How to Become a Business Broker (Meaning, Benefits, How-to)

Have you ever thought of becoming a business broker? If so, this article is for you.

After reading through to the end, you will get to know the following:

  • What it means to be a business broker
  • How to Become a Business Broker
  • The benefits of being a business broker
  • What a business broker does.

What does it mean to be a business broker? 

A business broker provides solutions to those that either want to purchase or sell a business, purchase a franchise, or prepare a business for sale in the future.

Business brokers are mediators, experts who help others buy and sell private businesses. They handle the entire process by appraising the business, advertising it, and negotiating a fair amount with the seller.

To be a competent business broker, you need to know everything about the business, especially if you work alone. You may also need to be certified to become a professional in the job.

When buying a business, be aware that you are buying an income stream. The sale of a business comes with many emotional issues as well.

You might be wondering what these disturbing issues are. The more you read, the more mindful you become. A seller must have invested their time and money into a business, but they end up selling it.

While it’s great if it’s to start a new, more successful business, how about poor health, retirement, marital problems, or even business failure?

The buyer also has many obstacles to overcome. Do they have the money to buy the business, even if they have the willpower to run it or convince their family or adviser that they are making the right choice?

Amidst all this, the intermediary (broker) is faced with making the deal a success.

What a business broker does:

At this juncture, we should know that a business broker ensures that the buying and selling process is as easy and rewarding as possible for their client, and a good business broker should be able to:  

  • Reach out to and engage business owners who want to sell; 
  • Evaluate the market value, if favourable or not; 
  • Create a sale listing and efficient adverts; 
  • Discover and recognize potential buyers and make good negotiations. 

“Listings are not a business broker’s ‘inventory.’ Your time is your ‘inventory.’ If you ‘invest’ or ‘spend’ your time on low probability listings, you are unlikely to earn a commission.”

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How to Become a Business Broker

Now that you have some idea of what a business broker does, the intriguing question is, “How do you get started in the profession?” Relax! Through my research and life experiences, I hope to give you some insights.

The world is digitized now. You can achieve a lot working remotely. Well, you don’t have to be everywhere physically.

The following are tips you need to consider in becoming a Business broker and getting a working space:

1. An existing business brokerage office: 

You will have to partner with or become an agent for an existing firm. You will get quality training and earn commissions when you complete tasks based on the agreements.

Consider working with a reputable and flexible organization that offers some of these perks. Like I said, ensure the agreement favors you.

As well as gaining valuable knowledge, this approach is advantageous because the firm has an established framework, track record, listing base, and an existing buyer database.

However, finding a firm that can be flexible, train you, and pay you consistently is challenging. 

2. Owning a personal office as a business broker: 

Sounds great, right? The thought or decision of owning an office and even recruiting new people under you? Approximately 40% of business brokers are sole proprietors.

Owning a personal office as a business broker is exciting because it is less expensive, allows you to learn the business at your own pace, and allows you to make personal decisions and profit.

But then, you can quickly get bored or lonely in the long run. In contrast to traditional office settings with stringent constraints and fewer temptations, you can overwork yourself trying to increase output on your own.

3. The shared office:

Some complex owners offer or lease meeting room space so that you can rent a conference room.

Executive offices are usually furnished and suitable for this kind of task. They have mailing facilities, call services, etc. These offices can also accommodate more people, but they can be expensive.

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4. The commission office 

This is another good way to get started in business without setting up a personal office. You get to partner with a real estate firm that is one of the “100% commission” offices.

This also provides a base to operate from and the required services to make your job easier. You will also get to work and interact with people.

It might be more difficult to get a business broker license in this office, but you can get referrals, recommendations, and promising leads from the real estate office environment. All you need to know is how to interact with people. “People are connections.” 

However, nothing is without flaws. Aside from certification issues, you may be required to pay for office equipment upkeep like telephone, administrative, and advertising support if the owner so requests.

You might also settle other miscellaneous bills, taxes, and personal expenses. If you consider this idea too much for your budget, read on! I still have more exciting ideas to share with you.

5. The home office

When you hear “home office,” it sounds like your problems are solved, right? This is rather prevalent in the twenty-first century. It is so convenient and cheap as well.

Amidst these benefits are so many downsides. Let’s consider the issues of security (privacy) and professionalism.

The fact is, your home is not a suitable place to host clients. Also, you would have a lot of distractions from friends and family. This idea is less expensive than the others, but you should carefully consider it.

6. Owning an office, recruiting and training personal agents 

Opening and staffing a new office can be difficult. This will require a lot of capital. The benefit is more listings. That is, the more workers, the more listings. Unlike when you work alone.

The benefits of being a business broker 

Aside from the professional knowledge and skills, you have access to prominent personalities. The salary or profit range is significant.

When a deal clicks, you usually make 5–10%. Depending on the deal, you may even earn more.


After reading this, you should be able to make a sound judgment, or you might think business brokerage is just another name for a lousy business. Also, a bad day is not a wrong career. Work hard, believe in yourself, and be honest.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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