Easiest CLEP Exams (Meaning, Rankings, Easiest, CLEP tips)

It has become a regular inquiry from interested CLEP candidates to know which is the Easiest CLEP Exams.

In truth, there is never a straightforward answer to such inquiry because for anyone to consider an exam easy or categorize a particular exam as the easiest is subjective.

This is because what might seem simple to one person might be very tough for another individual; it largely relies on how much they have prepared for an exam.

Judging based on performance level and feedbacks, we’ll bring you a list of the Easiest CLEP Exams.

What are CLEP Exams?

The CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) exams provide candidates with a pre-understanding of undergraduate courses, a chance to take a test that indicates their proficiency instead of attending the class itself.

The common motive of the CLEP exams is to reward cutting-edge information and facilitate students’ access to college credit. As of the preceding year, exams are presented in 35 distinct areas.

The CLEP exams offer students the chance to acquire university credit scores and save money. And additionally, move into superior coursework faster and, in the long run, graduate quickly.

50% of CLEP newbies earned their degree in the space of seven years, compared to only 21% of their mates who had no previous knowledge of learning.

Ranking of the Easiest CLEP Exams

The Easiest CLEP Exams are a terrific means of getting yourself prepared before the more challenging CLEP exams.

Or possibly you want to handle an elective fee credit so that you can save cash and graduate when you need to. You need to additionally take into account your educational capabilities in figuring out what exams to take.

If you are familiar with the world’s history, you may consider trying out some CLEP history exams. Moreover, if you know about solving complicated equations even when you are asleep, consider taking math-related exams.

Here are the rankings of the Easiest CLEP Exams:

9. Principles of Management:

While Principles of Management is identified as one of the Easiest CLEP Exams, most CLEP candidates will be required to find a study aid and get ready in a few weeks, as not all the examined principles are intuitive.

It covers subjects usually taught in an introduction to commercial enterprise-class, with a focal point on human assets and operations.

8. Principles of Marketing: 

Perhaps a bit less difficult than Management when considering the Easiest CLEP Exams, a test in Principles of Marketing, will require most candidates sitting for the test to prepare for a couple of weeks.

It is usually a terrific idea to try out on practice tests to know if a candidate is prepared or not. A Principles of Marketing CELP test normally covers an entire semester of work on marketing.

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7. Social Studies and History:

This examination contains an extensive range of subjects at an introductory level, such as “global history, political science, national history, geography, Western civilization, and economics.

Because of the variety, it is one of the Easiest CLEP Exams for candidates who already have a good foundation in these courses or are willing to put in more hours before the exams.

6. College Mathematics:

Put your math abilities into the equation of whether or not to take this exam; however, the College Mathematics course had an excessive military pass price of 65% in 2020. College Mathematics is perhaps the simplest of the math CLEP exams.

This test covers areas such as Numbers (10%), Geometry (10%), Counting and Probability (10%), Logic and Sets (15%), Data Analysis and Statistics (15%), Financial Mathematics (20%), and Algebra and Functions (20%).

5. Introductory Sociology:

Introductory Sociology is highly regarded as one of the Easiest CLEP Exams; it is a course a candidate can take a couple of days preparing for.

The principles are probably to be less acquainted from high school than, say, math. However, the exam itself is fairly intuitive when you prepare sufficiently to get yourself up to speed with the terms.

4. Information Systems and Computer Applications:

You mustn’t be a computer genius or a hacker to pass a CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications Exam.

A fundamental understanding of the internet, basic programming concepts, word processors, viruses, and spreadsheets would get any candidate a good score on the CLEP.

Candidates with a good knowledge of the working principles of a computer are always the first to consider this exam. Its high pass rate makes it one of the Easiest CLEP Exams.

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3. Spanish, French, or German:

To be fluent in a foreign language has its difficulties; however, getting credit for a language you already understand doesn’t.

Not studying for any of these languages can guarantee failure in the CLEP exams even though they are regarded among the Easiest CLEP Exams.

Studying any of these languages may get candidates an amazing six credit hours for the CLEP level one exam and an extra 9 for passing a CLEP exam in a second language.

If you’re uncertain about how good you are in a foreign language, you should most likely take a practice test to experience CLEP’s difficulty level.

2. College Composition/College Composition Modular:

If you can string collectively a cohesive sentence or more, then taking College Composition/College Composition Modular should not be so challenging.

The modular aspect has a hundred questions without any essay, whereas the main aspect comprises 50 questions and a pair of essays. Its high success rate has made candidates term it as one of the Easiest CLEP Exams.

1. Analyzing and Interpreting Literature:

Taking a SAT reading comprehension is a great way to determine how well you would measure up in a CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature test.

Passing the CELP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature shouldn’t be difficult if you can read at a regular pace and understand what you’re reading. It’s possible that studying for a day or two will be enough to pass the course.


If you need to graduate from university sooner than expected, you should consider sitting for CLEP exams. Before selecting one to sit for, ensure you’ve got a robust knowledge in the course and that your college accepts CLEP credits.

A few of the easiest CLEP exams have better pass rates than others; however, it relies heavily on your preparation for the exams.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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