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Wexner Fellowships are graduate support programs sponsored by the Wexner Foundation, founded by Leslie Wexner, the CEO of the Limited brand, and his wife.

This organization provides two major Fellowship programs to support graduates. The Wexner Foundation aims to develop Jewish professional and volunteer leaders in North America and public leaders in Israel. 

Moreover, the fellowship is a top fellowship initiative in the United States. Hence, this article will discuss the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, the Wexner Israel Fellowship, important things to note about the Wexner Fellowship, and helpful tips for winning Fellowships.

Wexner Foundation-Sponsored Fellowship programs

The Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, one of the Wexner Foundation-sponsored Fellowship programs funds graduate students seeking to pursue a career associated with Judaism.

It also prepares these graduates for careers in Judaism-related fields and connects them to prominent Jews that provide professional mentorship for their career advancement. 

The Wexner Israel Fellowship, another Fellowship program of the Wexner Fellowship, supports ten seasoned professionals in the private and public sector every year, chasing a one-year in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.

About the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program

The Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program is an initiative sponsored by the Wexner Foundation that funds graduate students desiring to pursue a Judaism-related profession.

The program awards 20 graduates who aspire to pursue a career in Jewish academic studies, the rabbinate, Jewish communal service, and the cantorate.

Nevertheless, to win the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, applicants must possess outstanding academic records, display remarkable leadership qualities and show dedication to the Jewish community. 

Benefits of Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program

The fellowship Program is a highly-rewarding scholarship that offers the following incentives;

Huge cash prize:

Winners of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program award receive a cash prize of $20,000 every year for three years to fund their post-graduate education in a Judaism-related field.

Professional development:

Besides the cash prize, the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program awardees partake in several international conferences and seminars that boost their professional knowledge and skill.


Through the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program, Alumni, past and present recipients of this fellowship connect to build meaningful relationships.

Leadership mentorship:

Winners of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program take several leadership courses and seminars that develop their leadership abilities and potentials.

About the Wexner Israel Fellowship

The Wexner Israel Fellowship is a program that aims to support ten government and public service experts each year enrolling in a one-year Masters’ degree program in Public Administration from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School (HKS).

This initiative aims to empower its recipients with sustainable leadership qualities for success in their diverse career pursuits.

The Wexner Israel Fellowship foots the cost of education, transportation, and daily needs of recipients and, through the alumni program, connects them with past winners for professional mentorship and development.

Tips to note about Wexner Fellowship

Eligibility requirements:

Aspiring recipients of any Wexner Fellowship must aspire to pursue a masters’ degree program, have an exceptional academic record and, in some cases, show a financial need.

Multiple fellowships:

Candidates applying for the Wexner Fellowship can apply for other fellowships simultaneously if they satisfy the requirements of those fellowships.

One fellowship slot:

Winners of a fellowship can only receive one fellowship slot at a time. No one winner will enjoy two slots at the same time.

Undergraduates’ ineligibility:

The Wexner Fellowship is only open to graduates seeking to pursue a masters’ degree in college. Hence, undergraduate students are ineligible for this award.

Submission of application:

All applications must be submitted online through the Student Financial Services website.

Late submissions:

The fellowship board will reject applications received beyond the deadline.

Technical glitch and corrections:

If you experience a technical problem while forwarding your application, send your complaints to [email protected].

Also, contact the same website to effect changes on your application.

Announcement of finalists:

All finalists shortlisted for any of the Wexner Fellowship are called up for an interview via the contact details included in their application.

Announcement of winners:

Nominations letters are sent to the winners of the fellowship are contacted through their email.


Winners of a Wexner fellowship who want to defer the fellowship must contact the fellowship board to receive deferment permission.

Co-curricular programs:

As part of the fellowship package, winners of the Wexner fellowship are granted access to weekly dinners, annual fellow retreats, and field trips with outstanding leaders.

Fellowships Winning tips:

Fellowships are support programs that are highly competitive in the United States. Hence, to boost your chances of landing a fellowship slot, apply the following tips;

Make findings:

There are countless fellowship programs in the United States. Each of them have their eligibility requirements and conditions.

Also, unlike scholarships, fellowships are primarily awarded to people pushing to obtain knowledge in a particular field and people who belong to a particular organization.

Hence, make sufficient findings on the requirements of the fellowship before you put your energy into it.

Develop a good research plan:

Fellowships are mostly given to people seeking residency with an organization, especially in the medical field.

Also, fellowships are open to graduates that have a good research plan.

Hence, though fellowships are opportunities for graduates to obtain experience, having a good research plan will give you an edge above the others.

Gather your best documents:

Before awarding a fellowship, organizations demand to see the documents of applicants.

Some of these popular documents are your official undergraduate degree transcript, recommendation letters, and curriculum vitae.

Hence, submit recommendations obtained from reputable professors to boost your chances of landing a fellowship.

Be real in the interview:

Once you successfully pass the screening phase, you will be invited for a scholarship by the fellowship board.

This is a very vital stage that you should not take for granted.

However, during the interview, conduct yourself well and be honest about your achievements. In a nutshell, don’t try to craft yourself as the perfect one when you are not.

Other top fellowships in the United States:

The Wexner fellowship is outstanding in the United States. Nevertheless, only graduates with exceptional academic records and good relationships with the Jewish community are qualified for the award.

However, note that quite a few applicants receive a Wexner Fellowship.

Hence, since you can apply for many fellowships at the same time, have a go at the following fellowship opportunities below;

Fullbright US Student Program: 

The Fullbright US Student Program is a fellowship that supports people aspiring to undertake a year-long research study outside the United States.

This fellowship is open to Masters’ and doctorate aspirants.

Aspirants must send their applications through schools or former schools if they have graduated already to apply for this fellowship.

The Leadership Incubator:

The Leadership Incubator is another outstanding Fellowship in the United States that supports women with leadership potentials between the ages of 20 and 35 striving to change society.

After considering applications, candidates are scrutinized, and those shortlisted for the fellowship will attend a convention.

Afterward, the final winners would be announced.

Obama Foundation Fellowship:

The Obama Foundation Fellowship is a two-year fellowship that gears at providing practical experience and leadership training to individuals pushing to create an innovation.

After the training, selected recipients will receive full funds that handle their manufacturing cost.

Community Fellow Program:

This is a fellowship that provides support to future community leaders dedicated to creating change in society.

This initiative exposes recipients to several leadership and capacity training that will boost their leadership qualities and potentials. The Community Fellow Program runs for one year only.

Mira Fellowship:

The Mira Fellowship is prestigious in the United States.

It is open to professionals that are in the mid-age of their careers. Winners of this Fellowship are expected to collectively proffer solutions to the most challenging needs of the world.

Besides the coaching workshops and collaborative summits, the Mira Fellowship provides transportation support of $5000 and free access to some of the biggest professionals in its recipients’ study area.

Morgridge Acceleration Program:

The Morgridge Acceleration Program is an expert advancement initiative that provides funds to individuals with outstanding qualities required to proffer solutions to some pressing societal challenges.

This fellowship is a fully-funded program.


The Wexner Fellowship is an outstanding Fellowship program in the United States.

It consists of two major categories of awards. The Wexner Graduate Fellowship Program aims to develop graduates seeking a career in a Judaism-related field of study.

On the contrary, the Wexner Israel Fellowship aims to empower recipients with sustainable leadership qualities for success in their diverse career pursuits.

Hence, if you meet the requirements listed above, have a go at any of the Wexner Fellowships right away. 

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