can still maintain even after the expiration of the scholarship tenure.

Not only that but they are also provided with food nutritionists and physiotherapists who give them quality advice on their diets.

Many of these Soccer Scholarships will reduce the cost of the student’s training and develop their professional career in soccer.

Lastly, having one of these Soccer Scholarships leaves one with the added privilege of obtaining an internationally acclaimed degree.

How can you obtain a soccer scholarship?

Soccer players at the collegiate level may be offered an athletic scholarship if they are recruited by a college soccer coach.

Additionally, athletes must maintain a certain grade point average in order to compete in the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. Athletic scholarships are available to only Division I and Division II student athletes.

On the other hand, sports scholarships for women’s soccer are offered at the NCAA D1 and D2 levels, as well as at NAIA and community colleges.

Scholarships for soccer are incredibly lucrative, and they are also extremely competitive.

The likelihood of receiving a soccer scholarship from a certain institution should be considered as part of your overall college selection process.

Athletic scholarship information can usually be found on specific college websites, which can assist you in determining your possibilities.

Is there an age limit to play college soccer?

As long as you maintain good academic standing and have not exhausted your four years of NCAA sports eligibility, there is technically no age restriction.

Scouts evaluate players based on a combination of tangible and intangible characteristics, such as their physical characteristics, mental composition, and, of course, their talent and technical ability.

Furthermore, people frequently inquire as to whether or not it is possible to play soccer in college with no prior experience.

It’s not a good idea to ask college coaches how to become a soccer player, but it is possible to play soccer at the college level even if you have no previous experience playing in high school or club soccer.

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List of Soccer Scholarships for International Students in 2022

Each Soccer Scholarship has its requirements that every applicant must provide. The following paragraphs give a breakdown of what every candidate is expected to know about the soccer scholarship they are applying for.

National University of Ireland, Maynooth: 

This University provides a Soccer Scholarship program that either a male or female player can apply for. The application is open to undergraduates and postgraduate students.

These scholarships subsidize the cost of tuition and sports expenses for successful students.

It also picks students and sponsors in several competitions every year. With access to high-grade equipment and experienced coaches in their facilities, students receive optimum training.

The eligible applicants for this Soccer Scholarship are international and local students of the NUI Maynooth.

Apply here

Bournemouth University Sports Scholarship:

This soccer scholarship for international students is only applicable to undergraduate and graduate students who have successfully gained admission at Bournemouth University.

The university only picks students possessing a high level of skillfulness in any sporting field, with football being inclusive.

The qualified students are offered funds to improve themselves in training further, and they must consistently showcase excellence in their performances.

Furthermore, to show loyalty to the school, the students are expected to represent Bournemouth University at the BUCS League.

The university’s coach first evaluates every applicant before being deemed fit and eligible for this scholarship. This Soccer Scholarship can be applied by UK, EU, and international students.

The scholarship worth is tagged £500 to £5,000 to cover the coaching, equipment, costs of travel, and entry fees for every competition.

Apply here

Scholarship “Your Chance”:

This scholarship is offered every year to super talented students in soccer. MSM International Football Academy has sponsored it since 2015.

This Czech-based academy has the aim of helping students reach their dream of playing professional soccer.

This is one of the soccer scholarships for international students that is open for application to international players who wish to acquire university education. Qualified applicants will be granted free membership into the Czech football club.

A major criterion for gaining acceptance into this scholarship is that the candidate must be in need of financial assistance for studies at any European University.

Apply here

Newcastle University Sports Scholarships:

This is one of the soccer scholarships for international students that is offered yearly to undergraduate and graduate students like UK, EU, or international students.

The Center for Physical Recreation and Sports is in charge of this scholarship, providing beneficiaries access to £10,000 worth of funds.

It involves every sport available in the university, in its scholarship program. Those vying for this Soccer Scholarship must possess a track record of excellence in the various sports fields.

They must also possess a drive to develop their playing abilities consistently and regularly play for the university.

Apply here

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UCLA Women’s Soccer Scholarship:

The University of Central Lancashire offers its scholarship solely to female undergraduate applicants who have a passion for soccer.

The women are expected to be in a recognized team to be eligible for selection into this scholarship, must reside in the UK or Europe.

Rated as one of the top soccer scholarships for international students, there are two options to pick in this scholarship:

  • Excellence in Sports Award for County and Regional representatives’ performers, worth £3,000;
  • Elite Sports Performance Award – which is for the National representative performers, worth £4,000.

Apply here or click on the contact or directly send an email to

University of Stirling – International Sports Scholarship Program:

This university offers this soccer scholarship in the UK to select talented sportsmen from the UK, Europe, and anywhere else in the world.

It provides these students with financial aid to help them improve in their chosen sports area. Successful students will gain access to the universities high-class facilities and professional coaches.

This particular soccer scholarship is renowned in the UK and is well-known for supporting students in international competitions like the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Students who are skilful in sports such as soccer, golf, swimming, tennis, and triathlon are mostly considered for this scholarship.

Apply here

LSBU Sports Scholarship:

The London South Bank University offers soccer scholarships for international students to highly talented sports-inclined students and also students from UK and Europe.

It provides them with all the necessary support to help them excel in the field and their academics. Individuals passionate in any sports area are eligible to apply.

Notwithstanding, the application of any applicant is likely to fall into any of the following categories:

Tier 1: If the candidate performs on a senior international level and possesses a strong professional profile in their chosen sports area.

Tier 2: The candidate performs on a senior national or regional level and has a strong professional profile in the chosen sports area.

Beneficiaries of this Soccer Scholarship are awarded £3,000 every year.

Apply here

Brunel University Sports Scholarship:

This is one of the soccer scholarships for international students provided to students of this institution who display outstanding sports traits.

It is available to undergraduate and graduate student applicants of the institution. It is also known to international students with value at £3,000.

For more information concerning application procedures, kindly send an email across to

University Sports Scholarship Scheme:

The University of Kent sponsors the Soccer Scholarships for international students to help students talented in sports. One of the criteria to be eligible for this scholarship is that the applicants must not secure admission before their application.

International undergraduate or graduate students are allowed to apply. They will be awarded £5,000 if their application is successful. The application window for the 2022/23 Scheme is now open until 11.59pm on 30 April 2022.

Apply here

University of Manchester Sports Scholarships:

Like the Soccer above Scholarships, it offers nothing less than strong support to promising students in short. This scholarship is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students running full-time or part-time programs. 

Both students from the UK, Europe, or any other nationality can apply. Beneficiaries on the Focus Sports Scholars package will gain £1500, while those on the Overseas and Sport Scholarship package will be awarded £750.

Apply here


Passion for soccer is not enough to get just anyone a soccer scholarship. Many renowned and well-known players were indeed beneficiaries of many different Soccer Scholarships. Which makes it possible for you too if you possess the right skills.

Many of these soccer scholarships for international students are very competitive because they are highly sought after by individuals with great skills who have undertaken personal and rigorous training activities.

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