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Why Tourism is Important and Key benefits of Tourism5 min read

Alright, Let me explain to you why Tourism is Important and the Key benefits of Tourism, but I will start by talking about Tourism is in its lowest term.

Tourism is traveling to a new location or a new country just to look around and have a feel of a new location. It’s usually not long, but just to relax and have rest for some time may be from a job or with your family.

Sure you know that while traveling for Tourism you have to go with a Tourism visa which might last for at most 6 months (in the US) and one thing I really noticed is that most times tourism visa is given out more to people because it’s a way of helping the host country grow and make more money from the tourists.

Let’s take Dubai for an Instance, Dubai makes more than $30.82 billion from tourism every year with over 150 million tourists from all over the world which makes it one of the most expensive countries to go to tourism and also making it high in demand.

People ask “Dubai is safe for Tourism?” and I answer, sure it is the safest middle eastern country for tourism with safe transportation and low crime rate, unlike other middle eastern countries.

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Divisions of Tourism:

Table of Contents

  • Volunteer Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Mass Tourism
  • Niche Tourism
  • Educational Tourism etc.

Why Tourism is Important and the Key benefits of Tourism:

The tourism industry makes a lot of money from tourism every year from activities like Accommodation (Hotel, Guesthouse), Hospitality (Restaurants that will fit each culture), Transport systems, Sports activities, etc.

Here are the amazing benefits of Tourism:

  • Tourism makes a Country improve in their standard of living to be called a World class country:

Let’s also take Dubai for Instance, Dubai is now a world-class country because of the way people visit her. Everybody wants to see one of the tallest buildings in the world, people want to take pictures in front of it, people want to be referred to as have traveled to Dubai.

All these make Dubai more popular and want to improve in her hospitalities to the world. This is really one of the amazing reasons Tourism is Important and Key benefits of Tourism.

  • Tourism creates Job Opportunities:

From the pilot of the Aeroplane to the chef in the restaurant, everyone is busy with a job to serve the visitors in the country. The cleaners in the hotels need more people to help prepare the rooms for the tourists, creating more job opportunities for the citizens in the country and improving the economy of the country at large.

  • Tourism Promotes Culture, arts and History:

Tourism could invent into the development of a trend in culture making it grow beyond its expectation. Let’s travel to Nigeria for a while, Onitsha festival attracts various tourists from all over the world to Nigeria which has made that festival a high-class, generating millions of naira every year to Nigeria.

  • Key Source of Income:
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This can’t be really explained in words but tourism can really improve the GDP of a country beyond a reasonable doubt, creating a high demand for that country at large just like in the case of Dubai.

  • Pride and Respect to a Country:

Let’s travel back to Dubai and see how much respect Dubai has earned because of its beautiful buildings and the type of activities that go on in there. It’s really fun!

  • Tourism helps the citizens of a country to build networks:

Let’s assume you are a hotel chef that is not being paid well, but you do your best for the hotel. Your food could get into the hands of a tourist that could offer you a better job where you could be paid higher. I hope I’m not being too skeptical here.

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More on the Why Tourism is Important and Key benefits of Tourism:

Problems of Tourism:

Sure you know that for every advantage there is an equal disadvantage to it:

Here are the Problems of Tourism:

  • Traffic Congestion:

Due to transportation and movement that comes from tourists, there could be high traffic congestion and limitations in fast movement in the destination of the tourists.

  • Hike in products and services:

Just because people feel that tourists have money so they hike the prices of goods and services. Something that was sold for $5 could be sold for $10 just to make more money from the tourists.

  • Domestic outbreaks:

This is one of the major problems with tourism. Let’s assume that a tourist moved to a country with a disease that is airborne, it could be spread to a wide range of people during the course of the tour.

Does a Country require to Plan for Tourism?

Sure a country needs to plan for tourism to avoid uncertainties that might occur during the course of the tour. Here are they:

  1. A planned tour helps keep the tourist on track.
  2. A planned tour helps the country make more money.
  3. It creates co-ordination for tourists.
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The final tip on Why Tourism is Important and Key benefits of Tourism:

Tourism in its own special way helps a country generate great revenue for its functionality.

Sure you know that tourism creates a way of being free from the stress of work within your country and it helps relax your mind and create a free mind for you.

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