21+ Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling (FAQs)

Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling

Salary potential is one of the significant factors that you should consider when choosing a career.

When finding a job, you must also reflect on the academic credentials employers search for when evaluating applicants vying for a position in their company.

If you have few school qualifications and still hope to find a good job, this article is made for you. It discusses different jobs that pay well with little schooling.

What Does It Mean to Have “Little Schooling”?

Having “little schooling” typically means a person has received a limited formal education.

This might indicate not completing high school or not pursuing higher education like college or university.

It usually refers to a lower level of formal education than a society’s average educational standards.

23 Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling

1. Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants provide professional support to occupational therapists to enable them to deliver their responsibility effectively.

They show therapeutic exercises throughout each session that will boost patients’ mobility. Occupational therapy assistants are also responsible for taking records of every patient.

This job attracts an income of about $70,000 every year.

2. Diagnostic Imaging Manager

Diagnostic imaging managers coordinate everything that takes place in the imaging specialty section of a clinic or hospital.

These individuals evaluate the quality of imaging services and educate workers on effectively utilizing imaging equipment without damaging the device.

Diagnostic imaging managers earn about $70,000 in income every year. It is one of the best jobs that pay well with little schooling.

3. Transit Police Officer

Transit police officers ensure that people that make use of public transportation like trains or even metro buses are safe.

They guard the area and arrest anybody that tries to sneak into the train or bus without a ticket.

Transit police officers also help people to find their properties if they go missing. They earn about $70,000 every year in salaries.

4. Web Developer

Web developers are IT experts that develop websites. Throughout the design stage, these professionals assess the programs to ensure they function well.

They also ensure that website visitors enjoy excellent user features. Web developers earn about $75,000 every year. It is one of the jobs that pay well with little schooling.

5. Surgical Technician

Surgical technicians are professionals that assist health professionals in performing surgery successfully.

Before the commencement of the entire process, these individuals sterilize all surgical instruments, such as the knife, scissors, blades, and others, and arrange them accordingly.

Surgical technicians also check up on the surgical team members throughout the process to know if they need any help. They earn about $70,000 every year.

6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic medical sonographers utilize ultrasounds to identify the health issues affecting people.

After applying lotion to the patient’s body, these experts guide the device to discharge sound waves into the body to take photos.

Diagnostic medical sonographers also review the photos and assist in providing diagnoses of what a patient is suffering from. Diagnostic medical sonographers earn about $70,000 every year.

7. Computer Network Support Specialist

Computer network support specialists are IT professionals who solve any computer network challenge.

They assess the network infrastructure to detect the issues affecting it and find out what prevents it from working adequately. Computer network support specialists earn about $71,000 every year.

8. Locomotive Engineer

Locomotive engineers are experts that make sure that trains run effectively on railways in a safe manner.

These professionals ensure that railways are not blocked, and they assess the train very well to ensure that they are in excellent condition before the commencement of any journey.

Locomotive engineering is one of the jobs that pay well with little schooling. People that do this job earn about $71,000 every year.

9. Network systems administrator

Network systems administrators are professionals who build network security systems and ensure they function correctly.

These professionals ensure that the network systems are not exposed to danger, mainly when used.

Network systems administrators have the technical ability to trace any problem affecting a network to ensure that they don’t re-emerge again. These professionals earn about $70,000 every year.

10. Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists are medical experts who provide healthcare services to people suffering from cancer.

These professionals provide radiation treatment to patients that will treat the cancerous cells in their body and observe patients to know if it is working on them.

However, radiation therapists perform their duties in collaboration with oncologists and other workers in the medical field.

Radiation therapy, one of the jobs that pay well with little schooling, attracts a salary of about $72,000 per year.

11. Signal and Track Switch Repairer

Signal and track switch repairers are jobs that pay well with little schooling. These individuals set up and fix the signals and switch procedures on railroads.

They also assess the entire system to ensure it works effectively and utilize hand devices to ensure that bolts and nuts are tight. It is a job that pays about $75,000 every year.

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12. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are certified health professionals who assist patients and devise treatment plans.

They don’t work independently but collaborate with doctors and other medical experts to solve patients’ health challenges and provide emotional support to their loved ones.

These professionals are critical to the healthcare industry and earn about $80,000 annually. It is one of the jobs that pay well with little schooling.

13. MRI Technologist

MRI Technologist is one of the jobs that pay well with little schooling. These individuals run MRI devices that assist in identifying the medical challenge affecting a person.

In some cases, they give patients a jab of contrast, allowing the device to assess their organs. These professionals collaborate with professionals to analyze MRI results.

The job attracts a salary of about $80,000 per month.

14. Criminal Investigator

Law enforcement agencies employ criminal investigators to assist in finding solutions to crimes.

These professionals collect evidence by visiting the crime scenes and asking questions from witnesses to draw insight into what transpired.

Criminal investigators also cross-examine suspects. It is a job that pays an income of about $82,000 every year.

15. Gas Plant Operator

Gas plant operators follow the safety rules of their work environment when discharging their duties.

These individuals are responsible for monitoring the gas plants’ temperature and ensuring that all other apparatus in the plant work well.

Moreover, they observe the fluid levels of the boilers to ensure that it is not on the verge of explosion. Gas plant operators earn about $78,000 every year.

16. Petroleum Pump System Operator

Petroleum pump system operator is one job that pays well with little schooling. The petroleum pump system operator controls petroleum pump systems.

They run exclusive equipment to manage valves and how petroleum flows through the system.

These individuals collaborate with other experts at the pump station to ensure that fluids are not exposed to contamination. Petroleum pump system operators earn about $78,000 every year.

17. Software Developer

Software development is another job that pays well with little schooling. These individuals are IT experts that develop software programs.

They perform their duties with other IT professionals, such as software designers.

Software developers have good computer programming knowledge, enabling them to conduct different responsibilities. These professionals earn about $110,000 every year.

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18. Construction Manager

Construction managers coordinate everything that goes on at a building site. They ensure that the project they are coordinating does not surpass the designated budget.

These individuals inform the owner of the projects of the latest developments at the site. Construction managers earn about $80,000 per year.

19. Ship Engineer

Ship engineers perform routine and extraordinary maintenance activities on the critical parts of a ship. They check the refrigeration and ventilation system to ensure they are running well.

They also ensure that sewage is appropriately discarded. Ship engineers earn about $81,000 in salaries every year.

20. Loan Officer

Loan officers are certified experts that assist people in getting loans. They recommend financial packages that will satisfy the financial needs of their clients.

Loan officers process the application, and if the requirements are met, they ensure that applicants receive the loan. These professionals earn about $180,000 every year.

21. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists provide primary dental care to people. These professionals educate their clients on best dental practices that will boost the health of their dentition.

However, in most instances, they perform their duties in partnership with dentists. A dental hygienist earns about $80,000 every year.

22. Transportation Inspector

Transportation inspector is one of the jobs that pay well with little schooling. These individuals assess transportation equipment to ensure that they run correctly.

They assess communication devices and fix any issues affecting the brakes to prevent accidents. This job attracts a salary of about $81,000 every year.

23. Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers assist people in purchasing and selling property. These professionals suggest effective techniques for attracting potential buyers to a property.

Real estate brokers also check the financial document’s details to ensure that no one is cheated. These professionals earn about $91,000 every year in salaries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling

What are the best-paying unskilled jobs?

Some of the best-paying unskilled jobs are sales representative, administrative assistant, delivery driver, flight attendant, and claims adjuster.

What are the best-paying jobs in the world?

Obstetricians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the best-paying jobs in the world.

What are the best career options for average students?

The best career options for average students are sports, event planning, marketing, photography, and occupational therapy.

Where can I get jobs that pay the best salary in the world?

The city of Monaco in France has jobs that pay the highest salary than any other place in the world.


A solid salary should be a top priority when deciding on a job path. It’s also essential to think about the academic credentials prospective employers look for when evaluating candidates for open positions.

The occupations above are highly suggested if you are looking for a high-paying job but have few educational requirements.

In addition to the list above, nuclear medicine technologist, elevator installer, and power plant operator are other jobs that pay well with little schooling.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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