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The Amelia Earhart Fellowship 2024 is an educational support opportunity open to women. This fellowship offers women a chance to receive seasoned hands-on and research experience at zero costs.

Unlike some scholarships awarded based on leadership achievements or community service, the Amelia Earhart Fellowship is solely based on merit. It is one of the most rewarding fellowships for women today.

Thus, to provide more details on this fellowship, this article will discuss the Amelia Earhart Fellowship 2024, the requirements for the fellowship, the application steps for the fellowship, tips for landing different fellowships, and the top reasons to seek different fellowship opportunities.

What is Amelia Earhart Fellowship?

The Amelia Earhart Fellowship is an initiative established in 1938 by the Zonta International Foundation, an organization committed to building an equal world.

This fellowship award is named after the legendary pilot, Late Amelia Earhart, a vital member of the Zonta International Foundation.

The Amelia Earhart Fellowships are awarded to women enrolled in Ph.D. programs in aeronautical engineering and space sciences.

Each year, thirty-five recipients receive $10,000 in cash and are free to accept other fellowships.

About the Zonta International Foundation:

The Zonta International Foundation is an organization that has magnificently supported women for several years. This organization’s operations, programs, engagements, and services are all driven by the objective of achieving global equality.

To achieve an equitable world is the foundation of this organization’s operations, programs, engagements, and services. It has a commitment to helping every woman achieve her full potential. 

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Requirements for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship 2023-2024

To qualify for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship, applicants must satisfy the following eligibility requirements. They must;  

  • Be currently enrolled in a full-time PhD degree program in aeronautical engineering or space sciences, with at least one year completed.
  • Possess a master’s degree in an aerospace-related field of study at the time of application
  • Show an outstanding academic record at an accredited college that offers majors in aerospace-related fields of study.
  • Be Master degrees and doctorate holders must provide official transcripts and letters of recommendation from previous or current schools.
  • Submit an application essay detailing their aerospace engineering or space sciences research goals.
  • Attach two references, one of which must be their thesis adviser for verification purposes, and provide documentation of a connection between their thesis and their degree program in aeronautical engineering.
  • Must not graduate from their doctoral degree programs before April 2024.
  • They must not be members or employees of Zonta International Foundation.
  • Must not have won the Amelia Earhart Fellowship before.

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More tips:

Women of any nationality working toward a Ph.D. or doctorate in aerospace engineering or space sciences can apply.

When applying, students must be in a full-time Ph.D. or doctoral program and have been in it for at least one year or have a master’s degree in a subject that is used in aerospace.

The deadline for applicants is April 2024. Programs for post-doctoral research are not eligible.

Club members, people who are direct members of Zonta International, employees of Zonta International and Zonta Foundation for Women, and their family members (ancestors, descendants, adoptees, siblings, nieces or cousins, husband or cohabiting partner) are not eligible to apply.

How to apply for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship 2024

Aspirants of the Amelia Earhart Fellowship can apply for the scholarship by visiting Here to achieve the following;

  • Complete their personal information and academic goals.
  • List scholarships, fellowships, and other honors received.
  • Supply saved PDF copies of transcripts of all the academic institutions they have attended or policy statements as the case may be.
  • List work experience, if any.
  • Upload an essay of not more than 500 words explaining their thesis, professional goals, and how the research program relates to aerospace engineering
  • List past research works, if any.
  • Provide three letters of recommendation from college teachers who are aware of their academic achievements, one of whom must be their thesis supervisor, and another must be knowledgeable about aeronautical engineering.
  • Provide official statements from the school registrar.
  • The 2024 Amelia Earhart application will open in July 2023.
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Selection process for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship 2023-24

Winners of the Amelia Earhart Fellowship are selected after a rigorous screening process. The Amelia Earhart Fellowship committee, responsible for this, assesses all applications and informs applicants of their status within the year. 

Tips for landing Fellowships:

Like scholarships, fellowships are very competitive, and the Amelia Earhart Fellowship is another highly-competitive fellowship opportunity open to only women worldwide.

Hence, to increase your chances of landing any fellowships, apply the following tips;

1. Check the requirements: 

Before applying for any fellowship, check their prerequisites to ensure you satisfy them before channeling all your energy into them.

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2. Do your homework on the company:

Private companies mainly offer Fellowships to support a particular class of people. So conduct your research on the company giving the fellowship in case you are asked about it during the interview.

3. Meet with past winners:

Seek out prior winners for advice and connections, and build relationships with them for professional progress.

4. Start early:

Just like scholarships, fellowships also have their deadlines. Hence, organize all essential documents on time and complete your application early to beat the deadline.

5. Have a go at several fellowships:

Apply for multiple fellowships concurrently if you meet the qualifications, as you never know which fellowships are less competitive.

6. Craft an outstanding essay:

An essay is one of the requirements of several fellowships.

However, fellowship committees always consider essays that have a great read.

Hence, craft an essay that perfectly explains the points expected from you and proofread it thoroughly to remove spelling and grammatical errors.

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7. Get outstanding recommendation letters:

Get your letters of recommendation from professors that have sufficient knowledge of you. Also, avoid obtaining recommendations from people that overpraise you.

Reasons to seek different fellowship opportunities like the Amelia Earhart Fellowship in 2023-2024

Fellowships offer incentives that are far better than money. Hence, seek to apply for several fellowships because of the following benefits;

  • Development of professional skills 
  • Improvement of practical abilities
  • Boost for career advancement
  • Lift for career opportunities
  • Development of competency
  • Creation of a professional network
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas with seasoned experts
  • Chance to define career goals
  • Opportunity to attempt new career paths
  • Development of problem-solving abilities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Amelia Earhart Fellowship

Where did Amelia Earhart work?

World War I was going on, and Earhart saw wounded soldiers returning home. After training as a nurse’s aide from the Red Cross, she started working at Spadina Military Hospital with the Voluntary Aid Detachment.

Was Amelia Earhart rich or poor?

Earhart’s father was a railroad lawyer, and her mother came from money. As a child, Earhart showed an adventurous and independent spirit. The family struggled financially after her grandparents died due to her father’s alcoholism.


The Amelia Earhart Fellowship is an educational support program that supports the research projects of women aspiring to complete a doctoral thesis in an aerospace-related topic.

However, all applicants must satisfy the abovementioned requirements to qualify for this fellowship. 

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